Hospital- Teaching and Preaching

Keep your eyes and ears open and you will get to learn a lot from your environment around!!!

When you are working at a place for really long, you somehow get attached to that place. And yes, for me this place was nothing but HOSPITALS. Being in medical field, hospitals have already taught me a lot. Yeah you might have never heard someone loving hospitals, ofcourse not, but for doctors these hospitals are as good as their second homes. I cannot even describe how much these patients have taught me. Medical students often learn hands-on on patients but I’ve learnt something beyond that. They have taught me how to LIVE LIFE!! Sounds strange isn’t? How can someone who himself is on deathbed teach me about living life?

We keep cribbing about small mishaps each day. We never value the people who are always there for us and that’s our own family. We hardly give time to our family. Your family is going to be with you when you are in ICU and no one else! When I see those tearful eyes of mother who’s besides her unconscious son on ventilator, that’s when I realize how grateful I’m for everything. When you listen to the painful life stories of such patients, you suddenly realize that your problems are too small, infact insignificant.

People often ask me how can you not get angry? How can you stay so calm always? When I look back I realize I’m not the same person I was around 4 years ago. This maturity, peaceful mind, gratitude, kindness is all because of the experiences I had. As I always say “Life is all about experiences. Some are good some are bad. Either ways you learn” and hospitals and patients are a reason for me to have this change.

Do you know the story of Gautam Buddha? King Siddharth Gautam once while visiting his kingdom saw death of a person and the grief of his family heading towards funeral, he saw a beggar begging for food which is a basic need, he saw a widow carrying her little baby in arms wandering completely helpless. And that impact of all this was so much hurtful to him that he left his throne and kingdom and started helping and serving people. He became spiritual. I just gave the most minor jist of the story but point being there are people around who have faced more, suffered more, cried more. Think about them and your problems suddenly seem tiny.

One painful experience can completely change you and your perception towards the world! We all aren’t saints but we can do our part to serve the society.


Scared as hell
As I look in that crystal mirror
Showing me reflection
Of my own self in terror

Scared as hell
When I can see the upcomings there
Walking on a path
Which I know gonna lead nowhere

Scared as hell
I’ve given all of myself to an unknown
Who’s wicked side I know
But they haven’t yet shown

Scared as hell
As I’m aware of that deceptive mirage
Leading me to a disaster
Which is now a complete camouflage

For every person who faced the darker side of the one whom they trusted. For every person who faced consequences of ‘blind trust’. Choose your people wisely because human is worst species on Earth!

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Three Day Quote challenge- Day 2

And here comes Day 2 of the Three Day Quote challenge. Again I wholeheartedly thank my friend Anamika for nominating me for this challenge. I’m so damn glad to have her as my blogger friend!

So here I go consecutively 3 days explaining my favourite quotes which motivate me always and relate to me.


Whenever I feel low, sad, helpless, I always think of this quote and I get a sense of relief. In 2 of my posts, Gratitude to God and Lord’s Abode I had mentioned how grateful I’m to Almighty for everything! When I know that things aren’t in my hand, I just leave it all to him. And you know what, I always get the correct solution and the perfect decision. I definitely feel that most of you can very well relate to this. I truly wish that may Almighty bless everyone of us.

I’ll be coming up with another quote tomorrow. The rules of this Three day quote challege are:-

♥ Thank the person who nominated you.

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Nominate bloggers each day!

So, my nominees are:

1) In a messy world

2) Moushmi Radhanpara

3) Rekha Sahay

Three Day Quote challenge- Day 1

Hey there fellas! I’m so glad and excited to tell you all that I got nominated for the Three Day Quote challenge. I thank Anamika to find me worth for this challenge. The best thing I like about her is the way she interacts with her audience. She has always been a consistent reader. Her writeups are full of depth and ofcourse something we can learn from. The genuineness in her every expression while writing makes her a successful blogger.

So here I go consecutively 3 days explaining my favourite quotes which motivate me always and relate to me.

Being an introvert or maybe slightly extrovert I always cherish being alone. Infact that’s when I spend more time with myself. Socialization is great but the time spent with yourself helps you find a lot many unanswered questions in your mind and solutions for them. Very often people ask me why I like to be alone. This is the reason 🙂

I’ll be coming up with another quote tomorrow. The rules of this Three day quote challege are:-

♥ Thank the person who nominated you.

