Scared as hell
As I look in that crystal mirror
Showing me reflection
Of my own self in terror

Scared as hell
When I can see the upcomings there
Walking on a path
Which I know gonna lead nowhere

Scared as hell
I’ve given all of myself to an unknown
Who’s wicked side I know
But they haven’t yet shown

Scared as hell
As I’m aware of that deceptive mirage
Leading me to a disaster
Which is now a complete camouflage

For every person who faced the darker side of the one whom they trusted. For every person who faced consequences of ‘blind trust’. Choose your people wisely because human is worst species on Earth!

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12 thoughts on “Scared

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  1. You write this when I am thinking of same….
    Nice…Well written….accurate words to express feeling
    Specially 2nd and 3rd stanza which I can relate to myself…
    But regarding 2nd stanza that fear is always there before u begin anything . Sometime it happens like the fear is so huge that your will to start disappears but once you start on the way , overcome obstracles this fear is converted into true happiness…
    About the 3rd stanza the fear is true…but the more confusing thing is the bad side which u had seen may be the consequence of many many bad incidents undergone by that person which u cant even think…so its really difficult to know the person wholely….!

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    1. Thank you so much Yashashree!! Your feedback is one of the most honest one. I’m glad I have a reader like you.
      Yes fear eventually overcomes but only if you have the will. Never let your will down!
      And if you have read my poem ‘None knows the real you’ it’s based on the same scenario that you can never know a person truly or wholely. But yes there is always a reason behind why someone is like that😊
      Thank you again

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