Mixed Feelings

“Mixed feelings, like mixed drinks are a confusion​ to the soul” – George Carman

Sometimes you don’t really understand what’s going on in your mind. You are unable to express your feelings as you yourself are unable to make out what you actually feel. That’s when we call ‘mixed feelings’. Good or bad, happy or sad are a part of our mood swings!

Well, let me give an example. You are have a convocation ceremony and finally getting graduated. How do you exactly feel? Yaay! I am a graduate now and shall finally start my job soon. Also, we shall miss that college fun , our dearest friends with whom we had best of our college memory. Oh I’ll miss this! 

Exactly! you are happy for some reason whereas sad for some other. To state one more, when a person you love is leaving the town , going abroad for future career and achievement, you are glad for your lover’s bright future but deep inside it kills you as you know you’re​ going to be far away and gonna miss badly.

What is to be done at such times ? What to follow? 

Keep your face to the sunshine and you aren’t able to see the shadow- Helen Keller

Answer is simple. Stay Positive! Focus on all what’s positive. Yes I shall be graduate and be in touch with all my friends, my lover will have a bright future and we shall make our long distance relationship even stronger.

There are so many situations in life where we fail to recognize the exact importance of positivity which makes us again a confused soul. But staying positive about what we face whether good or bad always helps us overcome negativity. 

Every coin has two sides. There are things beyond our narrow mind. So why not create our mind in such a way that we always tend to look at the positive side and gain positive vibes from every person and every situation!


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  1. There is bootstrap theory. Lift yourself using your self. Tell your mind not to get depressed and sad. Initially it will be difficult. Mind will act in the way it is conditioned. After a lot of practice you shall be able to control the way mind reacts to a situation.

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    1. ‘Lift yourself using your self’ the best line for self motivation! Very true sir. There are so many ups and downs in our lives. If we follow this simple method of practicing and control it we can overcome many difficulties. Totally agree☺


    2. I’m with you about discipline and focus as a way of getting to see what my soul needs. Once seeing it, my soul is greater than my self, and it would be next to balsphemy trying to control it. At that point, isn’t at least part of self-knowledge a matter of letting go of quotidian control?

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      1. Self knowledge is beyond mind. Only a calm mind can realise self. Calmness of mind is attained through discipline of meditation. Through regular meditation, a seeker learns vagaries of mind and goes beyond it. In Vedanta philosophy, it is said with self knowledge a seeker becomes one with the objected being seeked. When one becomes one with the universe or Brahman, one has attained self knowledge.

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  2. And how do I get to the point at which I can lift myself by my own mental strength from out of depression and lifelessness? I do it by experiencing my feelings to the full. Deaths and losses must be fully mourned and new births and good achievements must be fully rejoiced. This is how I find the strength to lift myself out of confusion and torpor.

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    1. That’s really nice ! It’s so good to express out our feelings specially to our closed ones. Life is so beautiful and we have very less time out here. Making the fullest of this birth is in our hands. Sharing our feelings and understanding others’ is a part of it

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