Post a quote for 3 days, and explain why it appeals to you.

Nominate bloggers each day!

So, my nominees are:

1) Susi Bocks

2) Vishal Bheeru

3) My expression of thoughts

Thank you Anamika again for this!

A Tinge of Haikus #1

Haikus are a form of tiny poetries of three lines. First line consists of 3 words, 2nd line 5 words and 3rd line 3 words again. So that’s 3-5-3. There’s also a combination of 5-7-5. Haikus show a connection between all the three lines which means three lines of a single Haiku completes it entirely!

As I had mentioned in my post “My Poetic Heart” that I’m learning about different types of poems, haiku is one of them and so thought of trying a few Haikus!

Beautify yourself more
Wear your, pretty smiling face
Conquer each day

Walking in moonlight
Staring above at boundless universe
Shining dreamful eyes

I looked at the sky
And saw those stars smiling at me
Though my Moon never turned up

I grew colder
To all criticism and fakeness
Was tagged ‘stonehearted’

You say richness is crucial
You say beautiful face and body is important
I say you’re just Materialistic

Deep down in silent waters
With wide eyes and heart she immersed
The Death God was here
Beautiful green meadows
Lying down under sky’s blanket
That’s my wish


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The 5 Changing Abstracts: 5) Desires

After my successful four write-ups on human abstracts which are Perception, Thoughts, Emotions and Beliefs here I finally come up with the last and the fifth write-up in the series of ‘5 Changing Abstracts’ which is ‘Human Desires’.

Human desires are again something which keep on changing continuously throughout our lifetime. There is a reason behind why I chose to keep this as the last topic of the series. It’s because our perceptions, thoughts, beliefs and emotions regarding certain things which change our desires too. Let me make it a little simple giving you an example-

I decided not to spend too much on shopping. Walking by lanes in the street market, I saw a beautiful sling (perception about sling). I’ll be glad to add it to my wardrobe (emotion). So I think I should buy it (thought). Looking at the discount offer, I bought it (belief).

Sling was just a small example. Every person desires to have expensive cars, villas and much more. I wanted to buy a laptop but now I feel I should buy a new phone. Again it is because our desires change. Has it ever happened with you, that another person inculcates certain idea in your mind and you just start thinking about it? It can be anything. Your friend bought a new phone, told you about it’s features and you desired to have the one.

Our wishes and desires decides our priorities. Hence make sure you prioritize the correct thing! Your every decision depends on the other 4 changing abstracts!

Hey friends, so finally I would like to end this series. I had many people suggesting me some points, many of them had certain doubts which I hope I had cleared. But I truly appreciate your views. I know that I might have confused you, might have put up questions in your mind or even might have changed your thinking but the most important thing I want you all to know is your decisions in life are dependent on these 5 Abstracts. And these abstracts are indirectly dependent on your innate nature. All of these 5 Abstracts are interconnected!

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The 5 Changing Abstracts: 4) Beliefs

After my write-ups on ‘Perception’, ‘Thoughts’ and ‘Emotions’ here I come up with the next changing abstract that is ‘Belief’

I say that today is Friday because I believe it is. We created days, months, years, entire calendar and we believe that these exist.

Why do we celebrate our birthdays? It’s just an ordinary day for others but we believe that it is special for us. No one has seen the universe, not even galaxy but still we believe that it does exist.

Belief cannot be seen but felt. We know that something exists because we believe in it’s presence. It is a kind of mental acceptance, a conviction, a faith or a trust. Science is researching about many psychological behavioural patterns which creates the belief system in humans. Our belief in something also depends on our experiences, things we have been watching and hearing since our childhood.

Heard about this amazing book ‘The Secret’? It talks entirely about belief system itself. Again it is our own perception which makes us believe in certain things. Many a time it happens that we hear about some superstitious incidents. Some choose to believe them, some don’t.

Make sure that if you truly want to prove something or achieve something great, the first step towards the same is ‘Believe in it’. A stronger belief system conquers the world!

I hope I’m changing your belief system:))

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My Poetic Heart- World Poetry Day

A Poetic heart of mine sways swiftly

To my own fantasy world every hourly

Poems run through my every nerve and vein

Healing my body’s every possible pain

I’m really sorry for interrupting our ‘Changing Abstracts’ series, but this write-up of mine was much needed as it is my tribute to all the amazing Poets and their beautiful Poetries.

