Out there we started a long chit-chat 

She stood nearby us and glanced at

With confusion on her face and hopes in her eyes

She approached us with fear in her voice

Handling a paper she stood beside

To know what was mentioned inside

I casually read it with a normal sigh

But for her to handle this was pretty high

A clinical prescription with a few tests

Without which she would never again be the best

Trying to decipher the blood-red rashes on her skin

Though I could barely diagnose anything

Her prognosis was good but with medicines only

Sadly for her own treatment she had no penny

Standing there helpless with white coat

I could only see saliva swallowing down her throat

I realized over small things the way we cry

When these people have lived their life so dry

And once again to us she taught

That to grumble and depress Life is too short!

-Natasha Tungare

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2020- A Different Milestone

For a pretty long time, this draft was blank. I could not think of a decent topic or any remarkable incident worth writing about. But maybe there was a reason why it was blank for an entire year. It took me a complete year to get something to write about and I am so glad that I finally started writing. Not just a small incident but a number of such amazing moments that gave me reasons to be grateful for this year.

Many cribbed about how worse this year was compared to other years. Many were waiting desperately for 2020 to end. And for some people who faced financial crisis or lost their loved ones, this year was honestly a tough one. But despite of all of these, 2020 year taught us the rarest of lessons which maybe we all would have never learned. We valued the most ordinary things of our life and realized how we used to take those things for granted.

A few months ago before lockdown when everything around was pretty normal, I used to travel by public transport and crib about the huge crowd and long hours of travel to reach my destination. But it is interesting to know that how destiny has its own way to make is realize the importance of smallest things around us. The lockdown made me miss those hours of travelling and it did make me feel like I really want to go out and meet people. It made us realize the importance of spending time with family, colleagues, a cup of coffee with friend and celebrating birthdays with our inner circle. Indeed this year changed our entire perspective of looking at life.

The year of introspection, perception, self-realization, falling off and still managing to get back. The entire 2020 was a complete game changer with unexpected outcomes and it feels really exciting to know how 2021 would look like with all surprises.

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The River…

Coming up with the next guest post and apologies because I’ve really really delayed it a lot!! This poetry is by amazing writer Pamela Jessen…

Photography by- LifeCapturedinLens

I stand on the edge of a river

The water runs clear and quite deep
I take a step in, and it’s so cold
And my balance is hard to keep
I fight to stay upright and standing
Falling is not in my plan
I step further into the river
Away from the safe shore and sand
This river is my Chronic Pain
And I’m tackling it, one step at a time
It flows hard and tries hard to claim me
It moves with no rhythm or rhyme
But I’m stronger than I first appear
And I fight hard to stay on my feet
I wade deeper in to it, the battle is on
And my victory is going to be sweet
The river will always be flowing
but I simply won’t turn away
I’ll battle this enemy daily
And emerge as the winner each day
Up to my waist, or my neck
I refuse to give in to the rage
I dunk my head under and come up for air
I feel like I’ve turned a new page
No river around can defeat me
I’ve proven it time after time
So when I stand on the edge of a river
I know that my life will be fine.

-Pamela Jessen

About Author: “My name is Pamela Jessen and I am a blogger who lives in Langford, BC on beautiful Vancouver Island. I am a blogger who writes about Chronic Pain, Chronic Fatigue and Invisible Illness at I also write for TheMighty, PainResource, TheZebraPit and various independent publications.

I am a Patient Advocate with the Patient Voices Network in BC. I sit on 4 committees and one Provincial Survey working group and I’ve also been involved in advocacy work at the Canadian National level. I’m married to my amazing husband Ray and we are owned by one cat named Dorie”

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The End is Near…

Coming up with the next guest post. Here’s an amazing piece by talented poet Mudita.

The End Is Near

Image credits:

As the time to depart nears by,
Heavy drops of memories roll off my eye.
As this chapter of my life is closing
The time wheel is rolling
Flashback of the times i had
The good ones and the bad
And in the blink of an eye,
Its time my shoulders be clad
With a pinch of luggage wrapped
In the heaviest of emotions haphazard.
The reality check has struck
And I feel stuck
with a numb mind and a heavy heart,
It is finally time to part.
My joys and sorrows, the world knows not
Just a handful who always gave a thought.
My gratitude offered-
For all the selfless love poured,
Every bit of help extended,
Each time i was cared for,
And bringing a smile when tears filled my core!

– Mudita

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Guest Post 1: You’re not the only one

So finally started with publishing our guest bloggers!! Here presenting a beautiful poem by Miss Uma Marda.

Title: You’re not the only one

People always say,
‘Why always me? ‘
Ask yourself, ‘ Why not you? ‘
Many are suffering through the same,
you just know your side.
So, remember you’re not the only one.

I used to think,
people share their stuff only with me,
never knew, I’m the last one in the queue.
So, remember, you’re not the only one.

Many go through heartbreaks, rejections
and I feel, I’m the only one going through the tough phase,
You just see your tears,
So remember, you’re not the only one.

