The Superior Being

At each and every aspect of my life , I’ve always realized that you should never ever let anyone feel superior to you. That’s the prime reason why people get a chance to put you down or take you for granted!

Why am I saying this? And what do I mean by this?

This world has double faced people. The moment you appreciate someone for a particular quality , they feel boastful. There exist a very few who genuinely accept the appreciation by you and are still down to earth. This happens in our day to day lives very oftenly. We sometimes feel that our friends, our colleagues are trying to put us down. But it’s we who are responsible for that. We have lowered ourselves down in comparison with them. Appreciation and making someone feel superior than us are two totally different things. “You are an amazing dancer.” “You dance way better than me.” The former is appreciating someone. But the latter makes yourself inferior.

Seniority, age, gender should never be an indication of skills and knowledge. Every person percieves things in different ways. A child can teach to enjoy life in a better way. Never ever feel inferior about yourself and always know your worth. The day you know your importance and worthy you are, world will know it too. You won’t have to prove it to people. Respect yourself first. The moment you know your worth you’ll stop giving a damn to others.

Not everyone acts boastful of their skills. Some are really humble. Some truly respect you. They always appreciate rather than criticize if you ever point out their mistake. If you aren’t good at something, they help you to improvise yourself. They never feel they are superior or you are inferior. And these people are the ones you should treasure!

Choose wisely when it comes to humans


The Inhuman Human

Somewhere I read ‘The humans have the highest intelligence, capability, thinking ability’ and then somewhere I read ‘The more I learn about humans, the more I like my dog’.

Human Nature- one of the most changing, unreliable, unpredictable thing in the world! (Sorry to be so negative). “Pugs is a cute and quiet little baby, German Shepherd seems to be wild”. We characterize the behaviors of animals as per their species (which actually isn’t true ) but here the entire human species having same animals, I mean humans shows so many different characteristics!

You never know who is genuinely good and who just appears to be good. There come a few behind whom you give up everything to keep them in your life but they don’t value your efforts. And then comes those with whom you aren’t much close, but for them you mean the world. It’s so difficult predict what someone thinks or feel about you. And the irony is, when we actually predict this, we are considered to be judgmental!!

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We never express or speak out what we actually think and feel. Our voices never depict and match our own actions. So many misunderstandings and unnecessary fights! All of a sudden your own people move away without any notice and you don’t know what sin have you performed to offend them because they never told you. And when you have finally forgiven and forgotten them, they pop up out of nowhere just for their own benefits. And you let them in because even though they don’t care but you do value them. On the other hand, there are those who are always there for you. They never leave you in your hard times. I have myself came across people who had been insulted by me unintentionally but they never left me or moved away from me. And we take such good souls for granted!

I had recently read this “Be the person your dog believes you are”. And I actually kept thinking whether we really are that kind and pure because humans keep changing their behaviors in front of everyone they meet. But today I let go off all those who wish to leave with peace without any grudges. I owe my gratitude to those for whom I mean a lot and who believe in me. I Thank the Almighty for such people in my life whom I can trust and who will leave me. I might not be a pure soul but I definitely choose to be peaceful and grateful!

Someone’s Diwali!

Diwali- A festival of lights, sweets, get togethers, family time and lots of happiness! But somewhere today we are forgetting the true importance of Diwali.

The poor dog in the apartment doesn’t move an inch from his hiding place. Thanks to the crackers sound which scare them.

The old lady living downstairs finds her deafness as a boon for not being able to face the noise pollution! All thanks to the pollution made by crackers.

The little cat lost her limb due to the injury by the burning cracker.

The family burnt their house because of their own crackers!
Why do something which harms people, nature and animals? It’s everyone’s Diwali after all !

Today is Fifth day of Diwali festival! Last few days I didn’t do anything special. Last evening I felt like this Diwali I literally didn’t do anything. No cooking sweets and snacks, no help cleaning home. Maybe because I had been sick since week and so my mother didn’t allow me to do much of work in house. People are posting their pictures on social networking sites of their new outfits, family get togethers, of them decorating their homes. And me doing nothing? Today morning I saw a maid who works as a sweeper in our place, with a uniform and mask doing her regular work! Which is nothing but sweeping floors! I felt how boring is that. On the day of festival too, she isn’t being able to spend time with her family. But there wasn’t even a mark of sorrow or disgust on her face! That moment I realized that these people who proudly do their duties during festivals and holidays are the ones who change the world!

