Beauty of Simplicity

My article about “Maturity’s Measurements” spoke about the human misconception of maturity (how people consider maturity to be and what it actually is). This write-up of mine shall talk about another human misconception that’s “SIMPLICITY”.

“I want to keep it simple without any complications.” “I wanna dress simple.” “I want my wife to be a simple lady.” We often hear these statements from people. ‘Simplicity’ is something which attracts me more. But what does it exactly mean?

It might differ as per everyone’s perception as to what do they define ‘simplicity’. Sometimes we don’t really like people who wear dazzling clothes, put on excessive makeup. But we fail to understand that it’s their choice. And we have no right to judge them upon their choices. Appearance and choices can never define simplicity! We also tend to not like people who talk unnecessarily, flaunt their success, basically ‘hero talks and zero actions’ type people. Again these are the ones who catch attention by their speech. But is it that staying quiet means being simple? No, again it’s difficult to understand a simple personality merely by what that person talks.

I would like to share something about a friend of mine. She’s simple. Why do I find her a simple person? People around her rarely perceive her the way she actually is. She’s the perfect example for me who made me understand that every person who cracks jokes like crazy, acts silly isn’t always the happiest or without tension in life. She’s the one who made me realize that beauty isn’t always necessary to impress people. Kindness, being polite, caring for others works better. She’s like a hard crust but a soft core! For her, spending and investing time and money on education is more important than on all materialistic stuffs. Her free time is an investment in reading novels and books. I personally know what all has she been through, maybe not everything but i can definitely say that she’s a truly strong person. Despite of anything there’s always a smile on her face. She infact has a lot to flaunt for. The depth at which she understands and percieves things without any judgement, the humble being, despite of any success.

She may not be aware about the materialistic world but she surely knows the art of successful living. Did she join any class or course for this? No, those were her observations, experiences and knowledge which taught her “the simple living”. And I’m truly a lucky person to have her since my childhood. Whenever I feel boastful, proud for my success or any good deed or even materialistic, I simply remember her.


Ethics Anywhere or Nowhere?

Recently, I had a theoretical exam on professional ethics in my college. This exam is primarily conducted every year in most of the colleges to get us students acquainted with standard values and morals which are to be followed throughout our professional practice. But does everyone know what ethics are for? And even if they know, does each individual implement the same in their practical life?

A wise person once said, ‘ethics is knowing what we have right to do and what is right to do.’ The most simple and comprehensslible definition of ethics! Not just professionals but I personally feel that ethics should be followed by each and every individual. A few polite words with a stranger, a good listener for a friend, neat and tidy presentation of ourself wherever we go is all a part of ethics. Ethics of life!

It is completely agreeable that it isn’t easy to stay polite with a smiling face every moment and in any situation. We sometimes lose our temper, be hard to someone, get irritated at places where we ideally shouldn’t. It’s totally human. But a small act of forgiveness, gratitude for good can help develop relations better. Whether that be a doctor-patient relationship, a customer- businessman relationship, or simply our parents, relatives, friends and other informal relationships.

Ethics is something significant in every aspect of life. Personal, family, professional and social circles are all enhanced by ethics. Even if we have right to do something we must know if it’s right to do it, how much ever trivial it might seem.

Image credits- Google images.

I am the boss. I can walk in my office anyhow and at anytime. But I won’t.

I am the senior. I can definitely screw them. But I won’t.

I’m almost on the verge of bursting my anger out on someone. But I won’t.

-That’s ethics

Think about it! ☺

The Maturity’s Measurement

“She shouldn’t be a school girl. Looking at her figure, she seems quite mature.” “Hey look , his muscles, beard, overall physique. He looks pretty mature.” – These people measured the maturity in terms of mere physical appearance.

“His knowledge in this field is amazing. He explained the concepts so beautifully. Truly mature knowledge” – These measured the maturity in terms of knowledge. Still, sounds better!

“I had a talk with my best friend about sexual relationships. She is really mature to know these things.” -These people measured the maturity in terms of knowing about physical relationship. Infact in today’s world of modernity, this is considered to be ‘mature’.

