The Odd Lady


It was late in the evening, around 7.30 pm. She and her dad, had to catch a train. They left for station. Her dad told her to hurry and finally they reached the railway platform. Their destination was the last station and by that time the train gets almost empty. So dad didn’t allow her to travel in separate ladies compartment as she might have to travel alone for few stations . And hence she got along in the gent’s compartment itself.

That day she felt like a ‘precious stone’, an odd precious stone. Not that precious stone where it’s on high demand and everyone wanting it but a stone which had catched eyes of the wrong ones! She was in the gent’s compartment. ‘An odd lady in between those gents’. Why? She’s a human , those men too are humans, then why? Too many men looking at her. Some maybe wondering why was she in gent’s compartment but many staring her because she was a ‘lady’. She could surely make out those wrong eyes staring her body. And sadly those were too many. She felt little embarrassed. Dad knew this happens so he had already made her sit at the corner most seat. Yet those jerks never took off their eyes from her. A sense of fear ran through her. She had always been strong though, have faced such situations where she had to shut up! Despite of she being embarrassed or scared, she didn’t let herself down. She had her self-respect to be the most important after all. She thought that she might have to face so many such kind of situations ahead, and she can’t be so weak emotionally. She shouldn’t ever forget that she too has powers within!

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Girls, ladies, women are precious. They are treasure of the society. They depict beauty, grace, elegance. This is a modern society where women along with men are earning for their families. But due to “fear”, they are pulled back. Fear of those wrong eyes on her, those evil smiles at her. Fear of those terrifying people who harass women. Fear of those who want women for their benefits. Fear of a woman being used!

Cheers to the so called MODERN THINKING

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