Mind Games

It’s been a month I shifted here. Everything is good, exactly the way I had expected it to be. Maybe there was reason for some things to happen. And those some things I mean were some low phases where you just feel lost, undecisive, anxious, fearful about many situations. Yes you are right! I was going through such a low phase for more than a month. And this was the major reason I shifted back to my hometown.

I couldn’t really believe during that time whatever was happening. I never had such a long tough time ever which would affect my mental as well as my physical health. I wondered what was wrong! I could not understand if my brain was trying to chase something or my heart was stuck up with something. When I say this, everyone immediately start thinking about relationship issues and all. It isn’t their fault because at this age the major problems a youngster suffers are relationships. But I never suffered from anything of that kind. Homesickness, anxiety, emotional triggers were something very uncommon for a girl who had successfully spent her 5 complete years in a new city away from her home, away from her parents. What happened now? It was just my own MIND GAMES!

I don’t really know how many of you have faced this issue. Your mind starts imagining things which do not even exist in present and then you start feeling anxious, upset, fearful. This can be imagining about future and getting anxious, recollecting certain incidences from past (months or years ago) and feeling depressed. Yes, I went through such things. Eventually somehow it started affecting my physical health as well. I had insomniac nights, was unable to eat food and to my wonder I didn’t even feel like eating what I always like, had weight loss, anxiety which led to palpitations. I tried pushing a week or two, tried meditation, exercise to divert my mind but could see no change! You won’t believe but I had stopped writing. I realized this wasn’t me and decided to work on myself.

This entire phase taught me many things; not about life or world around but about myself and my health. Our mind is such a magical thing! We can imagine, perceive, think, feel so many emotions and what not. And this is how, it plays all the games. It took me much more time to come out of this phase. I still doubt if I have completely come out of the same. Every phase has it’s own way of teaching some or the other lesson. A few months ago I had different thoughts, different phase and now they are different. But ultimately I learnt loving all these phases and I learnt loving myself even more today. Caring for my body but before that my mental healthcare is now my priority. And I would like to convey this to you all too. Mental health and physical health are equally vital.

May month is considered as mental health awareness month and so I thought of sharing this story of mine with you all! To read more quotes on mental health don’t forget to follow my Instagram page Natasha Tungare. And yes now I promise to be regular with my blog;)

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