Happy Blogging Anniversary

Around a month back I saw this image and felt like I didn’t even realize that it’s been a year launching my blog! Again I apologise for being late for a entire month. This one year taught me so many things and even got me connected to a number of people all around the world.

I would like to give you all a gist of how I started blogging and how was my experience the entire year. I remember I used to write some or the other things in my little diary since school days. After my 12th grade somehow left the diary writing practice, maybe because I moved to another town for my graduation studies and got busy settling in there. But still despite of this change, writing never left me. I used to write my experiences, memories, philosophy. I wrote my 1st poem during the second year of my graduation course. After that poem, my love for penning down things raised to a peak. On the top of that I gotto know about blogging! And within a few months I started my blog.

And that’s how the journey began! From my very first blog post “Life is too short” to my very recent one “Paints, pencils, brushes and me” I found a drastic change not just in my write-ups but within myself. This entire year taught me to be positive, to be mature, to be happy always. I learned about life from different people of different age groups residing in different parts of the world. You see this world is huge, and I mean literally HUGE! And if you can connect with people around, you learn a lot! Each day I learn something new. Infact I make it a point that to learn daily.

During May 2017 I had written a post “Bloggers’world- the unbiased connect” which tells how beautiful this world of blogging is. And yes a completely unbaised connect! I met amazing people with such wonderful, kind hearts. Unknowingly I inspired many and there were many who inspired me!

This is the final year of my graduation and I am going to be a Physiotherapist. But yet the writer within me shall never ever leave! I used to feel at times, if I’m diverting from my goal of becoming doctor but now I feel the confidence within me that I can be the doctor who writes to inspire others. Till date I always said that I shall never leave to write but now I say that writing shall never leave me. I’ve somehow joined my name with ‘writing’

I would like to thank WordPress to provide a platform for talents of the newbies. And I would also like to thank everyone who encouraged me and always read my write-ups!

Hey friends, I’m glad to announce that after one year of my blogging I’m now going to launch a separate Travel Diary and Lifestyle section on my blog! So if you own a travel or lifestyle blog, please share the link in the comment section. I would love to have ideas.

Happy Blogging !!!


Paints, Pencils, Brushes and Me…

Give me a pencil and I’ll draw shades on your empty pages.
Give me a brush and I’ll paint strokes on those blank sheets.
Give me three colours and I’ll prepare every possible shade to create a rainbow out of it!

I remember when I was 1 and half year old kid and I didn’t even know to hold a brush, I used to paint random strokes on my drawing papers. Since then it became my hobby. Painting, sketching is something I love from the bottom of my heart!
The colours colour my dull mood, creates a sense of positivity in myself and ofcourse acts as the best therapy! The sense of fulfilment I have after finishing one art piece, is one of the best feelings ever.

This is my first post which is filled with pictures more than paras and those are nothing but my own creations! Infact few of them are painted by me getting inspired from paintings by many amazing artists.

I love putting all my mind into a paper in the form of paintings! Just like your write-ups reflect your beautiful thoughts, your paintings and sketches too reflect them.
There are so many artists all around the world and I get completely flattered when I see their paintings. I can feel those gentle strokes of colours, sense those beautiful shades. The essence of the thoughts, the depth in those pictures can so very well explicit it all!

Just the way a writer expresses his feelings through his prose, so does an artist expresses them through his masterpiece!

Hey friends! Do you love art? Share images of your wonderful masterpieces in the comment section below! If you own an art website/blog, link it here and I’ll put those links in my post. Let the world know your talent!

(Taking Permission is mandatory before copying or saving the any of these images)

My Blogging Mission!

Picked my bag, left for college, attended lectures , returned home,
Never realized that there’s a serendipity in this world’s dome!
Soon realizations occur as we grow and maturity comes with age,
Though sometimes I feel that we are free in our own cage!

And exactly that’s what I wish to convey my audience. There’s a world beyond our day to day schedule. Your daily actions, your regular work itself can teach you a lot. Learn to look beyond what’s already there. This might go a little bouncer! Let me give you my own example. I attend clinics, treat patients, attend lectures and back to hostel. Sounds too passive and boring right? Look at it the other way round- I wake up to see the smile on my patient’s face, to talk to them, make them comfortable, I attend lectures to gain new knowledge so that I can implement it in my life and I return back to hostel to narrate a story of the entire day to my roommate. Yes, this what I mean by looking beyond our schedule.

