I realized how wonderfully can the laws of physics be applied to our lives. Newton’s first law of motion says- “A body remains in the state of rest or in movement unless acted upon by an external force.” We humans are driven in the same way! Unless and until an external situation forces us for something, we rarely attempt to explore the possibilities.

The wait never goes vain 
For it’s what can help heal your pain
A step back won’t get you down
It will rather help reach that crown

Did you guess that what exactly am I talking about here? Well, I am speaking about the time during lockdown. For all those who blessed and cursed the pandemic, I believe that on some lines each one of us realized how necessary it was for the entire world to experience it. It was like a break from the routine and a kind of turning point for many. It felt like someone wants us to take a pause and reflect on our habits, lifestyle and surrounding. Without even realizing, we all went through that huge pause which changed all of us.

Going for work each day and returning home tired was difficult. On the other hand sitting at home 24×7 was difficult. Digesting the canteen food at every lunch hour was difficult. And putting in efforts to prepare your own food was difficult. Meeting the same people every day and socializing was difficult. And staying isolated at home without even being in touch with anyone was difficult. But the ‘pause’ made us realize the importance of our own ‘difficult’ which we choose to have.

Life gives you surprises. And you know what! These surprises can be in the form of blessings and challenges. If we dig in deep, we realize that those challenges too are blessings in disguise. Ultimately such challenges give you experiences and make you strong. What changes and challenges did you experience by this ‘Pause’?

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