Today, that is 21st March is declared as World Poetry Day by UNESCO. Speaking about history of Poetries in short, the ancient poems were in the form of songs and hymns. It is said that poetries used to exist Before Christ as well. But most of the evidences say that Poetries originated during 14th century. Most of Indian literature including Vedas and many more Sanskrit verses are in poetic form. Nowadays poetry verses are in different forms like Haikus, Sonnets, Limerick and many more.

There is this beautiful literature book “The History of English Poetry” by Thomas Warton published in 18th century which describes about poetic literature. There are infact many movies as well which are based on the theme of ‘Poems’. And if at all you might have seen this movie “The Dead Poets Society”, you might realize how wonderfully a poem affects human life. Poetry lovers can definitely relate to this.

I remember when I was kid and we had Languages in our school as subjects. During those days poems were something I loved the most! And my love for poetry can never ever abate. I wrote my very first poem during my 2nd year of graduation which became my very first blog post ‘Life is too short’ And never stopped after that. It’s been more than 2 years I’m writing poems. And I’m glad that I’ve started learning different forms of poetries through different resources.

On the request of audience, I would like to put up top 10 poetry write-ups and really sorry for being late:

1) Just a smile

2) I don’t belong here

3) The ICU deathbeds

4) The Cloud Palace

5) Parents- My life’s core

6) Oh My Diary!

7) The Musical Body

8) You’re within me

9) Gracias

10) My Angel

To all the poem lovers, I’m gonna have poetry guest blogging during the month of April. All poetry bloggers are invited to send their Poems on my email ID If you have your interesting story of how you started writing poetry please do share :))

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You’ve 3 weeks! Buck up!

The 5 Changing Abstracts- 3)Emotions

Hello friends, you all might have read my previous two write-ups on Perception and Thoughts . Going ahead with the series, today I’m going to talk about Emotions.

Have you guys seen this amazing movie ‘Inside Out’? If not please please do watch it! One of the best animated movies! I really wish to dive into the author’s mind who wrote it to find out how did he think of such a wonderful idea. So coming back to the point, in the movie remember the five basic emotions which they have illustrated beautifully?

Happiness, Sadness, Disgust, Anger and Fear! Yes, these are the five basic emotions. Many a times ’emotions’ are confused with ‘feelings’. They aren’t the same.

I’m feeling cheerful, because I’m happy

I’m feeling depressed, because I’m sad

Emotions and feelings are interconnected but not synonyms of each other. Though dictionaries say that they are synonyms but they aren’t perceived the same. Human emotions are continuously changing. We can never be in a particular emotion for long time. “Mood Swings” what we call are again due to changing emotions.

You all might have heard about many kinds of psychiatric disorders like anxiety disorder, emotional incontinence (exaggeration of a particular emotion). These occur due to certain abnormalities in brain areas. Not going much into medical aspect, but what I want you all to understand is, it’s pretty easy to say ‘don’t worry’, ‘keep smiling’ but in reality one emotion cannot last longer.

I hope I made it little simple for you all to understand. To those who question the Almighty “Why God, why am I always sad?” I hope you understand that your sadness doesn’t last longer. It’s just a feeling and it shall pass anyways :))

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The 5 changing abstracts- 2) Thoughts

Hey friends, I you guys read the first write-up of the series. If not you may read it up here ‘Perception’. After perception, coming up with the next changing abstract of human that is ‘thoughts

Thoughts differ from person to person. You can never predict what’s going on in a human mind. The areas in our brain which are responsible for cognition, have a separate area where thoughts generate. Thoughts are nothing but the reflections of what we have seen, whatever experiences we had our entire life. How do positive or negative thoughts generate?

A girl who had been tortured, raped, who had seen conflicts and fights since her childhood shall always have negative thoughts regarding humanity.

On the other hand those who might have never faced/seen any huge crisis in their lives might have never thought about the darker side in their life.

You see it’s easy to say ‘Think positive’ but it all depends on a person’s nature he acquired. So make sure you choose to percieve (as I said in my previous write-up) right lessons from your every experience so as to have right thoughts!

Hey guys, I know these philosophical topics might be getting little heavier for you all and many people shared their views on the same. I’m trying to make it as simple and concise as possible. You can anytime reach out to me or ask your difficulties in the comments section.

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