I’ve been writing articles since my school days. But never thought of publishing them as I used to think that people won’t be able to interpret. And after I started my blog and publish articles I get wonderful reviews from people all over the globe. I just want you all to understand that we are not just here to survive, we are here to live our life. I’ve learnt a lot from life, specially after my 12th grade when I started my graduation in a completely new city where I had never been. New place, new people, new accommodation and that’s what I call ‘the turning point’ of my life! Now I’m in final year and I proudly say that these four years have evolved me, made me confident, and taught me to be independent. My perspective towards looking at different things has totally changed. And I owe this change to the people I met, to the experiences I had.

What was the reason to reach out to the world via blog?
I just want people to learn from their everyday life. I want people to explore their inner self so that they can explore their surrounding world as well. And that’s what my blog is all about. It itself says “Explore Yourself” where I write about my day to day experiences, peoms about what I feel and much more. This blog is just a medium to change mindset of the people. Even if one person gets inspired daily by reading my posts, that’s a boon for me.

Life is all about experiences. It’s either a blessing or a lesson. You learn either ways and learning from your experience is more important.

Hey friends, if you’re writing such stories, posts, making vlogs and publishing them, don’t forget to drop your link in the comment section. I would love exploring them. Let’s reach out to the world together!

Olds are Golds!

We had old age home visit today. Our bus reached the place and we all got down. I took my phone out and found that there was no network! What?No?!! No internet, no calls, no WhatsApp for entire day? Not just me but all of my batchmates had the same expression.

Do you know how these old people live? They live a meaningful life. They live with nature, they live with peace and most importantly they live with each other. They don’t need internet to pass their time, they don’t need a smart phone to communicate. They are free from today’s materialistic world! We might feel that how come they aren’t getting bored living in the same room away from the digital world. But the reality is, they know better ways than us to live each day beautifully. Their entire day schedule includes watering gardens, taking walks amongst tall trees, chit chatting with each other, reading beautiful books, caring for each other, spending time with each other. And today in our busy life, we keep longing to go out of town on a vacation to do these things!

It feels so good to see an aged person smile. Their smiles are more beautiful than anyone! In these old age homes, some are abandoned by their own children because they have some age-related diseases, some are just kept there because there’s none to take care of them. How can even people do that? Leaving their own parents, who sacrificed their lives for them! Some have disorders, some are fed up being alone at home and thus came here to stay at old age home. But these are the places where they are truly happy. Always a smile on their face! And of course the smile never fades away as they have amazing people who actually care for them. They make best friends at this place!

I lost my grand-dad 14 years ago and my granny 4 years back. When they were with me I could never percieve the care they need, the love they feel. And today after seeing these pure souls, I can see my own grandparents in them. It’s truly a worth learning experience we get by visiting such kinds of places. And let me tell you that it’s not just learning in terms of medical point of view but we get to learn a lot about life! These are the people who have experienced the most of their entire life. These are the ones who still wish to live despite of their extreme age or any disease. And it’s our responsibility to give the highest respect and love to these old souls rather more matured souls in our society.

As the clock strikes 12…

As the clock strikes 12
Stop there and pray
For those near you
And those who are away

As the clock strikes 12
Shut your eyes tight
And thank the Almighty
For everything being alright

As the clock strikes 12
Explore your wonderful mind
Find out the deepest insight
And all beautiful thoughts it unwind

As the clock strikes 12
Look at the skylight
Witnessing moon and stars
Make a wish tonight

As the clock strikes 12
Forget all the melancholies
Let go off the negativities
And achieve your glories!

Image credits- Google images

I wish all my readers a very Happy New Year! May this year bring you all umpteen moments of happiness, umpteen reasons to smile and most importantly umpteen reasons to be grateful for!

It’s merely a date which is gonna change but this change is a new beginning. Celebrate every moment and make sure to bring a smile on every face.

