The End is Near…

Coming up with the next guest post. Here’s an amazing piece by talented poet Mudita.

The End Is Near

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As the time to depart nears by,
Heavy drops of memories roll off my eye.
As this chapter of my life is closing
The time wheel is rolling
Flashback of the times i had
The good ones and the bad
And in the blink of an eye,
Its time my shoulders be clad
With a pinch of luggage wrapped
In the heaviest of emotions haphazard.
The reality check has struck
And I feel stuck
with a numb mind and a heavy heart,
It is finally time to part.
My joys and sorrows, the world knows not
Just a handful who always gave a thought.
My gratitude offered-
For all the selfless love poured,
Every bit of help extended,
Each time i was cared for,
And bringing a smile when tears filled my core!

– Mudita

Guys! ANudge Nudge!

Tomorrow that is 20th Aug is last day for guest post submission (story/poem). Email on

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