Out there we started a long chit-chat 

She stood nearby us and glanced at

With confusion on her face and hopes in her eyes

She approached us with fear in her voice

Handling a paper she stood beside

To know what was mentioned inside

I casually read it with a normal sigh

But for her to handle this was pretty high

A clinical prescription with a few tests

Without which she would never again be the best

Trying to decipher the blood-red rashes on her skin

Though I could barely diagnose anything

Her prognosis was good but with medicines only

Sadly for her own treatment she had no penny

Standing there helpless with white coat

I could only see saliva swallowing down her throat

I realized over small things the way we cry

When these people have lived their life so dry

And once again to us she taught

That to grumble and depress Life is too short!

-Natasha Tungare

The Musical Body

Eyes closed, headphones on

There in my playlist, plays each song

Listening to it’s every single beat

Music hitting my every heartbeat
Lovely lyrics flowing through deep

Brain analyzing them without a single leap

Every corpse’s content they serve

Music traveling through my every nerve
Strumming guitar on every note

A number of feelings they all denote

Ears on tunes, watching with my lenses

Music roaming throughout via my senses
My blood red cells with some haemoglobin

With scales of melody found deep within

Depth of octaves in my everyday hustle

Music flowing through every blood vessel
Matching my mood, catching my breath

Those lyrics pulling me up from death

Every music taste, playing different role

Music resides within my spirit and soul!
-Natasha Tungare

Days without pen

Fingers sensing numbness, empty thoughts like blank page

Those days without pen went just like being in a cage!

It happens at times that you wish to do so many things. Your hobbies for your amusement in your daily boring schedule becomes more of a friend to get you little moment of peace. These tiny moments gets you to be something different, something worth adoring. For a few  these hobbies become a strong passion and I must say these people are super lucky for that.  But unfortunately for many they just remain ‘a spare time’ thing which they are unable to pursue maybe because of certain limits and most importantly time deficits.

When your pen craves to write verses, but it can write nothing more than answers

When your thoughts are wandering in every corner of fictious world

When your realm of imagination crosses boundaries but unable to express out

When your heart wishes to pour out all the poetic feelings to the humorless world

Every second, every moment I missed writing verses. I missed inspiring those who tend to believe in me. All those who look out towards following me. I shouted out to myself to have a little more patience as I could feel that emptiness within me for not being able to pen my thoughts. All those writers, poets, authors; a grand salute to them who devote their hours and days to write goods poems, books just for us readers. I adore their thoughts, their style of putting them up. To all the bloggers who write not just to inspire people but also to teach a lot many things. To the Journalists who write articles for news, magazines. And I salute to all those who take their time out just to write or sometimes even scribble. And at such times iiss my diary scribbling!

How cool it is when you have someone who isn’t going to read or tell anyone anything and you just share your every secret with your diary and hide it in the most safest place where the world’s hands cannot reach but yours do. Diary- a best example of the unison of your pen and your deepest thoughts!  When you get a pen in your hand, you either go completely blank or are compiled with excessive thoughts. Ofcourse to be more precise, blank during exams and amazingly thoughtful during everything other than exams! Because writing my thoughts is something I love or any writer loves more than anything else.

Pen and diary- my eternity!

Craving for my pen and paper

Every verse to brook

Awaited for that lovely moment

When my manuscript shall turn into book!

-Natasha Tungare

You’re within me

In the midst of darkest night

In the shine of bright sunlight

At every beautiful scenery site

I try to find You!


In nooks and niches of my room

Highly desperate to see you soon

In my backyard lawns with a loom

I try to find You!


Philosophers say you’re omnipresent

Saints say you’re in spiritual essence

Though figuring out your presence

I still try to find You!


My efforts for You are true

But You’re nowhere, I turned blue

They asked “Who’s this You?”

And soul whispered, “I am within You”


“You’re not there” said my eyes

But feeling your presence, was my choice

Realising it I danced in rejoice

I found You before my demise


Now, In every demon and divine

In every beggar and sovereign

In every flora and feline

I thus found You!

-Natasha Tungare

Guide-for path towards Eternity

Few days back I watched the movie “Guide”. One of the old legendary movies of Bollywood from year 1965 produced by Dev Anand. Truly Amazing role played by all actors and co-actors in the film. The most important was the story of the film and an unexpected ending. A whole life of a person running behind all fake happiness but later realising his mistake that nothing holds on for permanent and hence follows a spiritual path.