This festival is to lighten up someone’s life.

This festival is to bring happiness in someone’s life.

This festival is to make other’s lives sweeter.

This festival is to bring a change in someone’s life!

Talk to someone with whom you hadn’t been in touch with since months. Be polite and kind to everyone, elder or younger. Help someone not with money but food. Gift your loved ones an adopted pet and not fire crackers. Make someone’s Diwali more special!

The Cloud Palace

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Up there in the vault of heaven
Is my magnificent cloud eleven
Ornate with bright cotton velvet
My palace offers me a banquet
The snowy dome of it’s magnificent hall
Making me completely enthrall
I get down those stairs like a snow-white
Landing on the crystal clear floor bright
The cloudy dining looks so perfect
White shining glass giving great effect
In the lawns I grow cloud tulips
It’s rich white tinge kisses my lips
Never feel like leaving this palace
This is where I find my solace
I search this palace almost everywhere
After all it’s my paradise out there

-Natasha Tungare

Custom towards Dependence, Dependence towards Addiction

“I can’t leave this habit of drinking wine. I need it to function daily.”
“I’m used to talking and meeting him. Not even a single day of mine goes without our two hours conversation.”
“I didn’t go to temple today the way I go daily. Something bad will happen now.”

Ever wondered why some people can’t go off a few habits? And then these habits somehow get into their daily lives. They become dependent on to such habits and finally get addicted to it. It’s not just about dependence on alcoholic drinks, addiction to smoking or to caffeine, but to people, to things, to foods and much more.

You need to get this thing crystal clear that ‘daily practice of a good habit’ and ‘being dependent on that habit’ are completely different. Consider a simple example. “I play guitar everyday to feel calm, feel good and wash away my stress.” On the other hand, “I need guitar everydato get away from my stress. If I don’t play it, I feel totally gloomy.” The former helps you develop yourself psychologically, whereas the latter is something making you dependent on it. Think about this!

Something similar happens when you’re too attached to someone and don’t want them to go away from you. You need them everytime. Your happiness depends on them and when they don’t talk to you or aren’t with you, you feel sad. They become an external happiness factor for you. It’s good to have beautiful and friendly relations with people but being dependent on them in any way doesn’t help you at all. Build healthy relationship and not ‘addictive’!

The moment you feel you are getting too much dependent on something, you are getting used to a particular habit, learn to stop it then and there itself. Never let it overpower you. Letting go off sometimes becomes necessary. And see how beautiful life becomes when you are connected even being disconnected!

“Genius sometimes consists of knowing when to stop” – Charles de Gaulle

Formalities seemed sincere!

We meet many but get attach to few
With them, informal chat isn’t something new
Being close to humans gives a sense of fear
Because Formalities seemed more sincere

Thoughts convert into conversations
Then is the disappearance of cordial relations
Those close ones call you their “dear”
But Formalities seemed more sincere

Everything feels so much sorted
But world tends to take you for granted
Trust sometimes turns out into a tear
Eventually Formalities seemed more sincere

Every human is different, my brain agreed
I find behaviors which are too much varied
Distinctions present in entire hemisphere
Yet Formalities seemed more sincere!

The Best Gift!

Small or large gifts doesn’t matter. What matters is how affectionately is the person gifting.

Being in medical field, specially in Physiotherapy field we spend a lot of time with our patients. We see many patients in the entire day but those who come regularly to the OPD are always remembered. And again a few of those, maybe a hand count number are the ones with whom we develop a great bonding.

