A Free Bond

They say people come in our lives and then go away for a reason. I believe that the situations we are in, are responsible for our closeness with certain people. Once we are over those circumstances whether good or bad, eventually the role of those close humans end. And thus, there comes a time when they start moving away. That does not mean they aren’t present. Their presence has a special place and is always cherished. When initially they play the lead character in the movie of our life. Later in the other movie, they play role of a background artist. That background artist too has its own beautiful role to play and is equally important.

There are multiple such movies filled in our life and we are the director. As we climb the ladder of different milestones, at each point we get connected with different people depending upon their role during that ongoing movie. These people make our movie worth watching!

During all our ups and downs, people are there for you. There might be different people who be close to you during that time, but you are never left alone. Someone is always there to share your burden with you, to share your joys and sorrows with you. And that is something to be thankful for always. The appearing and fading of humans goes on …

But then comes those for whom you never have to beg for even a single effort because they are always there. The constant humans who never fade away despite of anything. You know you can always count on them. Their bond just gets nourished more each day. Those connections are present without any expectations and conditions. That is what you call that bond as ‘a free bond‘. The uncertainties never determine the strength of that bond, rather give you more courage and make you believe in yourself. Those connections are the one which boost your self esteem and self confidence. They get the best out of you. They make efforts for you and value you efforts as well.

If you have even a single such unconditional connection, you are fortunate!

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