Expectation vs reality


Let’s get straight to business!

(Things written in Italics describe the thoughts in my mind!)

Getting work done

ExpectationAfter I wake up from this power nap in one hour, I’m going to finish that write up, do chores, finalise project topic and finish that book.

RealityWhat day/year/century is this? Who am I? Where am I? Why am I?

Mom – “Finally! You’ve been sleeping for 4 hours, get up now.”


A walk in nature

Expectation~ A long undisturbed walk with fresh breeze, rustling leaves, sweet earthy smell, musings and perhaps a chance encounter with Mr Rochester even?

Reality~ *While walking on joggers track in park*

Ah! So airy and cold, amazing!

Eek, flies, more flies. Walk fast!”

Someone from behind – “Excuse me.”
Me – “Oh sorry, go ahead, you too, oh you can too. Careful! Don’t run your bike on my foot…

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