My Blogging Mission!

Picked my bag, left for college, attended lectures , returned home,
Never realized that there’s a serendipity in this world’s dome!
Soon realizations occur as we grow and maturity comes with age,
Though sometimes I feel that we are free in our own cage!

And exactly that’s what I wish to convey my audience. There’s a world beyond our day to day schedule. Your daily actions, your regular work itself can teach you a lot. Learn to look beyond what’s already there. This might go a little bouncer! Let me give you my own example. I attend clinics, treat patients, attend lectures and back to hostel. Sounds too passive and boring right? Look at it the other way round- I wake up to see the smile on my patient’s face, to talk to them, make them comfortable, I attend lectures to gain new knowledge so that I can implement it in my life and I return back to hostel to narrate a story of the entire day to my roommate. Yes, this what I mean by looking beyond our schedule.

I’ve been writing articles since my school days. But never thought of publishing them as I used to think that people won’t be able to interpret. And after I started my blog and publish articles I get wonderful reviews from people all over the globe. I just want you all to understand that we are not just here to survive, we are here to live our life. I’ve learnt a lot from life, specially after my 12th grade when I started my graduation in a completely new city where I had never been. New place, new people, new accommodation and that’s what I call ‘the turning point’ of my life! Now I’m in final year and I proudly say that these four years have evolved me, made me confident, and taught me to be independent. My perspective towards looking at different things has totally changed. And I owe this change to the people I met, to the experiences I had.

What was the reason to reach out to the world via blog?
I just want people to learn from their everyday life. I want people to explore their inner self so that they can explore their surrounding world as well. And that’s what my blog is all about. It itself says “Explore Yourself” where I write about my day to day experiences, peoms about what I feel and much more. This blog is just a medium to change mindset of the people. Even if one person gets inspired daily by reading my posts, that’s a boon for me.

Life is all about experiences. It’s either a blessing or a lesson. You learn either ways and learning from your experience is more important.

Hey friends, if you’re writing such stories, posts, making vlogs and publishing them, don’t forget to drop your link in the comment section. I would love exploring them. Let’s reach out to the world together!

50 thoughts on “My Blogging Mission!

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    1. I completely agree with you!
      Even I used to have similar perception. But now I’ve promised myself to learn something new each day from my daily routine. Because you are not exactly the same you were the day before. Your surroundings are different, your thoughts are different everyday. So we must take advantage of that and explore everyday!

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        1. I completely understand! Even I get frustrated with routine at times and I just feel like having a change. But then I convince myself that this is temporary and this too shall pass.
          I love the way you think though 😊

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        2. Thank you! In fact I’m glad that I could be helpful 😊
          This usually happens with me that when I get negative vibes from people, I don’t like that place as well. And the worst part of daily routine is, we have to see those people daily. So I always make sure that I let positive people be around😊

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  1. Hey Natasha, love this article of yours too ! You have so much if postivity and liveliness in your write ups. We are living in a world where there isn’t less negativity, amidst such a world, people like you are a GEM 😘❀
    I am always very eagerly waiting for your upcoming articles ! Keep writing !!
    Also, this is the link to my own blog, do visitπŸ™ˆ

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    1. Thank you so much Sir! Your words mean a lot to me😊
      I loved your blog. Infact I should thank you for being there. People like you are needed in the society for making the world a better place to live.
      I feel so blessed to connect with you πŸ˜‡

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        1. Very true, Natasha. In my 75 years on this earth I have pretty much acquired an education that goes beyond books just because I’ve experienced it. I’ve done everything from racing a car to working with the sick and dying, My favorite to date was racing the car. We call it drag racing over here, where we also play “chicken” to see who has the best nerves. Not a very good thing to do but definitely fun when you are young and think you will survive anything. I’ve given birth to five and buried two of them at birth, raised my own food on our farm, foraged for food in the fields and forests, raised 3 great children who all have their own now, taught myself to play guitar, been onstage singing and playing that guitar, spent a few years public speaking, taught myself to crochet, knit and make quilts along with all the clothing for my family, cooked meals for the farm hands (42 at one time) and then when I thought it was over with, along came the computer! I build most of my own furniture when I want something different because i had to learn how. My husband was too busy working to do these things so I learned! Now I’m still building what I need but mostly am just tired now.

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        2. You know reading this I feel you have experienced so many wonderful things in your life! And I consider myself to be the fortunate one to get to know you!
          And the most important thing I liked about you is that you never gave up.
          I completely understand your feelings maybe I’m not able to percieve it what you’re facing right now but I can feel it. You truly deserve all the happiness and your family is really lucky to have you !

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