Yes crossed a ‘century’ followers on WordPress!

I express my gratitude to WordPress for serving budding writers like us this platform to write and publish. Thank you to all the readers on WordPress who took out few minutes from their precious time to visit my blog. Thank you to all my friends on Facebook who read my articles regularly and give their feedback about them. 

Thank you for all the likes and comments. And of course a big THANK YOU to all my followers who loved my write-ups and made sure to follow my site. For all those who believed in my thoughts and because of which I turned them into my blogs!

I hope that this 100 turns out to​ be 1k and then might be 10k by support from all of you.


-Natasha Tungare

44 thoughts on “100 Followers!!

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  1. Natasha, appreciate your jottings on day to day events that had an impact at some point in life, on all of us, bringing to the fore those reminiscences and enabling us dwell on each one’s individual experiences, re-live the same, and most times bringing a faint smile and cheer.
    Keep writing and continue expressing your thoughts…. no matter what! , Congratulations on reaching the first milestone of 100 followers, sure the community is large, and so are the followers, who would express themselves, too. All the Best.

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