Behind the White Coat

My eyes opened at around 5:55am after the third ring of my alarm. I got out of bed and casually looked at my phone. I opened whatsapp and the first thing I saw was a message from one of my oldest patient “Happy Doctor’s Day”. And that gave a smile on my face. I had not even realized that it was Doctor’s Day. Receiving a doctor’s day wishing message from your client is indeed a blessing! Only a patient can realize importance of his doctor in a better depth.

The world considers doctors to be prime healers of the society. But if you realize, everyone possess ability to heal. Close people around you including your family and friends who play a major role being your support system, are not less than healers. They are the ones who are there along with you when you are counting the last few breaths of your journey on this planet. You visit your doctor for all your physical aches but your close ones are there to take care of you when you are suffering from your mental pains. And that moral support is what raises the will power of the one lying in hospital bed.

It is a blessing for a doctor to be with you from the moment you take birth and stay till you leave this body. Through the journey in between the doctor too feels the pain when you get injured and tears run down from their eyes too when they are unable to save the patient. Every doctor looks for that one smile on patient’s face when they get cured from the illness. Patient satisfaction is their accomplishment.

The only thing that drives me through the entire day, is starting my day with treating patients. More than books, patients are our real teachers. Not just with respect to medicine per se but we get to learn a lot about living life from them. Practice before you preach and hence keeping yourself fit and healthy becomes the priority before you take care of your patient. Each each doctor’s day reminds me to be more empathic towards patients. This day makes me feel proud of my profession and challenges me to be better at my work!

I feel proud and grateful for choosing this profession. And finally I wish a very Happy Doctor’s Day to all my mentors, colleagues and the future aspiring medicos!! You all are inspiration to me and many!

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  1. Beautifully penned dear. Practice before you preach is so true & I am glad that you are doing it. My best wishes to you for your future. Keep on doing the good work. I am really very proud of my intelligent, caring and affectionate niece. All the best 👍

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  2. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this post Natasha. Many thanks and much appreciation to you and your colleagues for all of the great work you do to keep people upright and in good health. As I also have a blog about my personal life experiences, I’ll be following yours so that I can learn a little more about you and your experiences.

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