Her Battle…

Soaring into storms of ocean waves
She had her own ship aptly sailed
With trembling feelings and terrifying fears
Fighting every struggle she got in here

Obstacles all over on that pathway
Yet she chose to run carving out her way
“Almost there!” her joyful heart exclaimed
Yet the dream’s doorstep had all demons unnamed

None held her hand in this egocentric world
She felt helpless without voice to her words
Almighty too was wandering looking for her
Her tearful eyes could see everything blur

Inhuman humans trying to pull her down
Yet fighting the battle as she belongs to that crown
Turning her pains into prayers, vain into victory
She’s chasing her dreams creating a history

Enemies didn’t matter to her, neither the battlefield
Nothing but the crown was in her vision field
Her prayers will be answered, her efforts will pay off
The flight of her triumph will soon takeoff

-Natasha Tungare

We all are fighting our own battles, no one around is even aware of.

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