Guest blog- A poem by Azzurra Nox

As I had mentioned in my post My Poetic Heart , I’ve started accepting guest poems. And I got truly amazing response. One such poem is by Azzurra Nox.

About Author: Born in Catania, Sicily, Azzurra Nox has led a nomadic life since birth. She loves horror movies, cats, and a good rock show. She dislikes Mondays and chick-flicks. MY AMERICAN NIGHTMARE – Women in Horror Anthology was a YA Short Stories bestseller on Amazon. She curates the lifestyle blog: You can find her on Twitter @diva_zura

Title: Paper Monsters

A black Sicilian veil cloaks my ashen thoughts.

He tastes like half-eaten candies,

Licorice and cinnamon.

Cobblestone streets reflect minuscule paper monsters.

My heart is filled with a fiery lava, the kind that

Explodes from Etna in the sky at night.

I’ve been waiting for his return.

I’m afraid that soon the fire in my heart

Will fade and become an ice black.

Almond blossoms adorn my bed,

His last words echo in my brain and I writhe


My body aches for his touch—

I just want to break a little….

I dream of becoming a tragic heroine

A Giovanni Verga character incarnate.

This is how you draw a broken heart:

Dip your fingers in blood and don’t

Hesitate to botch the final project.

His image hovers over me like

A storm cloud in April…

Ever present but translucent

As the flesh fades to cold coal.

-Azzurra Nox

Buck up guys, 2 more days for your poetry submissions. Submissions will be closed on 15th April 2018. If you have an amazing poetry and wish to get it published, just send it to me on my email ID and I’ll publish it on my blog.

Email ID-

You may send your submissions by connecting through Instagram- Natasha Tungare

A reminder for haiku submissions- open for 1 week till 20th April 2018.

Have a Happy Poetry month!

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