Days without pen

Fingers sensing numbness, empty thoughts like blank page

Those days without pen went just like being in a cage!

It happens at times that you wish to do so many things. Your hobbies for your amusement in your daily boring schedule becomes more of a friend to get you little moment of peace. These tiny moments gets you to be something different, something worth adoring. For a few  these hobbies become a strong passion and I must say these people are super lucky for that.  But unfortunately for many they just remain ‘a spare time’ thing which they are unable to pursue maybe because of certain limits and most importantly time deficits.

When your pen craves to write verses, but it can write nothing more than answers

When your thoughts are wandering in every corner of fictious world

When your realm of imagination crosses boundaries but unable to express out

When your heart wishes to pour out all the poetic feelings to the humorless world

Every second, every moment I missed writing verses. I missed inspiring those who tend to believe in me. All those who look out towards following me. I shouted out to myself to have a little more patience as I could feel that emptiness within me for not being able to pen my thoughts. All those writers, poets, authors; a grand salute to them who devote their hours and days to write goods poems, books just for us readers. I adore their thoughts, their style of putting them up. To all the bloggers who write not just to inspire people but also to teach a lot many things. To the Journalists who write articles for news, magazines. And I salute to all those who take their time out just to write or sometimes even scribble. And at such times iiss my diary scribbling!

How cool it is when you have someone who isn’t going to read or tell anyone anything and you just share your every secret with your diary and hide it in the most safest place where the world’s hands cannot reach but yours do. Diary- a best example of the unison of your pen and your deepest thoughts!  When you get a pen in your hand, you either go completely blank or are compiled with excessive thoughts. Ofcourse to be more precise, blank during exams and amazingly thoughtful during everything other than exams! Because writing my thoughts is something I love or any writer loves more than anything else.

Pen and diary- my eternity!

Craving for my pen and paper

Every verse to brook

Awaited for that lovely moment

When my manuscript shall turn into book!

-Natasha Tungare


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