Guest blog 2- A poem by Susi Bocks

And yes finally I have closed my submissions for guest poems. Thank you everyone for such a great response. There were a few anonymous writers who had written amazing poems. But extremely sorry as I could not publish all of them due to some circumstances. I am glad to share this wonderful poem with you all written by Susi Bocks.

About Author: Susi Bocks was born Germany in 1962, before the Wall came down. Most of her years were spent in Wilmington, DE before moving on to the next journeys of her life – marriage, and the birth of two amazing humans. She now resides in the middle of Kansas and identifies as a writer and author, poetry primarily. Her recent accomplishment, the book – the labor of love with her best friend – “Feeling Human”, was published in December 2017. Her


Hearty congratulations Susi for your first book. Here’s her amazing poem.

Title: Connected

There’s a substantive intimacy in nature. It’s filling.
The smell of earth satisfying and rejuvenating.

The wind enveloping you in its invisible caress.
Touching without, healing within.

Hello, beautiful bird on a sunny day!
Seeing you brings me joy and a smile.

The smile of someone engaged.

I feel my best friend at that moment.
And I miss her.

It’s me looking through her eyes, but she’s not there.
For a moment I could cry.

From her, I learned the wisdom of these significant bits of the day.

She’d be in that moment with me graciously approving
and being grateful for the beauty of our surroundings.

My friend would love you too, beautiful bird.

And I love her.

Thank you Susi for lovely poetry. A gentle reminder that I’ll be closing submissions of Haikus on Sunday 22/04/2018. So buck up! Waiting to read your lovely writes!

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