Life of a Savior- Doctor

Usually I draft my writeups in my phone notes section or on word app but today I didn’t draft anywhere. I am just out pouring it all here. 3 months ago, in my post Country’s true love I had written about soldiers who are saviours of our country and who spend their entire life serving for protection of country. Today having similar feels, I am writing about DOCTORS- The saviours of us humans!

I read this wonderful sentence somewhere, “The first and the last person you see in your life is Doctor! Respect him.” This one sentence says it all. A tiny soul when comes out of mother’s womb is handled first by the doctor even before mother. And when the same soul is counting the last few days on his deathbed, it is the doctor who thrives to enhance the length of his life. Our forefathers once said “God could not be present everywhere and so he created mothers.” Similarly “God could not cure everyone, so he created doctors”. But are these saviours getting what they deserve? Are these saviours getting enough respect which they deserve? I don’t think so.

Last week, a terminally ill, aged patient was brought to hospital in Kolkata (India). Despite of all efforts by the doctors, they could not save the patient. After some time, a truck arrived with 200 people (the so called relatives of patient) and started hitting the residential doctors, abused the interns. One of the doctors got deep skull fracture due to the rod inserted by those inhuman creatures in his head. There have been such incidents in past as well where doctors had been brutally attacked by people. And sadly by those same people whom they thrice their best to cure!

I am a physiotherapist and being in medical profession I know how hard we work just to get our patients back to their independent life. These doctors have devoted half of their lives studying to give the best treatment to their patients. These doctors have spent their lives away from their loved ones so that they can cure someone else’s loved ones. These doctors have spent late nights on duty to serve YOU. And is this what they get for their genuine, unbiased service to humanity?

You know, since childhood I was very fond of that white coat. Playing doctor’s role in fancy dress competition was my favorite character. And I guess every child still does dream of being a doctor. If this white coat turns into blood stained red coat, will any mother dream of her child becoming a doctor? Think about it! It is the time to stand with our doctors.

To each one of you reading this, I raise this question and I hope I get genuine answers. Do doctors deserve this kind of treatment?

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  1. I second you Natasha. Doctors work hard and often in gruelling conditions with less sleep and attending unlimited patients. We need to trust doctors and such violence cannot be condoned. So shameful when policy making is left in hands of politicians. Bengal Govt has messed everything by playing politics on the back of doctors.

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