As the clock strikes 12…

As the clock strikes 12
Stop there and pray
For those near you
And those who are away

As the clock strikes 12
Shut your eyes tight
And thank the Almighty
For everything being alright

As the clock strikes 12
Explore your wonderful mind
Find out the deepest insight
And all beautiful thoughts it unwind

As the clock strikes 12
Look at the skylight
Witnessing moon and stars
Make a wish tonight

As the clock strikes 12
Forget all the melancholies
Let go off the negativities
And achieve your glories!

Image credits- Google images

I wish all my readers a very Happy New Year! May this year bring you all umpteen moments of happiness, umpteen reasons to smile and most importantly umpteen reasons to be grateful for!

It’s merely a date which is gonna change but this change is a new beginning. Celebrate every moment and make sure to bring a smile on every face.

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