The River…

Coming up with the next guest post and apologies because I’ve really really delayed it a lot!! This poetry is by amazing writer Pamela Jessen…

Photography by- LifeCapturedinLens

I stand on the edge of a river

The water runs clear and quite deep
I take a step in, and it’s so cold
And my balance is hard to keep
I fight to stay upright and standing
Falling is not in my plan
I step further into the river
Away from the safe shore and sand
This river is my Chronic Pain
And I’m tackling it, one step at a time
It flows hard and tries hard to claim me
It moves with no rhythm or rhyme
But I’m stronger than I first appear
And I fight hard to stay on my feet
I wade deeper in to it, the battle is on
And my victory is going to be sweet
The river will always be flowing
but I simply won’t turn away
I’ll battle this enemy daily
And emerge as the winner each day
Up to my waist, or my neck
I refuse to give in to the rage
I dunk my head under and come up for air
I feel like I’ve turned a new page
No river around can defeat me
I’ve proven it time after time
So when I stand on the edge of a river
I know that my life will be fine.

-Pamela Jessen

About Author: “My name is Pamela Jessen and I am a blogger who lives in Langford, BC on beautiful Vancouver Island. I am a blogger who writes about Chronic Pain, Chronic Fatigue and Invisible Illness at I also write for TheMighty, PainResource, TheZebraPit and various independent publications.

I am a Patient Advocate with the Patient Voices Network in BC. I sit on 4 committees and one Provincial Survey working group and I’ve also been involved in advocacy work at the Canadian National level. I’m married to my amazing husband Ray and we are owned by one cat named Dorie”

For more reads connect with me on Instagram-Natasha Tungare

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