Soulmate- it’s her

It feels so good when you realize that you finally have someone who understands you, uplifts you, knows the majority about your life more than anyne else. Yes we call this beautiful person our ‘Soulmate’. A soulmate need not be an opposite gender person always. It can be your closest friend, your sibling, your colleague or if you are lucky enough maybe your life partner or parents too! ‘Soulmate’ meaning ‘a friend of your soul’. Soul is always eternal. And this friend of your eternal soul of course has to be the example of ‘Friends Forever’. Tonnes of people pass through our beautiful life. Some stay for longer, few doesn’t. But this person whom we call Soulmate is someone who doesn’t leave us despite of any circumstances. 

The reason why I am writing this is because I found mine in her! And I not only realized the ture meaning of Soulmate but I felt what a real soulmate is. I don’t know exactly what matches me with her but everything just feels so alright and secure and perfect with her. I definitely might have done some good deed in my previous birth that God introduced me to her. And I am glad that I found my soulmate in my best and closest friend. 

She’s my best ever mentor, my all-time fire brigade

She’s my loveliest joker for my stresses of all grades

Long distances made us even more close

She’s the one who got me out of pits and hollows

She made me embrace all problems and difficulties

Making me realize that for everything there are possiblities

A day never goes without talking to her

Life seems incomplete without being with her

She helped me find the pieces of life’s jigsaws

And accepted me for who I am with all my flaws!

Image credit- Facebook page ‘Thatscoop’

I always fall short of words while describing her. She’s much more than this single page. She’s the one who got me back and helped me find myself again! I thank every good and bad situation in my life which made me closer to her than before. “A half-an-hour lecture from your best friend is enough to get you right back on track”. Though I always want to listen to her more. I need not mention her name as every person reading this would relate it to someone who is their soulmate.

I am not writing this because it’s her birthday today but I felt this day a better one to thank her for everything. I shall always be thankful ​to Almighty for my entire life that he gave me a friend, a sister and a soulmate in this one person and I pray everyone of you reading this piece find your soulmate if not.


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