Everyone has to face ups and downs,
Everyone have their own challenges,
I feel I’m the only one, who is hopless,
But, remember, you’re not the only one.

Things will change, time will change,
There’s no point in thinking I’m the only one,
Cause, people will change and their priorities too.
So, remember you’re not the only one.

Many shares their experience,
while many avoid to speak about it,
That doesn’t mean, you’re the only sufferer,
You never know about others, and
you feel alone and helpless,
So, remember you’re not the only one.

Poetry By: Uma Laxmikant Marda.

Painting by: Jayashree Baheti

Hello, myself Uma Laxmikant Marda
Wide-eyed, I see this world 🌻 A Medico, an Abstract, Explorer, Dancer and ofcourse an Artist. I love to write about things life has taught me.
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Story of your Life

Hello there, I hope you all are doing great. So, my readers who have been reading my blog since quiet a while might have realised the kind of content I write about. And for those who are new to this site, let me ell you something about myself and about this site you have arrived across. I am a physiotherapist and now a writer as well. I illustrate about my real life experiences and what I learn from day to day life in the form of poetries, haikus and articles. We conduct guest posting for writers under similar niche.

And this month as well I am conducting guest posts on theme ‘Your Story’. We all have some or the other story. We all have some memories we want to express out. Each day is a story, each person is a story, each of your action is a story. So tell me your story.

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Guidelines for submission:

1) Your article/poetry should be based on your experience, your dreams or fantasies. It should be about / related to you.

2) Word limit for article- 200-500 words. No word limit for poetry, it should be less than 30 lines.

3) Your article/poetry should be in word format or simple text format.

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Her Battle…

Soaring into storms of ocean waves
She had her own ship aptly sailed
With trembling feelings and terrifying fears
Fighting every struggle she got in here

Obstacles all over on that pathway
Yet she chose to run carving out her way
“Almost there!” her joyful heart exclaimed
Yet the dream’s doorstep had all demons unnamed

None held her hand in this egocentric world
She felt helpless without voice to her words
Almighty too was wandering looking for her
Her tearful eyes could see everything blur

Inhuman humans trying to pull her down
Yet fighting the battle as she belongs to that crown
Turning her pains into prayers, vain into victory
She’s chasing her dreams creating a history

Enemies didn’t matter to her, neither the battlefield
Nothing but the crown was in her vision field
Her prayers will be answered, her efforts will pay off
The flight of her triumph will soon takeoff

-Natasha Tungare

We all are fighting our own battles, no one around is even aware of.

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A letter to the Man of our Country

It’s been a month since he was chosen as the Prime Minister of our country again. Just like 2014, people have again entrusted him with handling the reigns of this wonderful country. He has been
instrumental in transforming not just the nation but also many Indians. If I would ever converse with him, these would be my words…

Respected Sir,
My parents always say that we should thank the Almighty for everything we have. Since my childhood I always thanked God for everything, each day. Today I want to thank you. Not for me but for our Nation! Though this is just a drop in the ocean of letters, emails and tweets that you receive, I still felt like writing to you. My father always wanted me to become an IAS officer but that was neither my dream or passion. I am a doctor now, a physiotherapist doing what I love. Now I realize that to serve our country I need not become an officer. By just doing my role as a physiotherapist, I can passionately heal my countrymen.

I was never a person who used to be keen about what is happening in our country. But this is the biggest change in me. Now I am not only keen to know about day to day happenings in our country but also working on making things better around me by simply doing my role. You are one of the major reason for that. Other reason being my handsome and wonderful friend Prafull. This is the letter to thank you for the change you have created in me, this citizen of India. “Boond Boond se banta hai Sagar,” similarly I hope every Indian sees a kind of a change within themselves so that they can serve our nation in a better way.

I have more faith in humanity now. I literally get this fatherly feeling when I look at you. Not just that, I also feel that after a long time India is marching in the right direction. I am sure every citizen of our country feels more or less the same. This is the voice of a citizen who now definitely knows that India is ONE! This is the voice of that every human who now feels safe in this country and I am sure that India will be one of the most powerful country under your dynamic leadership.

Your obediently
Natasha Tungare

Phew, I just wrote it all at one stroke. I don’t even know if these few words will reach him. I just felt like writing, picked my notepad and wrote it all. Since childhood I never had an Ideal Role model. But I think our PM Mr. Narendra Modi might just fit the bill.

Life of a Savior- Doctor

Usually I draft my writeups in my phone notes section or on word app but today I didn’t draft anywhere. I am just out pouring it all here. 3 months ago, in my post Country’s true love I had written about soldiers who are saviours of our country and who spend their entire life serving for protection of country. Today having similar feels, I am writing about DOCTORS- The saviours of us humans!