To explain the story in short – Raju who was guide doing well and earning well in his profession once encountered with Marco and his wife Rosie. Marco was archaeologist and Rosie was totally unhappy with Marco and his behavior towards her. Raju and Rosie fell in love but had to go through a phase of lot of struggles. They somehow get through everything and later Rosie being an amazing classical dancer performs at many shows and both of them earn really well. Raju got arrested due to certain crime and spends 2 years in prison and after leaving from jail he goes to a small village leaving everything but surviving there following a spiritual path. The villagers consider him to be a Saint who has come for the upliftment of village and hence the spirituality gets him to deep thinking about ‘soul’.

The name of the film itself is so apt. ‘Guide’- the one who shows us right path, who helps us finding the correct way. I did relate this story to the walks of human life. It’s so similar to every aspect of our lives and the changes that we go through in this one single journey. Priorities, different worldly pleasures, man running behind temporary happiness are something which have occupied the brains of humans. These all things are temporary. We ourselves are temporary in this world. Yes! We too are gonna leave this planet. When we ourselves aren’t going to be in someone’s life forever , how can we expect our family members, friends, life partner for keeping promises of ‘Forever’?

Soul is the only eternity

Whole world is otherwise insanity!

 We come across so many people in the form of guides- our parents, teachers, friends, relatives. Sometimes people whom we meet just once in lifetime can also teach us a lot. Unknowingly they all have something to teach us.

“Either they make you or break you but most importantly they teach you”- unknown author

We learn from what we experience in life. Experiences from people, things, from decisions we take that’s by self. After experience comes the realization of what is right and what’s wrong and that is what gives you wisdom to take correct decisions. It seems difficult to do self-analysis about these things but once you take out time you realize that you yourself are the ‘best guide’ for your own improvement!


A Dive- making me feel alive

I was 15 when the underwater life touched my soul. I remember my first foreign trip to Bangkok and Pattaya in Thailand. Underwater sea walk was something where I had one of those best feelings of my life. The colourful world deep down there had captivated me so much that I had decided to do scuba diving atleast once in lifetime. And yes! That day came up after 5 years at Andaman islands.

The beaches at Andaman are so beautiful and those blue waters were so damn heavenly. It mesmerized me so much as if those clean blue waters are calling me out for a dive! That day early morning around 5.45 I left towards the beach where official scuba diving training center was situated. They handed on a form to me for signing it. All those instructions seemed like I am signing some form which gonna later land me up on death bed! But I believe in something called ‘Opportunity knocks at your door only once’. On the top of that I have never been a professional swimmer so this was something like taking a huge risk. Well I still was pretty firm with my decision. I finally signed the form, wore the diving costume and left for the most awaited moment ‘the dive’.

There were 3 more people with me. Each of us had a separate diver. The worst part of all was we weren’t allowed to put on anything except the costume provided by them and unfortunately I was unable to see without my spectacles. Thanks to their highly magnified glasses which compensated it. The diver greeted me and taught me few signs and symbols as to how do we communicate inside the water. The most important was breathing skills as you need to inhale and exhale only by mouth. After the 10 minutes training he took me towards the deeper side of the sea and we went literally into those beautiful waters.

Those colorful fishes, corals deep down there just took away my breath for a moment! I closed my eyes for a few seconds and felt that vivid silence deep in there. Wow! Such a wonderful feel! All of a sudden I realized that the salty water was getting inside my eye-mask and into my nostrils and throat. I became a little anxious but somehow managed to get through remembering the instructions by the trainer. I was taken more than 15 feet inside but still it wasn’t even 1/6th of the whole sea life! Those lively 45 minutes inside the deep blue waters were truly memorable. And now I again have something to be proud about.

“Happiness is getting your first Diving Certificate”

Life in there is so beautiful, so wonderful. The ocean world is something totally different world. A human realizes the importance of his each breath, each moment. You learn to survive despite of difficulties. The silence in there is something that makes you feel alive more than a meditation! That was one of the memorable days of my life and I shall surely wish to learn a professional diving course. That one dive made me feel indescribably heavenly!

-Natasha Tungare

Lord’s Abode- where luminosity resides

Just as every Friday I went to the same place. It was 6.30 pm and it was almost twilight. I often go there at the same time. No particular reason but the environment around is something that has always soothed me. I could hear the melody of ringing bells, smell the sweet essence sticks burning.


