Paints, Pencils, Brushes and Me…

Give me a pencil and I’ll draw shades on your empty pages.
Give me a brush and I’ll paint strokes on those blank sheets.
Give me three colours and I’ll prepare every possible shade to create a rainbow out of it!

I remember when I was 1 and half year old kid and I didn’t even know to hold a brush, I used to paint random strokes on my drawing papers. Since then it became my hobby. Painting, sketching is something I love from the bottom of my heart!
The colours colour my dull mood, creates a sense of positivity in myself and ofcourse acts as the best therapy! The sense of fulfilment I have after finishing one art piece, is one of the best feelings ever.

This is my first post which is filled with pictures more than paras and those are nothing but my own creations! Infact few of them are painted by me getting inspired from paintings by many amazing artists.

I love putting all my mind into a paper in the form of paintings! Just like your write-ups reflect your beautiful thoughts, your paintings and sketches too reflect them.
There are so many artists all around the world and I get completely flattered when I see their paintings. I can feel those gentle strokes of colours, sense those beautiful shades. The essence of the thoughts, the depth in those pictures can so very well explicit it all!

Just the way a writer expresses his feelings through his prose, so does an artist expresses them through his masterpiece!

Hey friends! Do you love art? Share images of your wonderful masterpieces in the comment section below! If you own an art website/blog, link it here and I’ll put those links in my post. Let the world know your talent!

(Taking Permission is mandatory before copying or saving the any of these images)

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