Those Golden Days! 

It was a fine Sunday morning when I had just started cleaning my old bookshelf. A few minutes later while I was dusting I came across a lot many books, novels, story books which I had read during childhood. “Hey Mom! Remember these?” I asked her in excited tone. “Let’s give those to the needy or maybe donate them to a library. You aren’t gonna use them anyways!” mom exclaimed. After a while, all of a sudden a history textbook popped out onto my hands from one of the shelves. “Hey that’s my 8th standard textbook”. And a flashback just gushed through my brain. Those golden days!!

  Those days when we had fights with our best friends. Those days when we did every mischief possible. Those days when our mom gave 5 bucks to buy vadapav from canteen for which hearing the whole explanation about ‘how unhealthy junk food is’ was mandatory. Those days when birthday celebration, chocolate distribution in whole class and bunking​ lectures so as to get blessings from all teachers was best memory. Those days when we had every festival celebration in school-  Christmas party, Garba celebration, etc. Those days of singing prayers, patriotic songs and national anthem during the start of day. Ofcourse how can I forget the annual celebration every year. It was the only day when we all batchmates were super energetic to rock the dance floor! Those golden days!!

  School gave us the best of childhood memories. It’s not just about memories but it is the  place where we had our very “First Step of Education”. Teachers who were almost next to our parents gave us knowledge, love and care. Words of every teacher was like an enlightenment of something new to learn. Friends- who uplifted us in every possible way and made us realize that how incomplete are we without them. School wasn’t only related to education but also with our behavior, manners, habits, discipline, punctuality and much more. Development of our personality, our conduct towards every person we meet, the impact of our presentation is all because of this abode of learning. School is the only institution where we have spent most of our learning years. 

Life gives you experiences

Teaches you in different ways

But school time is best of all

I badly miss Those Golden Days!


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  1. This is a very nice post. It reminded me of a song of Rabindranath Tagore “purano sei diner katha bhulbi ki re hai……”. Loosely translated it means how can one forget memories of those good old days that have passed by us….. “

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      1. Try this link. This was played by Suchitra Krishnamoorty in Bengali. There are several versions. By Hemant Kumar, By Shaan, By Kishore Kumar. There is also one person in English. I did not like it though. But you may try.

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  2. True ..😊Those golden days!
    Reading your post has reminded me our fabulous school days😊 our most of the memories of school has been flashback in my mind
    Ty 😘 for this post😊

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  3. I always go back to those days! Specially, since that era was also completely different, simpler days of life. We had our video game parlours, no internet, playtime in the evening, occasional restaurant visits- everything gave us real happiness unlike the way people seek happiness now! Nice post 😊

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  4. I remember in my teens I longed to be a child again. To be safe in the arms of my family. A very strong urge, and at the same time I longed to grow up to be an adult. To be secure in myself. It is human to have difficulties being in the present moment. Now, at 69, however, I never feel any longing for the past. Neither do I long very often for the future – except those days when I have planned something special. Now every day is an adventure with pleasures and pains of its own.

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      1. What does it mean, living in the present? Can anybody tell me? I said earlier here that I do not long for the past and not particularly for the future either. Which does not mean those two timescapes are meaningless to me. On the contrary. They are always and ever there as part of who I am and who I may become. And, to be frank and honest, I cherish the ugly memories as much as the beautiful. I feel I need to know them both to navigate more safely.

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