A Tinge of Haikus #2 -By my guests!

Hey there fellas! And this my final guest post of the “Poetry Month”. These are the beautiful Haikus written by my guest writers. Thank you so much for making my post more wonderful by your submissions. You guys are truly amazing writers.

Lovely yet lonely
Stood the Rose in garden
Thorn being companion

Did I just wake up
From dream so bad that numbed me
Forever to freeze in time


Haikus I read
Images painted in my head
With words said


Heart is bud
Brain being a beautiful flower
What you choose?

-Riyansh Sharma

Walking in moonlight
How many human minds see
And share these heavens


You inspiring soul,
Spreading warmth of your words,
Within and around

-Pooja Nair

“Small, short bursts of prose?”
Yes, delightfully succinct.
Nods. “Clearly brilliant”

Feeling through your eyes.
Chasing the inspiration.
Writing it through mine

-Susi Bocks

Nature is a best lover
Love is same for all world over
we are fighting over caste

-Yashashree Agashe

Summon the world
Boasting in their own might
Showing your shine


And now I dedicate this haiku to all the above writers appreciating their initiative!

Thou possess spark within self
Know thy powers and show the world
Pen can be strength symbol

Keep Writing!

23 thoughts on “A Tinge of Haikus #2 -By my guests!

Add yours

  1. Reblogged this on Anamika's Blog and commented:
    This post is from Natasha, who taught me what a Haiku is and that challenged me to attempt a haiku in 3-5-3 series and 5-7-5 series. Both of which my dear friend so lovingly accepted and published in the Haiku contest for guests she hosted. This post is reblogged here so the readers and those who ardently support all mu post can get a glimpse of my first and as of now only attempt of Haiku. Thank you. Please do visit Natasha’s blog for a wonderful reading experience of some good posts.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I hope so too Natasha. If the destiny has that written that in future, it will surely happen, under the beautiful array of stars in the blue, blue sky.
        A haiku for that i present to u
        For the sky is blue
        When I see you under the stars
        I’ll recognise you my friend

        Liked by 1 person

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