The Tiny Souls

When we hear this word “kids” we have the image of that cute, chubby, little face in our minds. And yes who doesn’t like these little fellas? But there are some of these souls who are neglected by the world sometimes. Yet these are the ones who teach us a lot. Today why suddenly am I writing about this? I had been interning in pediatric department and that’s where I found that how beautifully these small lovable kids teach us about life! That pure heart and those innocent emotions. Not only did I learn about treating kids confidently but also about how do I add value to their lives and mine as well.

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I remember an incident of around 6 years ago. There was a 13 year old champ in our residential apartment who had cerebral palsy ( a disorder affecting a child due to some birth abnormalities and other reasons). People in the colony used to state that he is mentally retarded, he has behavioural issues and things like that without even having any knowledge about the condition. All other families in my area used to keep their kids away from this champ. Why? Is being a special child a taboo? We are living in 21st century where we assume people to be more accepting and open minded. If you cannot teach your own kid to accept and socialize with these beautiful creatures, the stigma will stay in their minds forever. Sometimes we can’t blame them as the previous generations also weren’t much aware about these.

Yes, I did make mistakes here, I did go wrong while treating these little kids but most importantly I learnt. Being here made me realize that these special creatures are someone who teach us to live and love our own lives flawlessly. They aren’t apart from us but a part of us. We complain about so many things the entire day. We get irritated, frustrated just because things don’t happen the way we want them to. But we fail to realize that finally we have everything we had once prayed for. And here I learnt to be grateful for everything!

Do you know the best thing about these champs? They never need sympathy from the world. They are in their own small, unbiased lovely world! And, if you really want to feel what these kids feel, just make an attempt to enter their little world and you will realized how beautiful it is:)

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