The Feline Euphoria…

“Hey Mom, where’s Jo?” Ariana asked her mom dancing all around the house as her vacations had started and wanted to spend most of the time with Jo. Mom’s reply was quite expected, “Not in my pockets dear! Search in the verandah”. “Oh please mom! Not again. It’s been more than 5 hours. She should be here by now for her evening milk and fish”, Ariana headed towards the verandah. “Maybe she might have found an ‘evening mouse snack’, Mom replied in her sarcastic tone. 

Ariana was pretty used to such sarcastic statements from parents and relatives as she herself was the only die-hard pet lover in her family. “Ariana-Jo” was the Human-Feline bond created by both of them. Jo, a stray cat once rescued by Ariana and since then became her forever companion. Ariana was always fond of animals. She loved feeding them, playing with them, talking to them as if they were her human friends. 

“Happy Valentine’s Day , my love” said Ariana. “Meeoow”, the best reply from Jo and Ariana would give her a cheese and fish treat.

“Happy Friendship Day, my lovely friend”. Again “Meeooww” and Ariana would tie a friendship band on her paw. 

Birthdays, New year’s eve, Christmas and all special days were celebrated not with friends but her very own little pet. 

Ariana had no siblings. Parents had jobs and used to be out for the whole day. Sharing food, chit chatting , taking small nap with her cat was a part of her daily routine. Never ever she felt lonely in the company of her furry friend!  

It was almost an hour Ariana has been searching for Jo. She seemed totally disturbed. Asking for her, she went in the neighborhood, nearby shops and even fish market where Jo had been found twice after disappearing. There were no signs of her little pet being nearby. She tried asking her friends, shopkeepers if they saw her. But unfortunately she had to return empty handed. Walking on the street she just kept praying for her cat. And then something unexpected happened. All of a sudden, far away she could see a small animal on the wall. It was a huge wall. Yes! It was her. It was Jo! Ariana ran towards that wall. She somehow got onto that huge wall and saw Jo falling on the other side of it. “Hey kitty , don’t worry I am there. I’ll save you !” saying thus she tried catching her furry friend but herself tripped. Down and down she fell, she kept falling along with her furry friend…..

“Hey Sweetheart! Come-on get up. You gotta go to college. Get ready”, said mom. Little did she knew that it was a dream. It’s been 5 years Jo had passed away and she still sees her in dreams. She always feels her presence around her. She still misses her!

I just felt like drawing these images which I found on internet as I was missing my pet a lot!

Dedicated to all pet lovers and all who have lost their pets. We all are so lucky to have these furry companions with us. They are the most trustworthy on this planet. And we are so lucky to have them in our lives. To those who have lost their pets it feels like they took away a part of your heart along with them. But they are always with us in some or the other form. Just as humans die and we can feel their presence in other form so do all animals! 

So when you miss your companion just look at the gigantic sky and  feel good that you both are under the same sky!

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