To a Paradise!

It was late in the evening. Clouds were showering heavy rains. I had held my umbrella and was heading towards home. It was turning dark and the rains became heavier with no sign of cease. The entire path was totally isolated. I felt really cold on inside, not by weather but more due to fear. I could hear the spooky hustling leaves of the trees . I could feel the breeze which wasn’t ​mild and calm but stormy and intimidating. I could feel the cold sweat over my forehead. I tried walking faster. I wanted to run from there but the wet roads were too slippery to speed up. While walking I saw a little girl standing under a tree on one side of the road. She was sobbing badly and had no umbrella or a raincoat. I was about to step towards her but suddenly I remembered my mom’s words “Never try to help rather overhelp people when you are alone. It might turn into your worst nightmare.” I got goosebumps all over. But putting all those scary thoughts aside I went to her and asked if I could help her and drop her to home. She looked up at me and smiled. I could see the innocence in her shining eyes which were saying me “Thank you”. I smiled back. She held my hand and said, “Come my sister. I shall take you somewhere.” For a moment I was again scared with those same thoughts as to what place will she be taking me but I saw something I had never seen before. It was a Paradise. It was Utopia! 

 It was the Paradise with peace, solace, calmness where I could feel the warmth of Earth’s beauty. Where I could feel innocence of people, where I could feel the love in everything and everywhere around. Where I realized trust, love, kindness isn’t always futile. Where I felt how beautiful the world is! 

 Why did I share this little story which is without a significant ending with you guys?

It’s not about the conclusion but about a world we never try to see! Not all risks turn into nightmares. Not all difficulties lead to worst  in life. Not all scary stories have bad endings. We go through so many difficulties in life. We fear, we tremble, we cry, we become sad, we grieve and mourn. But we never think of what comes next. We never think at such times that ‘everything in life happens for a reason’. It definitely concludes as something good even if it is a blessing or a lesson. 

Never fear to risk and never fail to trust

To go towards brighter end, a dark tunnel is must

Everytime you go through difficult situation and when you can’t do anything about it, when you are unable to get any solution for it, just close your eyes and land up in your own paradise atleast for a moment. A Paradise full of harmony and peace. A Paradise you always wanna land where you be happy. Your paradise where you feel peace might be existing in real world or might be imaginary. But do visit your Paradise for you will feel better each time even! This Paradise will always raise the threshold of your tolerance for difficulties and problems.

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I would like to quote few lines from the song ‘Paradise’ by ColdPlay. It’s one of my favourite song due to it’s beautiful meaning of the lyrics-

When she was just a girl she expected the world

But it flew away from her reach so she ran away and fell asleep

Life goes on, it gets so heavy

The wheel breaks the butterfly every tear a waterfall

In the night the stormy night she’ll close her eyes

In the night the stormy night away she’d fly

To a Para-Para-Paradise, Everytime she closed her eyes!


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  1. I loved it deeply till the very end Natasha ☺ I’m also one of those cautious people too but it seems some chances are disguised as risks, I’m trying to make myself learn to take some of them! Also the point about going to your own paradise for even a minute, that’s one amazing advice just like the rest of your wonderful article because it somehow helps!

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  2. I’m an interior person too, Natasha, but every time I have tried to find paradise there, my mind spills over with what-ifs, on-the-other-hands, and get-reals. I’ll keep reading here, however, and see if my outlook changes. Yours is quite appealing!

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    1. I can relate to you as the same used to happen with me too! But when I realized that all these worries about ‘what-ifs’ and many more are all temporary I feel good. What matters is only our own belief about our feelings 😊


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