Yes the same temple I would have loved to visit each day but time constraints allows me a single day in the whole week. Temple – a place where I go very often not to pray or wish but for peace of mind more and tremendous positive vibes. All the dismal thoughts wither away making your mind more blissful. And when I find myself at God’s doorstep, I eventually forget all the negative thoughts. I get a sense of well-being, delightful positivity which helps me get over any kinds of bad moods.

That Friday I entered the temple, bowed to God and just stood there for sometime. The guruji greeted me and handed me a ‘modak’ (a sweet) as ‘prashad'(eatables offered to worshipers as God’s blessing). He was quite familiar with me. “How are you Ajoba(grandfather)?” I asked him smiling, “As fit and fine as always”. His confident and witty answers are always worth listening. He is 82 year old man but his enthusiasm is as good as a young 35 year man. Very up to date in schedule, cleaning the temple , greeting the foreigners who come to visit the temple almost every alternate day. But never a single complain and always happy, smiling face.


I sat there nearby on a bench outside the temple which is my usual place to sit. At times I feel when we come to such quiet places, we tend to think a lot about ourselves, deep thoughts, thoughts about life! I had a glance around and found few people coming to click pics of the temple, chit chatting, two or three couples. And the guruji as always was grumbling about these couples for not finding any other place to spend their so called romantic moments. Just a casual stare everywhere around made me realize all aspects of life. I find that place something worth learning about life. Temples have heard the deepest prayers of all age groups. We tend to realize that our sorrows are less than trivial. A blissful feeling that you get when you believe that all your puzzles are getting solved one by one. I just fell in love with that feeling. Such an eternal feeling!

“It’s 7.45 my child” guruji said “we are shutting the temple within 10-15 minutes”. I came out of my day dreams and all those deep thoughts. I picked up my bag,waved at him and started heading towards the main gate. I always promise myself to visit this place as many times as finally I return home from there with a broad smile full of satisfaction.

In this world of modernity, have some spirituality

As it’s forever eternity, to free your soul from impurities!

-Natasha Tungare





Write with a Right


That was Sunday afternoon and I was all alone in my hostel room. Reason being ‘Sunday’ and maximum people had their so called day outs and night out! Scrolling news feeds, checking Facebook updates, listening music, reading articles and of-course sleeping which I can never miss out to mention were few of my boredom busters! Opened the cupboard for some reason and found an old diary gifted by my friends for my birthday a year back. I just had a slight glance through it and found that I had barely written anything, first few pages full and rest empty.

“Yes got an amazing way to get rid of boredom and loneliness” I thought and at the same moment held a pen in hand. My brain just flooded with thoughts within microseconds! Well it’s said ‘You do not really have to think hard if you already have umpteen thoughts’. Though the real question was ‘What to Write?’ ‘How to put those thoughts up on an empty sheet?’ Well soon you get an answer the moment you grab your pen! The Pen! Writers, authors, poets have their best buddy which is their pen. I did the same and started writing about something I always cherished and that’s about my unending thoughts. Maybe good or bad, maybe happy or sad but that made me free my heart and clear my mind. It happens as if you’ve poured your whole heart onto the paper. If it’s a diary and that too a personal one, you might not necessarily show it to anyone. If it’s an article about some good experience, about travelling or just something fictional you might love sharing it with people.

“Your handwriting might reflect your personality. But what you write reflects your inner self”. Your pen and book can be your best friends forever. And yes, they are my forever best friends. They never gonna betray you, leave you or be selfish. In-fact whatever you write improves yourself, your nature and attitude. You can anytime pour your feelings onto a piece of paper. People might or might not be good listeners but your diary is! Even if you are tensed or worried about something and if at all you note it down, it is scientifically proven that you tend to get solution about it faster. Because when you write something your brain reads it twice. Once when you are thinking about it and later when you write it down. And it processes itself for finding answers to your problems.

You will observe most of the people who do not open up easily, talk less and tend to stay aloof from people have their minds usually full of thoughts and love writing more. They are deep thinkers. These are the ones who later turn out to be amazing writers and authors of famous books. Ayn Rand, Ruskin Bond, Rhoda Bryan and many more.

Writing is glorious, writing is precious

Scribbling your thoughts keeps you alive

You yourself are unaware where your mind drives!

