The Feline Euphoria…

“Hey Mom, where’s Jo?” Ariana asked her mom dancing all around the house as her vacations had started and wanted to spend most of the time with Jo. Mom’s reply was quite expected, “Not in my pockets dear! Search in the verandah”. “Oh please mom! Not again. It’s been more than 5 hours. She should be here by now for her evening milk and fish”, Ariana headed towards the verandah. “Maybe she might have found an ‘evening mouse snack’, Mom replied in her sarcastic tone. 

Ariana was pretty used to such sarcastic statements from parents and relatives as she herself was the only die-hard pet lover in her family. “Ariana-Jo” was the Human-Feline bond created by both of them. Jo, a stray cat once rescued by Ariana and since then became her forever companion. Ariana was always fond of animals. She loved feeding them, playing with them, talking to them as if they were her human friends. 

“Happy Valentine’s Day , my love” said Ariana. “Meeoow”, the best reply from Jo and Ariana would give her a cheese and fish treat.

“Happy Friendship Day, my lovely friend”. Again “Meeooww” and Ariana would tie a friendship band on her paw. 

Birthdays, New year’s eve, Christmas and all special days were celebrated not with friends but her very own little pet. 

Ariana had no siblings. Parents had jobs and used to be out for the whole day. Sharing food, chit chatting , taking small nap with her cat was a part of her daily routine. Never ever she felt lonely in the company of her furry friend!  

It was almost an hour Ariana has been searching for Jo. She seemed totally disturbed. Asking for her, she went in the neighborhood, nearby shops and even fish market where Jo had been found twice after disappearing. There were no signs of her little pet being nearby. She tried asking her friends, shopkeepers if they saw her. But unfortunately she had to return empty handed. Walking on the street she just kept praying for her cat. And then something unexpected happened. All of a sudden, far away she could see a small animal on the wall. It was a huge wall. Yes! It was her. It was Jo! Ariana ran towards that wall. She somehow got onto that huge wall and saw Jo falling on the other side of it. “Hey kitty , don’t worry I am there. I’ll save you !” saying thus she tried catching her furry friend but herself tripped. Down and down she fell, she kept falling along with her furry friend…..

“Hey Sweetheart! Come-on get up. You gotta go to college. Get ready”, said mom. Little did she knew that it was a dream. It’s been 5 years Jo had passed away and she still sees her in dreams. She always feels her presence around her. She still misses her!

I just felt like drawing these images which I found on internet as I was missing my pet a lot!

Dedicated to all pet lovers and all who have lost their pets. We all are so lucky to have these furry companions with us. They are the most trustworthy on this planet. And we are so lucky to have them in our lives. To those who have lost their pets it feels like they took away a part of your heart along with them. But they are always with us in some or the other form. Just as humans die and we can feel their presence in other form so do all animals! 

So when you miss your companion just look at the gigantic sky and  feel good that you both are under the same sky!


Blogger Recognition Award

Another award this month and feeling so proud about it! It’s been almost two weeks I couldn’t post about this award due to certain circumstances. So now , without any further delay I would like to thank Mr. Lonely from the bottom of my heart for nominating me for this award. His blogs are truly amazing and you guys should definitely check them out. They are short write-ups, short stories and many more!

The Rule Book:

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
2. Write a post to show your award.
3. Give a brief story of how your blog started.
4. Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers.
5. Select 15 other bloggers for this award.
6. Comment on each blog to let them know you’ve nominated them and a link to the post you created.

 My Story:

I started my blog about 5 months back. I loved writing essays, stories, diary writing since childhood. Many people told me to publish them. And I finally found WordPress as one of the best and recognized platform for publishing. Over here I gotto connect with so many different bloggers and learned a lot from all of them. ‘Just as a musician needs a good listener, a writer needs a good reader’s

My Advice to Beginners:

1) Do write an original content. Never hesitate in writing what you feel. Because original content is always appreciated and everyone likes it.