Do you think you’re really mature? Especially if you know the above mentioned statements? NO, we aren’t mature at all if we feel that maturity is all about growing in physique, or knowing things better. Infact that’s actually where shallow thinking begins.

I personally feel maturity is much more than that. As said, “Maturity doesn’t come with age, it comes with experience.” It’s all about understanding these experiences and accepting what we experience!

Accepting success and having your feet on earth. Accepting failures and working harder towards success. Experiencing pains, not just physically but mentally too. Even after such experiences and falls in life, getting up, leaving the past and moving ahead. Understanding that a bad past is a good teacher and not a forever setback. Knowing the importance of whatever we have in our life and gratitude towards everything. Understanding that everything in life happens for a reason and being precise, it happens for good. Most importantly understanding that we ourselves are responsible for our own actions, whether they are right or wrong. “लोकाना कळतं पन वळत नाही” (people understand but do not implement) Why? Understanding and then implementation of those things in your life is the best you can do for yourself and for the society!

Now answer me. Are you mature? You know when I really felt like being mature?

When my Mother told me , “You’re the most understanding and adjusting girl at this young age who decided to stay in hostel by herself.”

When my Father told me, “I’m a proud parent that I have a mature daughter with whom I can share my every problem and she gives solutions like a mature person.”

When my Sir told me, “At such a young age you have your own blog. You’re already a step ahead.”

When my friends told me, “You are such a deep thinker. Your silence could never express your thoughts.”

And most importantly when the patients I treat, tell me, “Madam, I want to get treated only by you. None could ever understand my pain but you.”

That’s exactly where I felt I won as a mature person in life!

Doctor Doctor, Help Help!

All the doctors who have been working day and night just for the betterment of their patients. This is for You!

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You have passed years of studying. You have got each symptom cured. Master of Medicine, Director of Medicine, Allopathics, Ayuvedics, Homeopathics. You yourself worked harder for all emergencies! You never let the patient suffer and fear. They cried Doctor Doctor, help help and you Physicians were right here.

You have had a heart of stone but could never cry alone. “देव सर्व अवयव एकदाच देतो”(God gives you all the organs only once) but you were the one who repaired them and got them twice perfectly! Human anatomy is always in the core of your brains. Speciality and Super speciality all in your sphere. They cried Doctor Doctor , help help and you Surgeons were right here.

Surgeons give life to patient and You make that life worth living! You are the one who spend the highest time with the patient. You’ve been called nurses, dieticians and what not, yet you have always served the patients a lot. After surgeries, its all your domain and you even acted as the best counsellor. They called Doctor Doctor help help and you Physiotherapists were right here.

You made them recover their speech. You made patient’s every goal reach. Conversation and cognition skills were taught by you. Occupation and speech were regained by you. None other than patients themselves, understand how important you are. They just called Doctor Doctor help help and there you therapists are.

Every patient’s needs you sufficed. You were the one who ran during their cries. Patient’s care was always your prime goal. Helping in their ADLs (Activities of daily living) was always your role. Yet you deserve the White Coat everywhere. They called Doctor Doctor help help and you Nurses were right there.

You have always been taking care of their diet. Nutrition was the prime necessity for every plight. Diabetics, hypertensives and obese ones gained good health because of you. Health problems due to improper diet weren’t few. You proved your importance in medicine here. They called Doctor Doctor help help and you dieticians and nutritionists were right here.

Last, but not the least! You can never be forgotten atleast. You play every second role being a bachelor, an intern , a master. You are The Future Doctor! You learn, you write, you explore the world of medicine with a complete right. Good work is always appreciated remember. When patients will call you Doctor Doctor help help and you Students will be right there!

Treatment, rehabilitation and complete recovery of patient isn’t a “one person phenomenon”. Everyone in medical profession work for their patients. Patients are in grief, irritated, short tempered but all of you are understanding. This one is for You! All of You who have worked for their patients, who have interchanged their respective roles only to get their patient better and I am proud to be the one!

