Her Battle…

Soaring into storms of ocean waves
She had her own ship aptly sailed
With trembling feelings and terrifying fears
Fighting every struggle she got in here

Obstacles all over on that pathway
Yet she chose to run carving out her way
“Almost there!” her joyful heart exclaimed
Yet the dream’s doorstep had all demons unnamed

None held her hand in this egocentric world
She felt helpless without voice to her words
Almighty too was wandering looking for her
Her tearful eyes could see everything blur

Inhuman humans trying to pull her down
Yet fighting the battle as she belongs to that crown
Turning her pains into prayers, vain into victory
She’s chasing her dreams creating a history

Enemies didn’t matter to her, neither the battlefield
Nothing but the crown was in her vision field
Her prayers will be answered, her efforts will pay off
The flight of her triumph will soon takeoff

-Natasha Tungare

We all are fighting our own battles, no one around is even aware of.

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Another Change… Chapter 2019

A year ago exactly at the same time when I had written this poem As Clock Strikes 12 I had so many different things in mind. Someone has truly said that “The person you were, the person you are and the person you will be are three different people.”

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It’s just few minutes left for 2018 to end! And here begins the another change! The very beginning of 2019… I know 2018 was full of experiences, challenges, happiness, grief and much more. But most importantly we all had our amazing learning experiences in this journey. We all learn!! And yes, I had many ups and downs, twists and turns too. So chill! You aren’t the only one.

Through this enroute I learnt a lot about myself, about my life and other’s as well. One year changes a lot within you, isn’t it? I remember a year ago I was writing in my diary, making 2018 Goals and Resolutions. I did achieve some of them, wasn’t much consistent in many, though I have tried giving my best. Something more important was that I made mistakes and I learnt from those. I learnt being selfless, I learnt doing things for others and helping others without expectations, I learnt that different people have different psychologies, I learnt about acceptance and being nonjudgmental. And if I sit making entire list, there are uncountable things I learnt the entire year.

My college life to my internship postings, my hostel life to my life living in a flat, my student life to my life being a doctor, everything had it’s own way of teaching me that time passes. I love this quote, “Do not give up on your dreams just because of the time it will take to accomplish. Time shall pass anyway.” I changed as my mindset changed, my thoughts changed. And I realized that the change is always for good.

Share your experiences about last year, what did you learn? Good or bad, anything. Eagerly waiting to listen to them all!

Just a Smile :)

Different city, in a hostel she stays
Yet she talks to parents, the entire day
Though away from home, a hundred mile
But they always make her smile

Her best friend’s texts she daily reads
Feels like nothing more she needs
She has been missing her in a while
Yet thinking of her, always makes her smile

The patients she treats daily
Always leave the hospital merrily
Their rejoicing faces with smiles
Lightens up her day, making her smile

Returning from college, there she leaves
To feed furry friends she sees
Talking to them became her daily lifestyle
After all they too make her smile

Creating more connections with all
But always felt like a silent doll
Her hours might go in whichever style
Yet she always puts on a smile

-Natasha Tungare

There are little things that happen with us each day and those small things can make us smile. Never forget to put on your smile! After all “you’re never fully dressed without a smile”. Remember something-

We all smile in a same language!

Olds are Golds!

We had old age home visit today. Our bus reached the place and we all got down. I took my phone out and found that there was no network! What?No?!! No internet, no calls, no WhatsApp for entire day? Not just me but all of my batchmates had the same expression.

Do you know how these old people live? They live a meaningful life. They live with nature, they live with peace and most importantly they live with each other. They don’t need internet to pass their time, they don’t need a smart phone to communicate. They are free from today’s materialistic world! We might feel that how come they aren’t getting bored living in the same room away from the digital world. But the reality is, they know better ways than us to live each day beautifully. Their entire day schedule includes watering gardens, taking walks amongst tall trees, chit chatting with each other, reading beautiful books, caring for each other, spending time with each other. And today in our busy life, we keep longing to go out of town on a vacation to do these things!

It feels so good to see an aged person smile. Their smiles are more beautiful than anyone! In these old age homes, some are abandoned by their own children because they have some age-related diseases, some are just kept there because there’s none to take care of them. How can even people do that? Leaving their own parents, who sacrificed their lives for them! Some have disorders, some are fed up being alone at home and thus came here to stay at old age home. But these are the places where they are truly happy. Always a smile on their face! And of course the smile never fades away as they have amazing people who actually care for them. They make best friends at this place!

