Time Flies Away!

 Time being the most importantโ€‹ aspect of our life or rather I should say we being part of the time which goes on without waiting for anyone ofcourse deserves this poem. 

“Time teaches you everything” is a perfect saying. Good or bad, happy and sad times are all just a part of it!

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You wanna sing, you wanna sketch

You wanna live each moment you fetch

You watch the wall clock pendulum sway

Hurry up dear, as Time flies away

You wanna read, you wanna write

You wanna study each book right?

Why waiting for calendar page flip next May

Hurry up dear, as Time anyways flies away

You wanna date, you wanna dance

You wanna do it all without leaving a chance 

You hear the tick tock of seconds on the way

Hurry up dear, as Time flies away

You plan for next, you wish for greater

You try making this day a little better

You love being productive the whole day

But always remember that Time flies away!

-Natasha Tungare


20 thoughts on “Time Flies Away!

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  1. True. Time flies away ever so swiftly, so we must use it wisely. Because Time is a priceless commodity that most people are not truly aware of its worth.
    Time lost will never be regained.
    Nice piece of poetry Natasha ๐Ÿ‘


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