Bloggers’ world – the unbiased connect

    We communicate with people when we feel that there’s a connect, there’s a vibe, a wavelength that matches the thoughts of the two. We get attracted to someone’s appearance, someone’s personality, someone’s oratory, maybe someone’s smile or way of dressing. But how many of you actually like someone by their way of thinking? Very few, isn’t it?

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    When I wrote my first blog and published it, I found that people who barely even communicated with me in person were keen to know me more. Views, comments, likes and follows increased and I discovered a new world, Bloggers’ world! One of the most beautiful world where we connect with the thoughts of each other more than anything else. This is a totally different world where I always love to stay and connect with more and more people, connect with their genuine thoughts. Here we don’t know anything about each other but what we write tells everything about us, it tells about the very unbiased and pure form of each other. 
    We have seen people writing diary, small write-ups , poems. I feel these are the most genuine forms of expressing ourselves. And hence most trustworthy too. When we read an autobiography of a person, we can actually feel the thoughts of that person. After entering this world of bloggers and reading others too, I realized that I could feel the people here. Each one of us over here shares their thoughts and feelings so freely and openly. 

    But unfortunately when it comes to the world of reality everything just gets messed up. We have shallow people infact shallow minds which encourage shallow conversation (small talks). We never recognize the true feelings of people. I am myself an introvert and communicate less but when I genuinely connect with someone I’m the most expressive person. And here the Bloggers’ world helped me to explore myself more. 

   I hope every writer , blogger , poet can connect with this. Thank God I have this bloggers’world when reality doesn’t  seem to be my cup of tea. Cheers and hats off to you all who love to connect and not merely talk!

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  1. Love this ! I also found that the people in real life (not blogging life) who rarely hang out with me are the least judgmental. They know just enough to call me a good friend, but not nearly enough as my best friends. So my good friends seem to accept me more than my best friends. Maybe its because we are constantly with our best friends, so it feels more “comfortable” to Judge–or call out imperfections. I hope that makes sense. Haha. I like this post because it’s true, we are more expressive on the internet, and the people who follow us obviously like our stuff,, so we don’t experiences the verbal challenges and disagreements we may face with our friends in real life.

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    1. Yes definitely. I loved the way you think. With best friend it’s just perfect and we express out more. Similarly on social networking we are expressive too. Writing is something that expresses your inner feelings openly๐Ÿ˜Š

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  2. Yes,ita a great platform to share our views ,experience .Here,all are supportive and understand ,respect our writing.One can learn and feel free to share his ideas,a brilliant way to connect with peoples of same interst.

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  3. The blogosphere is truly an inspiring place to hang out. What draws me to it is the pure and honest desire in each bloggers’ mind and heart to share or contribute their ideas and inner voices to the world without prejudice to whatever reactions that would come out from the other end of the screen. Such desire and intent is remarkably amazing in itself alone. I agree with your view, virtual it may seem but the connections established could never be truer. We share the same awe, amazement and gratefulness Natasha โ˜บ

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  4. If not for WordPress my poems wouldn’t go further than my journal books. So glad to share this space with others like yourself. A heartfelt & honest post. Thanks for sharing!


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