Parents- My Life’s Core

My Heart always says “Must Go”

But Momma always claims a big “NO”

Our every conversation ends with fight

Yet I inform her everything each night

“Oh my child, but safety is the issue”

Says Daddy wiping my tears with tissue

“But I’m grown up now!” exclaimed me

Yet to them, I’m their Lost Little Bee

I wish to live, learn and explore

But their concerns stops me afore

They seem right at times and so do I

Never felt like bidding them good-bye

Mommy’s world and Daddy’s girl

I’m their oyster with precious pearl

Their empathic voices starts my dawn

And the entire day can never end wrong

Guiding me towards all correct trails

Directing my ship of life which sails

Being my forever shield from darkness

I thank Almighty for my lovely parents!

Since childhood my parents have done a lot for me. They taught me each and everything necessary for every aspect of life. Self-esteem, respect and care for others, forgiveness. They have always been guiding me, always supporting my decisions and if at all I choose any kind of wrong path , they are the ones who get me back. They are my protective shield. Their intense and immense love makes me think how did God knew that I need them! And as it is rightly said- “God cannot be present everywhere and so he created our parents.”

Oh My Diary!

You always have a few things about yourself​ which you don’t want anyone to know or precisely other humans to know. Those few secrets you wanna pour out but can’t find anyone worth your trust. Or maybe you are not at all in a good mood to talk or open up to anyone else. At such times you still have this friend! Your Diary!

The delights of my whole day

The glooms which I can never convey

When good listeners aren’t so common

Oh my diary, I wish you were a human!
When I feel so deeply blue

When I cannot get over something new

When people are something I can’t summon

Oh my diary, I wish you were a human!
When an obscure body unable to express

The tortures which lead it to depress

When all wrongs are faced by a woman 

Oh my diary, I wish you were a human!


When the world seems little unfair

Biased behaviors causing too much despair

When ‘Fraudulence’ is the current human

Oh my diary, I wish you were a human!
When world turns it’s back towards you

When people overtly replicate whatever you do

When you realize beautification of a demon

Oh my diary, I wish you were a human!

-Natasha Tungare

A Letter to Future Self

Dear Self, 

You deserve a great applause for what you are now. I am proud of you. But never stop there. Keep moving ahead with a smile through all walks of life. 

Life- the most beautiful gift given by the Almighty. Make the most of it. God gave you this gift and now it’s your duty to make it worth living and a memorable one for your soul. I am the most fortunate person to work really hard for you, to create you, to lead you to the top. I am inspiring people, motivating people. They are following my footsteps. I’ll never expect a credit from anyone of those because I know that you will always be grateful to me. And I ensure you that I’ll do every possible thing to make you feel appreciative of me. 

Image credits- Google images

I am making valiant efforts just for you

I am thriving days and nights to create you

I am singing prayers which are only for you

I am dreaming those visions which see you

I am creating a body which senses only you

You never have to worry as I’m working for you

Stay graceful as always. Stay determined as always. Look forward always with chin up and head held high. Only look behind to see how far have you come. Make everyone proud. Make your parents proud as always. You have reached the summit but the journey doesn’t end here. Climb all the mountains with smile. Feel proud of your good work. Stay humble always even if you reach to the highest version of yourself. Your head should be in sky, but feet always on earth. Never ever forget to thank the Almighty who worked behind scenes for you. Never ever blame him for your Karma. Keep up the good work without expecting anything in return. Never forget those who helped you to reach here, especially me!! Haha! Never feel lonely as I am always there for you. Love yourself more than anything else. Stay motivated. Aspire and always inspire! Always Believe in Yourself!

 I promise you that when you look behind, you will feel truly proud of me.

                               -Yours faithfully and sincerely 


The Feline Euphoria…

“Hey Mom, where’s Jo?” Ariana asked her mom dancing all around the house as her vacations had started and wanted to spend most of the time with Jo. Mom’s reply was quite expected, “Not in my pockets dear! Search in the verandah”. “Oh please mom! Not again. It’s been more than 5 hours. She should be here by now for her evening milk and fish”, Ariana headed towards the verandah. “Maybe she might have found an ‘evening mouse snack’, Mom replied in her sarcastic tone. 

