Another Milestone Achieved! 1k Subscribers

Hello friends, I know I have turned up after more than 10 days but I was kind of waiting for this. Exactly a year back, somewhere in May 2017, I remember posting about my first 100 subscribers. And now saw this! It feels so good to have such consistent readers who believe in us.

My entire blogging journey through this one year taught me a lot. Infact my own readers taught me more. I was a complete newbie to the world of writers where I wrote for motivational and inspirational magazines, websites, pages, newsletter, social media platforms but none of them gave me the satisfaction and love which my blog gave me. But yes because I wrote there, my blog turned out to be more of polished and professional. The entire year was full of connecting with people across the globe, making blogger friends, creating new connections. But at the end it was all about learning. After all you remain a student your entire life and you should be.

Today this entire post is for you guys! Yes you my readers! I might have never achieved this milestone if you guys wouldn’t have believed in me and in my write-ups. I really appreciate your precious time on my blog reading my articles and providing me with valuable your feedbacks. I can’t even express how much these mean to me. I’ve tried to interact with you all in the best way possible through my posts and mails.

You know when I started my blog I always used to think what if people don’t like it, what if people judge me, what if I’m not able to reach to those levels as other successful bloggers. But your love for my work has always motivated me to do better. And I’m so grateful to you all!

Along with the people all over the world, I would also like to thank WordPress which proves to be a wonderful platform for amateur writers like me.

You can connect with me on Instagram- Natasha Tungare

Many asked me if they can share my write ups on social media and elsewhere. Yes you all definitely can share them unedited. Just do not forget to link back to my site. And thank you all again for making this happen!:))

Believe me, if you have something to show the world, just go for it! You never know whom you might be inspiring!

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        1. I am doing Good too Natasha. I am only happy to be a part of your journey thru your blog world. Do well in ur exams, my prayers are with u for ur better performance both in ur theory and practical . Best of luck.

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