2) Show your affection to your readers. Do read different blogs too so that you get to know and improve more.

3) Your posts might not be recognized soon but the more people will explore, they will get to know you. You can definitely use social media for the same.

My Nominations:

1. Akhila

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3. Ambikabharadwaj, Chalain?

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I am Building up Myself!

‘Building up’- What does this exactly mean? It can be building up of personality, building up your scores or say building up with respect to health and fitness! To ‘build up’ is to construct, to compile, to establish, to create. 

And today I decide to Build up Myself not just with respect to the above mentioned but to build upon what I want to do in my life. Why am I sharing this with you all? Today our sir told us about having an aim, to decide something. And all of us decided some goals which we shall attempt our best to complete each day which would take us closer to what we want to be.

Image credits- Google images (from brainyquote)

Today, being in medical profession I aim to treat as many patients as I can each. Even if the number is as high as 50 or even if it is 2 per day but I shall give my best to treat that patient. My prime aim in profession is “Not a single patient should return unsatisfied after a session of my treatment”. And I know that my goal will definitely get me to be the best physiotherapist! 

You feel it’s high time to decide something

Soon you can feel a spark within

Turn on that spark to create your own light

And the success you achieve will be more than just bright 

We all have certain goals, aims in life but why do we fail to achieve them? Because we do not work on them. We do not build ourselves for achieving these goals. Each day go closer to your aims in life. There are lot many excuses you always have but it’s only YOU who is affected by them and no one else. Sometimes we just need a little push for us to get what we want, to get clear what we wish. Today our sir turned out to be this push, a motivator! 

I wish all of you reading this decide your goal and build up yourself to achieve it!

Unique Blogger Award….

It feels so beautiful when you get rewarded for what you write!

Hello all! I am so so happy for this award. After joining WordPress, this is my first award. I would like to thank my friend Ashish Kumar who nominated me for this award. He is an amazing writer. Ashish’s write-ups are truly creative and unique and I would want you all to visit his blog.


  • Share the link to the blogger who has shown love to you by nominating you.
  • Answer the questions.
  • In the spirit of sharing love and solidarity with our blogging family, nominate 15 people and notify them.
  • Ask them three questions.

My answers to the questions

1.What (or who) inspired you to get into blogging?

I have always been fond of writing short write-ups but couldn’t find a better platform to publish it. Then I learnt about blogging and even read a few articles of  bloggers. WordPress being a genuine and good platform for publishing I thought of publishing it here.

2. Describe your ideal three-course meal? 

I love all types of foods, veg and non-veg (preferably non-spicy). I prefer heavy breakfast, slight heavy lunch and light dinner.

3. Would you consider naming any future children after fictional characters, if so which characters?

Haha , I loved the idea but I would like to think about it after my wedding (with future husband’s consent 😜)

All the writers I’ve been following are really amazing but unfortunately I’ve to go as per rules and I would like to nominate the following bloggers:

My questions to the nominees are:

  1. What inspired you to get into writing and blogging?
  2. Which kinds of books or write-ups do you prefer to read?
  3. Any specific quotes (with author’s name) you are inspired by ?

Bloggers’ world – the unbiased connect

    We communicate with people when we feel that there’s a connect, there’s a vibe, a wavelength that matches the thoughts of the two. We get attracted to someone’s appearance, someone’s personality, someone’s oratory, maybe someone’s smile or way of dressing. But how many of you actually like someone by their way of thinking? Very few, isn’t it?

Image Credits- Google images 

    When I wrote my first blog and published it, I found that people who barely even communicated with me in person were keen to know me more. Views, comments, likes and follows increased and I discovered a new world, Bloggers’ world! One of the most beautiful world where we connect with the thoughts of each other more than anything else. This is a totally different world where I always love to stay and connect with more and more people, connect with their genuine thoughts. Here we don’t know anything about each other but what we write tells everything about us, it tells about the very unbiased and pure form of each other. 
    We have seen people writing diary, small write-ups , poems. I feel these are the most genuine forms of expressing ourselves. And hence most trustworthy too. When we read an autobiography of a person, we can actually feel the thoughts of that person. After entering this world of bloggers and reading others too, I realized that I could feel the people here. Each one of us over here shares their thoughts and feelings so freely and openly. 