Ariana was pretty used to such sarcastic statements from parents and relatives as she herself was the only die-hard pet lover in her family. “Ariana-Jo” was the Human-Feline bond created by both of them. Jo, a stray cat once rescued by Ariana and since then became her forever companion. Ariana was always fond of animals. She loved feeding them, playing with them, talking to them as if they were her human friends. 

“Happy Valentine’s Day , my love” said Ariana. “Meeoow”, the best reply from Jo and Ariana would give her a cheese and fish treat.

“Happy Friendship Day, my lovely friend”. Again “Meeooww” and Ariana would tie a friendship band on her paw. 

Birthdays, New year’s eve, Christmas and all special days were celebrated not with friends but her very own little pet. 

Ariana had no siblings. Parents had jobs and used to be out for the whole day. Sharing food, chit chatting , taking small nap with her cat was a part of her daily routine. Never ever she felt lonely in the company of her furry friend!  

It was almost an hour Ariana has been searching for Jo. She seemed totally disturbed. Asking for her, she went in the neighborhood, nearby shops and even fish market where Jo had been found twice after disappearing. There were no signs of her little pet being nearby. She tried asking her friends, shopkeepers if they saw her. But unfortunately she had to return empty handed. Walking on the street she just kept praying for her cat. And then something unexpected happened. All of a sudden, far away she could see a small animal on the wall. It was a huge wall. Yes! It was her. It was Jo! Ariana ran towards that wall. She somehow got onto that huge wall and saw Jo falling on the other side of it. “Hey kitty , don’t worry I am there. I’ll save you !” saying thus she tried catching her furry friend but herself tripped. Down and down she fell, she kept falling along with her furry friend…..

“Hey Sweetheart! Come-on get up. You gotta go to college. Get ready”, said mom. Little did she knew that it was a dream. It’s been 5 years Jo had passed away and she still sees her in dreams. She always feels her presence around her. She still misses her!

I just felt like drawing these images which I found on internet as I was missing my pet a lot!

Dedicated to all pet lovers and all who have lost their pets. We all are so lucky to have these furry companions with us. They are the most trustworthy on this planet. And we are so lucky to have them in our lives. To those who have lost their pets it feels like they took away a part of your heart along with them. But they are always with us in some or the other form. Just as humans die and we can feel their presence in other form so do all animals! 

So when you miss your companion just look at the gigantic sky and  feel good that you both are under the same sky!

Blogger Recognition Award

Another award this month and feeling so proud about it! It’s been almost two weeks I couldn’t post about this award due to certain circumstances. So now , without any further delay I would like to thank Mr. Lonely from the bottom of my heart for nominating me for this award. His blogs are truly amazing and you guys should definitely check them out. They are short write-ups, short stories and many more!

The Rule Book:

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
2. Write a post to show your award.
3. Give a brief story of how your blog started.
4. Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers.
5. Select 15 other bloggers for this award.
6. Comment on each blog to let them know you’ve nominated them and a link to the post you created.

 My Story:

I started my blog about 5 months back. I loved writing essays, stories, diary writing since childhood. Many people told me to publish them. And I finally found WordPress as one of the best and recognized platform for publishing. Over here I gotto connect with so many different bloggers and learned a lot from all of them. ‘Just as a musician needs a good listener, a writer needs a good reader’s

My Advice to Beginners:

1) Do write an original content. Never hesitate in writing what you feel. Because original content is always appreciated and everyone likes it.

2) Show your affection to your readers. Do read different blogs too so that you get to know and improve more.

3) Your posts might not be recognized soon but the more people will explore, they will get to know you. You can definitely use social media for the same.

My Nominations:

1. Akhila

2. Afzal Moola, The scribbled verse

3. Ambikabharadwaj, Chalain?

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5. Didi’s Art designs

6. Mohammad Al Karbi

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