And there begins the new story again…

-Natasha Tungare


Stay Cheerful


I  do feel sometimes low

Though reason for this I never know

A sweet smile starts my dawn

But at times an evening might be a frown

People, things , thoughts and environment

Is all what usually influences me

But again sadly for no reason

It can make me feel lonely

I have learnt to be strong enough

And always held my head high

As I’ve realized a best saying

That feeling good can never rise u in sky

A feeling is a part of emotion

Which can never be the same each time

Joy, grief, rage or pleasure

Can never retain for very longtime

People and situations have hurted me

And overthinking has pulled me down

But without their presence in my life

I would have never realized importance of my own crown

Life should always be a balance

Equally on either side with joy and sorrow

Hence we should never let ourselves down

As we have our wonderful dreams to follow!

-Natasha Tungare


The Sweet Stranger


“Trust me, you won’t be able to reach the bus stop,” my friend said in raised voice. Unfortunately I had to miss last lecture because I knew sir would leave a little late and it would be impossible to get the bus in time less than 15 mins. I listened to my friend’s advice , packed up my bag and rushed quietly. Somehow my luck was good enough to get me an auto soon as I stepped out of college. I reached the bus stop pretty early though I had to wait there sitting and doing nothing.

After sometime, I noticed her. She had a college bag and a sling around her neck. I asked her, “ Excuse me, which bus are you waiting for?” she answered “Borivali ,12.30pm” What the hell! I thought to myself. I could have better attended the lecture and then left. Then I thought of enquiring at the ticket window. Apparently I got to know that both the buses 12.30 as well as 1.30 gonna arrive together which ofcourse I refused to believe in. I was kinda pissed off as I knew I shall have to wait for an hour or more. I sat again and started playing games on my cell phone. Just waiting for time to pass.

After few minutes I  again heard that familiar voice calling me out rather asking me something. Oh yes , it was her. “Hey, why are you looking so irritated? Are you ok?” I told her my situation and also that I had to each home early. She gave me an idea of getting into the bus prior. So did I and requested the conductor. Again I must say, my luck was really good. I sat on the next seat besides her. We had just started talking. Talked about studies, livingtown . I realized she was actually someone good to talk. And even I was really comfortable to talk and share much with her. Gradually we gotto know that we both share most of same interests. We had loads of topics to talk on. Films, shopping, lifestyle, politics, philosophy, hobbies and many many more. She was a big fan of ‘Minnions’. And as cute as a minnion too.

I am a type of person who doesn’t really get so close with people and that too so early. But this was I think my first longtime journey where we both just kept on our conversation for 5 hours maybe more than that. I might have never talked to anyone rather any stranger for such a long time. Finally my destination arrived and I had to get off the bus. “Hey, I didn’t ask your name,” “Pinkal” , for said. “Such an unusual name. Had never heard” . “My dad kept it.” She answered smiling. I know very few people who give their priority to family before anything. She’s one of those . We exchanged our contacts for which I got a small shout from mom who is too possessive about me for giving so much info about myself to someone I didn’t even know. But doesn’t matter and I proudly say we still are in a very good touch with each other.

People say that to make friends you don’t really need to have matching likes and interests but I feel it does. And to my case the later dis work out for such longterm close friendships. They are someone whom we can trust blindly , with whom we can talk madly and who listen to us carefully. That day I realized that even though for hours of journey you don’t really need earphones when you have someone special to talk to.

– Natasha Tungare



“Gracias” meaning “Thank You” in Spanish. One of the five magical words.

At every point of life we happen to meet people who teach us many more things. I thank all of them and everything they taught me. Good people are blessing whereas bad ones become a lesson. Let there be as many experiences both blessings and lessons in life. The lessons make you stronger than ever and you learn the realities in life.

And here’s a big thank you from me to everyone expressing my gratitude.

Some taught me to grow up

Some taught me to say ‘wassup’

Some made my day amazing

And some were really very caring

Few walked away without any notice

They never realized to them how much I miss

My kindness was benefit for some

And I found that ‘Shit I was so dumb’

There are who get inspired by my positivity

And sometimes I be the victim of my sensitivity

Very few matched my likes and thoughts

For right people in life I have always fought

I realized that people break u or make u

As they always have something to teach u

I am totally unaffected by people henceforth

Knowing my worth I’ve built my own fort !

-Natasha Tungare