I lost my grand-dad 14 years ago and my granny 4 years back. When they were with me I could never percieve the care they need, the love they feel. And today after seeing these pure souls, I can see my own grandparents in them. It’s truly a worth learning experience we get by visiting such kinds of places. And let me tell you that it’s not just learning in terms of medical point of view but we get to learn a lot about life! These are the people who have experienced the most of their entire life. These are the ones who still wish to live despite of their extreme age or any disease. And it’s our responsibility to give the highest respect and love to these old souls rather more matured souls in our society.

The Inhuman Human

Somewhere I read ‘The humans have the highest intelligence, capability, thinking ability’ and then somewhere I read ‘The more I learn about humans, the more I like my dog’.

Human Nature- one of the most changing, unreliable, unpredictable thing in the world! (Sorry to be so negative). “Pugs is a cute and quiet little baby, German Shepherd seems to be wild”. We characterize the behaviors of animals as per their species (which actually isn’t true ) but here the entire human species having same animals, I mean humans shows so many different characteristics!

You never know who is genuinely good and who just appears to be good. There come a few behind whom you give up everything to keep them in your life but they don’t value your efforts. And then comes those with whom you aren’t much close, but for them you mean the world. It’s so difficult predict what someone thinks or feel about you. And the irony is, when we actually predict this, we are considered to be judgmental!!

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We never express or speak out what we actually think and feel. Our voices never depict and match our own actions. So many misunderstandings and unnecessary fights! All of a sudden your own people move away without any notice and you don’t know what sin have you performed to offend them because they never told you. And when you have finally forgiven and forgotten them, they pop up out of nowhere just for their own benefits. And you let them in because even though they don’t care but you do value them. On the other hand, there are those who are always there for you. They never leave you in your hard times. I have myself came across people who had been insulted by me unintentionally but they never left me or moved away from me. And we take such good souls for granted!

I had recently read this “Be the person your dog believes you are”. And I actually kept thinking whether we really are that kind and pure because humans keep changing their behaviors in front of everyone they meet. But today I let go off all those who wish to leave with peace without any grudges. I owe my gratitude to those for whom I mean a lot and who believe in me. I Thank the Almighty for such people in my life whom I can trust and who will leave me. I might not be a pure soul but I definitely choose to be peaceful and grateful!

Someone’s Diwali!

Diwali- A festival of lights, sweets, get togethers, family time and lots of happiness! But somewhere today we are forgetting the true importance of Diwali.

The poor dog in the apartment doesn’t move an inch from his hiding place. Thanks to the crackers sound which scare them.

The old lady living downstairs finds her deafness as a boon for not being able to face the noise pollution! All thanks to the pollution made by crackers.

The little cat lost her limb due to the injury by the burning cracker.

The family burnt their house because of their own crackers!
Why do something which harms people, nature and animals? It’s everyone’s Diwali after all !

Today is Fifth day of Diwali festival! Last few days I didn’t do anything special. Last evening I felt like this Diwali I literally didn’t do anything. No cooking sweets and snacks, no help cleaning home. Maybe because I had been sick since week and so my mother didn’t allow me to do much of work in house. People are posting their pictures on social networking sites of their new outfits, family get togethers, of them decorating their homes. And me doing nothing? Today morning I saw a maid who works as a sweeper in our place, with a uniform and mask doing her regular work! Which is nothing but sweeping floors! I felt how boring is that. On the day of festival too, she isn’t being able to spend time with her family. But there wasn’t even a mark of sorrow or disgust on her face! That moment I realized that these people who proudly do their duties during festivals and holidays are the ones who change the world!

This festival is to lighten up someone’s life.

This festival is to bring happiness in someone’s life.

This festival is to make other’s lives sweeter.

This festival is to bring a change in someone’s life!

Talk to someone with whom you hadn’t been in touch with since months. Be polite and kind to everyone, elder or younger. Help someone not with money but food. Gift your loved ones an adopted pet and not fire crackers. Make someone’s Diwali more special!

Ethics Anywhere or Nowhere?

Recently, I had a theoretical exam on professional ethics in my college. This exam is primarily conducted every year in most of the colleges to get us students acquainted with standard values and morals which are to be followed throughout our professional practice. But does everyone know what ethics are for? And even if they know, does each individual implement the same in their practical life?

A wise person once said, ‘ethics is knowing what we have right to do and what is right to do.’ The most simple and comprehensslible definition of ethics! Not just professionals but I personally feel that ethics should be followed by each and every individual. A few polite words with a stranger, a good listener for a friend, neat and tidy presentation of ourself wherever we go is all a part of ethics. Ethics of life!