I read this wonderful sentence somewhere, “The first and the last person you see in your life is Doctor! Respect him.” This one sentence says it all. A tiny soul when comes out of mother’s womb is handled first by the doctor even before mother. And when the same soul is counting the last few days on his deathbed, it is the doctor who thrives to enhance the length of his life. Our forefathers once said “God could not be present everywhere and so he created mothers.” Similarly “God could not cure everyone, so he created doctors”. But are these saviours getting what they deserve? Are these saviours getting enough respect which they deserve? I don’t think so.

Last week, a terminally ill, aged patient was brought to hospital in Kolkata (India). Despite of all efforts by the doctors, they could not save the patient. After some time, a truck arrived with 200 people (the so called relatives of patient) and started hitting the residential doctors, abused the interns. One of the doctors got deep skull fracture due to the rod inserted by those inhuman creatures in his head. There have been such incidents in past as well where doctors had been brutally attacked by people. And sadly by those same people whom they thrice their best to cure!

I am a physiotherapist and being in medical profession I know how hard we work just to get our patients back to their independent life. These doctors have devoted half of their lives studying to give the best treatment to their patients. These doctors have spent their lives away from their loved ones so that they can cure someone else’s loved ones. These doctors have spent late nights on duty to serve YOU. And is this what they get for their genuine, unbiased service to humanity?

You know, since childhood I was very fond of that white coat. Playing doctor’s role in fancy dress competition was my favorite character. And I guess every child still does dream of being a doctor. If this white coat turns into blood stained red coat, will any mother dream of her child becoming a doctor? Think about it! It is the time to stand with our doctors.

To each one of you reading this, I raise this question and I hope I get genuine answers. Do doctors deserve this kind of treatment?

Mind Games

It’s been a month I shifted here. Everything is good, exactly the way I had expected it to be. Maybe there was reason for some things to happen. And those some things I mean were some low phases where you just feel lost, undecisive, anxious, fearful about many situations. Yes you are right! I was going through such a low phase for more than a month. And this was the major reason I shifted back to my hometown.

I couldn’t really believe during that time whatever was happening. I never had such a long tough time ever which would affect my mental as well as my physical health. I wondered what was wrong! I could not understand if my brain was trying to chase something or my heart was stuck up with something. When I say this, everyone immediately start thinking about relationship issues and all. It isn’t their fault because at this age the major problems a youngster suffers are relationships. But I never suffered from anything of that kind. Homesickness, anxiety, emotional triggers were something very uncommon for a girl who had successfully spent her 5 complete years in a new city away from her home, away from her parents. What happened now? It was just my own MIND GAMES!

I don’t really know how many of you have faced this issue. Your mind starts imagining things which do not even exist in present and then you start feeling anxious, upset, fearful. This can be imagining about future and getting anxious, recollecting certain incidences from past (months or years ago) and feeling depressed. Yes, I went through such things. Eventually somehow it started affecting my physical health as well. I had insomniac nights, was unable to eat food and to my wonder I didn’t even feel like eating what I always like, had weight loss, anxiety which led to palpitations. I tried pushing a week or two, tried meditation, exercise to divert my mind but could see no change! You won’t believe but I had stopped writing. I realized this wasn’t me and decided to work on myself.

This entire phase taught me many things; not about life or world around but about myself and my health. Our mind is such a magical thing! We can imagine, perceive, think, feel so many emotions and what not. And this is how, it plays all the games. It took me much more time to come out of this phase. I still doubt if I have completely come out of the same. Every phase has it’s own way of teaching some or the other lesson. A few months ago I had different thoughts, different phase and now they are different. But ultimately I learnt loving all these phases and I learnt loving myself even more today. Caring for my body but before that my mental healthcare is now my priority. And I would like to convey this to you all too. Mental health and physical health are equally vital.

May month is considered as mental health awareness month and so I thought of sharing this story of mine with you all! To read more quotes on mental health don’t forget to follow my Instagram page Natasha Tungare. And yes now I promise to be regular with my blog;)

Country’s True Love

I’m not writing this representing a particular country. I’m not writing this thinking about my own people. This is for each one of you!

Background image credits- PicsArt

Sometimes I feel how badly I have to adjust in my hostel life,
Then I remember our soldiers who not just have to adjust but adapt to everything they face

Sometimes I feel how homesick I’m, being away from parents,
Then I remember our soldiers who leave their families with least expectations of returning back

Sometimes I feel I’ve too many difficulties in my life,
Then I remember our soldiers who fight each day to keep our nation away from difficulties

Sometimes I feel so stressful with my work and day to day schedule
Then I remember our soldiers guarding us everyday so that we live a stress-free life

Sometimes I feel so irritated when I’m unable to complete my sleep
Then I remember our soldiers who spend sleepless nights to protect us

Sometimes I feel like celebrating all occasions with family
Then I remember our soldiers celebrating every moment with their motherland…

We wake up safe each day. We walk and drive safe each day. Every day we feel that we are in safe hands. And the credits to our protection goes to our soldiers who thrive day and night serving their motherland.

Do something to show love to your motherland! Do something to devote to your soldiers!

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