Another Change… Chapter 2019

A year ago exactly at the same time when I had written this poem As Clock Strikes 12 I had so many different things in mind. Someone has truly said that “The person you were, the person you are and the person you will be are three different people.”

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It’s just few minutes left for 2018 to end! And here begins the another change! The very beginning of 2019… I know 2018 was full of experiences, challenges, happiness, grief and much more. But most importantly we all had our amazing learning experiences in this journey. We all learn!! And yes, I had many ups and downs, twists and turns too. So chill! You aren’t the only one.

Through this enroute I learnt a lot about myself, about my life and other’s as well. One year changes a lot within you, isn’t it? I remember a year ago I was writing in my diary, making 2018 Goals and Resolutions. I did achieve some of them, wasn’t much consistent in many, though I have tried giving my best. Something more important was that I made mistakes and I learnt from those. I learnt being selfless, I learnt doing things for others and helping others without expectations, I learnt that different people have different psychologies, I learnt about acceptance and being nonjudgmental. And if I sit making entire list, there are uncountable things I learnt the entire year.

My college life to my internship postings, my hostel life to my life living in a flat, my student life to my life being a doctor, everything had it’s own way of teaching me that time passes. I love this quote, “Do not give up on your dreams just because of the time it will take to accomplish. Time shall pass anyway.” I changed as my mindset changed, my thoughts changed. And I realized that the change is always for good.

Share your experiences about last year, what did you learn? Good or bad, anything. Eagerly waiting to listen to them all!

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  1. What I’m mostly pleased about last year about myself is that I feel I’m more creative than I have been. I thoroughly enjoyed that aspect of 2018. πŸ™‚ Hope you had a good New Year’s and wishing you a wonderful 2019, Natasha!

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  2. You’re at the stage in life where change is everywhere. I’m glad you have such a positive attitude, Natasha. For me, last year brought a greater awareness of how I want to spend my time and make every moment count. πŸ˜€

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    1. I loved this statement that to spend time and make every moment count!! Thank you so much 😊
      Positive attitude is something I learned over time and by my experiences. Yes, change is everywhere and change is today’s constant!

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  3. If you don’t mind me asking…what is your specialized field?
    And if I have to complement the doctors of today…but aren’t you’ll all so pretty? It’s so hard not to concentrate on the doctor when you’re come for a checkup.
    Young, dedicated and beautiful 😘😍😜


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