It is completely agreeable that it isn’t easy to stay polite with a smiling face every moment and in any situation. We sometimes lose our temper, be hard to someone, get irritated at places where we ideally shouldn’t. It’s totally human. But a small act of forgiveness, gratitude for good can help develop relations better. Whether that be a doctor-patient relationship, a customer- businessman relationship, or simply our parents, relatives, friends and other informal relationships.

Ethics is something significant in every aspect of life. Personal, family, professional and social circles are all enhanced by ethics. Even if we have right to do something we must know if it’s right to do it, how much ever trivial it might seem.

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I am the boss. I can walk in my office anyhow and at anytime. But I won’t.

I am the senior. I can definitely screw them. But I won’t.

I’m almost on the verge of bursting my anger out on someone. But I won’t.

-That’s ethics

Think about it! ☺

The Maturity’s Measurement

“She shouldn’t be a school girl. Looking at her figure, she seems quite mature.” “Hey look , his muscles, beard, overall physique. He looks pretty mature.” – These people measured the maturity in terms of mere physical appearance.

“His knowledge in this field is amazing. He explained the concepts so beautifully. Truly mature knowledge” – These measured the maturity in terms of knowledge. Still, sounds better!

“I had a talk with my best friend about sexual relationships. She is really mature to know these things.” -These people measured the maturity in terms of knowing about physical relationship. Infact in today’s world of modernity, this is considered to be ‘mature’.

Do you think you’re really mature? Especially if you know the above mentioned statements? NO, we aren’t mature at all if we feel that maturity is all about growing in physique, or knowing things better. Infact that’s actually where shallow thinking begins.

I personally feel maturity is much more than that. As said, “Maturity doesn’t come with age, it comes with experience.” It’s all about understanding these experiences and accepting what we experience!

Accepting success and having your feet on earth. Accepting failures and working harder towards success. Experiencing pains, not just physically but mentally too. Even after such experiences and falls in life, getting up, leaving the past and moving ahead. Understanding that a bad past is a good teacher and not a forever setback. Knowing the importance of whatever we have in our life and gratitude towards everything. Understanding that everything in life happens for a reason and being precise, it happens for good. Most importantly understanding that we ourselves are responsible for our own actions, whether they are right or wrong. “लोकाना कळतं पन वळत नाही” (people understand but do not implement) Why? Understanding and then implementation of those things in your life is the best you can do for yourself and for the society!

Now answer me. Are you mature? You know when I really felt like being mature?

When my Mother told me , “You’re the most understanding and adjusting girl at this young age who decided to stay in hostel by herself.”

When my Father told me, “I’m a proud parent that I have a mature daughter with whom I can share my every problem and she gives solutions like a mature person.”

When my Sir told me, “At such a young age you have your own blog. You’re already a step ahead.”

When my friends told me, “You are such a deep thinker. Your silence could never express your thoughts.”

And most importantly when the patients I treat, tell me, “Madam, I want to get treated only by you. None could ever understand my pain but you.”

That’s exactly where I felt I won as a mature person in life!

Expectation vs reality


Let’s get straight to business!

(Things written in Italics describe the thoughts in my mind!)

Getting work done

ExpectationAfter I wake up from this power nap in one hour, I’m going to finish that write up, do chores, finalise project topic and finish that book.

RealityWhat day/year/century is this? Who am I? Where am I? Why am I?

Mom – “Finally! You’ve been sleeping for 4 hours, get up now.”


A walk in nature

Expectation~ A long undisturbed walk with fresh breeze, rustling leaves, sweet earthy smell, musings and perhaps a chance encounter with Mr Rochester even?

Reality~ *While walking on joggers track in park*

Ah! So airy and cold, amazing!

Eek, flies, more flies. Walk fast!”

Someone from behind – “Excuse me.”
Me – “Oh sorry, go ahead, you too, oh you can too. Careful! Don’t run your bike on my foot…

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Poem: Waiting To Heal

This was originally posted on- Shumila Malik

I loved this poem and hence thought to share with all. 

The pain I feel today won’t even matter tomorrow,
Time will heal all my wounds and drown my sorrow.
Why then, like a little child my heart is stubborn?
Why does it quiver and cry and burn?

It worries about what my future will hold,
It wants to know how my life will unfold.
All I know is I want what I want to be mine,
I pray day and night but I see no sign.

I feel weak like I have no strength to bear,
But I also know that Allah is there.
He loves me very much and will do for me what’s best,
Maybe my distress is nothing but a test.

Then why this urgency in what I supplicate?
Why can’t I just patiently wait?
The worldly attachments have brought me heartache,
O’Allah! Detach me from what’s not mine for your sake!

Written By Shumila Malik

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