Yesterday, it was my last day of the month in the hospital. We we’re supposed to go for new postings in another hospital. Being in the same hospital for a month we had developed a good and an affectionate bonding with the patients. And there was this one 70 year old man , of almost my grandfather’s age whom it was not even 10 days, I developed a beautiful bond! A very thoughtful person. It is the duty of every doctor to be a good listener more than a speaker. And frankly I always love to listen to all the patients I treat. Because that’s what helps you touch the hearts of patients. Sometimes it might not really be that relevant to condition but patients at least feel that they have someone who pays attention to them. He shared with me a lot many things about himself, his family and much more. He knew it was my last day. And he gifted me a Book on Attitude towards life along with a letter for me saying how grateful he was !

What can be a better feeling than this? For any doctor a patient satisfied with his treatment and showing great results is the Best Gift! I won’t remember this patient because he gifted me something but I’ll remember him more for he encouraged me to work better and harder and treat every patient affectionately! I rather thank God for having me encountered to such wonderful people.

The Pride being Physio!

“Why didn’t you take MBBS if you wanted to anyways be in Medical field?” asked my friends

“Why don’t you become a lawyer like your Dad?” asked my relatives

And I never had one answer. Because I have multiple purposes to be in this field! Before letting you all know the answers to why I love being in Physiotherapy field, I would like to tell you all my real life story.

Around 11 years back in 2006 , during my childhood,my Father had witnessed a local train bomb blast. The blast occurred in the same compartment he was in. He went through first aid and surgeries in hospital. And out of the 3-4 people who survived, my dad was one of them! Being a fifth standard kid who had never ever been to hospital and who had no clue why dad hasn’t returned home for a week, first time went to visit him. After a few days stay, he got discharged from hospital. Returning home, his medications were still going on but I used to observe , that there was this one guy who used to come home and give some exercises to Dad. I never saw him in white coat, never saw him with a stethoscope around his neck but still all used to call him ‘doctor’. I remember him very well!

After my 12th exams when I was supposed to make a ‘career building’ decision, I got to know about Physiotherapy and the entire incident just went through like a Flashback. Even today my dad remembers that physiotherapist. He might have forgotten the surgeon’s name but he still remembers the physiotherapist’s name as physios are the ones who spend the maximum time with their patients. That’s when I took the decision of becoming physiotherapist! Today when I treat patients, I always remember how efficiently that physiotherapist had treated my Dad and these patients too are someones’ Parents, Children, Grandparents, Friends. And it’s my responsibility to treat them well and get back to their functions.

As said “A surgeon gives life to the patient, but a physiotherapist makes that life worth living”.

Many people have still never understood who are Physiotherapists? What do they exactly do? In fact, physiotherapy is a field which has its domain almost everywhere. A typical mentality of a human is ‘If I’m ill or if I have any pain , I shall visit a doctor’. But why not follow the ancient words of wisdom which say ‘Prevention is better than Cure’. People need to understand that just because I do not have any disease or disorder , doesn’t mean I’m healthy!

Long hours of sitting in wrong postures during office work- Physios shall prevent the future likely to occur disorder.

Pain, unable to walk due to arthritis- Physios shall relieve the pain and get you back to your activities.

Weakness due to paralysis- Physios shall get your strength back.

Exhaling difficulties due to respiratory disorders- Physios shall help you breathing efficiently too!

No movement after surgery- Physios shall get you back on your feet!


Image: my article in newspaper in local language

( This article is the translation of the article I had written in the local newspaper on the occasion of World Physiotherapy Day. A few edits and points added up!)

-Natasha Tungare

The Best Transform!

Life gives you so many experiences. Happy, sad, good and bad! The most important are those lesson giving experiences which transforms you and changes you for a better self!

Image credits- Facebook image

Gaining strengths from my weaknesses
Success in exploring my own bliss
But how am I gonna tell that
It took me a year to transform into this

I’ve changed a lot, they feel
The obsolete, vincible me, they always miss
But whom I’m gonna explain that
It took me a year to transform into this

I love the beauty of conversations with depth
The Shallow ones could never execute this
Though I’m unable to convey them that
It took me a year to transform into this

They dislike this invincible, carefree me
My changed strong nature gets them piss
Though it’s so difficult to explain that
It took me a year to transform into this

The emotionless, stonehearted me
It’s the best feeling to become this
But people never understood that
It took me a year to transform into this!

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