I don’t belong here…

I am not an earth person, they say
I ask Lord ‘O Why?’
I just made you different, he answered
And I sat back with a sigh

I see the huge world around me
I observe things and thoughts
I now got the truth in Lord’s answer
And Yes I am different, infact a lot

I sense unseen, unheard thoughts of world
I hear a background music of life
I live in my own peaceful fantasy world
And lost sight of gun, theft and knife

I reside in skies and space
I reside below oceans and seas
I don’t belong to earth
And my very own world occurs inside these

I don’t see beautiful places but,
I see beauty in every place
I create my own stories in my world
And started living there forgetting human race

-Natasha Tungare

The Materialistic Man

We are too much attracted to the things that give happiness. To be precise, things which give ‘temporary happiness’. Every now and then we search for what can make us happy, delightful. But fail to understand that happiness, delight, bliss are just abstract feelings which cannot be seen, heard but felt! Then why do we seek things that look attractive? Why do we seek for a good news to hear?

Image credits- Google images

“I loved your attire. You look great in this.” And you shop for more such attires so as to receive multiple compliments.
“He’s a rich person. He has such a beautiful house, Mercedes car and even an iPhone!” Again these stuff make you look rich. But that doesn’t mean you’re a long time wealthy person. These things might determine your standard of living but not your happiness, nature, behavior, your intellect or personality!

The problem is, we know all this but fail to implement it. And when we tell people that we should never be materialistic and be happy with what we have, we sound typical “philosophers” to them. Being happy with what we have doesn’t mean we should stop achieving things. There are many more great things in life to get attracted to. Crave for knowledge, crave for success crave for daily motivation!
People barely have a cloth to wear, a piece of bread to eat and hardly a roof over head. And we even after being so fortunate to have everything are running behind our stupid ‘wants’ simply blind folded!

Image credits-Google images

Money – a paper with number and picture imprinted on it.
Wealth- positive attitude, people believing in you, your knowledge and your success.

Now ofcourse you need to invest money to gain knowledge but implementation of that knowledge shall gain you money back to your pockets! That’s a circle, you see!
There’s a huge difference between the Materialistic world and the Realistic world. Think where you wish to invest in!

The ICU Deathbeds

I had my postings in ICU (Intensive Care Unit) in the hospital. Patients who have had road traffic accidents and had head injuries, complicated fractures were all admitted here. They were in a critical condition, lying unconscious and hence put on ventilator. Over there I felt that maybe we are unable to percieve their tremendous amount of pain….

With mask over face and white gloves on
I entered the ICU and just gazed upon
My eyes staring at those endotracheal tubes
Piercing through neck’s every cell cube
My ears hearing the ventilator machine beeps
Yet the unconcious patients were into deep sleep
Not even a voice from those bedridden humans
Their accident histories sounded too inhuman
I could feel the mourn in their immobile bodies
Nothing but pain running through their nerves and arteries
Lying in critical condition on that deathbed
Heart and brain praying for more years ahead
They couldn’t move but they could feel
Just wanted a little more care for them to heal!


The Odd Lady


It was late in the evening, around 7.30 pm. She and her dad, had to catch a train. They left for station. Her dad told her to hurry and finally they reached the railway platform. Their destination was the last station and by that time the train gets almost empty. So dad didn’t allow her to travel in separate ladies compartment as she might have to travel alone for few stations . And hence she got along in the gent’s compartment itself.

That day she felt like a ‘precious stone’, an odd precious stone. Not that precious stone where it’s on high demand and everyone wanting it but a stone which had catched eyes of the wrong ones! She was in the gent’s compartment. ‘An odd lady in between those gents’. Why? She’s a human , those men too are humans, then why? Too many men looking at her. Some maybe wondering why was she in gent’s compartment but many staring her because she was a ‘lady’. She could surely make out those wrong eyes staring her body. And sadly those were too many. She felt little embarrassed. Dad knew this happens so he had already made her sit at the corner most seat. Yet those jerks never took off their eyes from her. A sense of fear ran through her. She had always been strong though, have faced such situations where she had to shut up! Despite of she being embarrassed or scared, she didn’t let herself down. She had her self-respect to be the most important after all. She thought that she might have to face so many such kind of situations ahead, and she can’t be so weak emotionally. She shouldn’t ever forget that she too has powers within!

Image credits : Google images

Girls, ladies, women are precious. They are treasure of the society. They depict beauty, grace, elegance. This is a modern society where women along with men are earning for their families. But due to “fear”, they are pulled back. Fear of those wrong eyes on her, those evil smiles at her. Fear of those terrifying people who harass women. Fear of those who want women for their benefits. Fear of a woman being used!

Cheers to the so called MODERN THINKING


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