“Gracias” meaning “Thank You” in Spanish. One of the five magical words.

At every point of life we happen to meet people who teach us many more things. I thank all of them and everything they taught me. Good people are blessing whereas bad ones become a lesson. Let there be as many experiences both blessings and lessons in life. The lessons make you stronger than ever and you learn the realities in life.

And here’s a big thank you from me to everyone expressing my gratitude.

Some taught me to grow up

Some taught me to say ‘wassup’

Some made my day amazing

And some were really very caring

Few walked away without any notice

They never realized to them how much I miss

My kindness was benefit for some

And I found that ‘Shit I was so dumb’

There are who get inspired by my positivity

And sometimes I be the victim of my sensitivity

Very few matched my likes and thoughts

For right people in life I have always fought

I realized that people break u or make u

As they always have something to teach u

I am totally unaffected by people henceforth

Knowing my worth I’ve built my own fort !

-Natasha Tungare



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