    But unfortunately when it comes to the world of reality everything just gets messed up. We have shallow people infact shallow minds which encourage shallow conversation (small talks). We never recognize the true feelings of people. I am myself an introvert and communicate less but when I genuinely connect with someone I’m the most expressive person. And here the Bloggers’ world helped me to explore myself more. 

   I hope every writer , blogger , poet can connect with this. Thank God I have this bloggers’world when reality doesn’t  seem to be my cup of tea. Cheers and hats off to you all who love to connect and not merely talk!

Expectation vs reality


Let’s get straight to business!

(Things written in Italics describe the thoughts in my mind!)

Getting work done

ExpectationAfter I wake up from this power nap in one hour, I’m going to finish that write up, do chores, finalise project topic and finish that book.

RealityWhat day/year/century is this? Who am I? Where am I? Why am I?

Mom – “Finally! You’ve been sleeping for 4 hours, get up now.”


A walk in nature

Expectation~ A long undisturbed walk with fresh breeze, rustling leaves, sweet earthy smell, musings and perhaps a chance encounter with Mr Rochester even?

Reality~ *While walking on joggers track in park*

Ah! So airy and cold, amazing!

Eek, flies, more flies. Walk fast!”

Someone from behind – “Excuse me.”
Me – “Oh sorry, go ahead, you too, oh you can too. Careful! Don’t run your bike on my foot…

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To a Paradise!

It was late in the evening. Clouds were showering heavy rains. I had held my umbrella and was heading towards home. It was turning dark and the rains became heavier with no sign of cease. The entire path was totally isolated. I felt really cold on inside, not by weather but more due to fear. I could hear the spooky hustling leaves of the trees . I could feel the breeze which wasn’t ​mild and calm but stormy and intimidating. I could feel the cold sweat over my forehead. I tried walking faster. I wanted to run from there but the wet roads were too slippery to speed up. While walking I saw a little girl standing under a tree on one side of the road. She was sobbing badly and had no umbrella or a raincoat. I was about to step towards her but suddenly I remembered my mom’s words “Never try to help rather overhelp people when you are alone. It might turn into your worst nightmare.” I got goosebumps all over. But putting all those scary thoughts aside I went to her and asked if I could help her and drop her to home. She looked up at me and smiled. I could see the innocence in her shining eyes which were saying me “Thank you”. I smiled back. She held my hand and said, “Come my sister. I shall take you somewhere.” For a moment I was again scared with those same thoughts as to what place will she be taking me but I saw something I had never seen before. It was a Paradise. It was Utopia! 

 It was the Paradise with peace, solace, calmness where I could feel the warmth of Earth’s beauty. Where I could feel innocence of people, where I could feel the love in everything and everywhere around. Where I realized trust, love, kindness isn’t always futile. Where I felt how beautiful the world is! 

 Why did I share this little story which is without a significant ending with you guys?

It’s not about the conclusion but about a world we never try to see! Not all risks turn into nightmares. Not all difficulties lead to worst  in life. Not all scary stories have bad endings. We go through so many difficulties in life. We fear, we tremble, we cry, we become sad, we grieve and mourn. But we never think of what comes next. We never think at such times that ‘everything in life happens for a reason’. It definitely concludes as something good even if it is a blessing or a lesson. 

Never fear to risk and never fail to trust

To go towards brighter end, a dark tunnel is must

Everytime you go through difficult situation and when you can’t do anything about it, when you are unable to get any solution for it, just close your eyes and land up in your own paradise atleast for a moment. A Paradise full of harmony and peace. A Paradise you always wanna land where you be happy. Your paradise where you feel peace might be existing in real world or might be imaginary. But do visit your Paradise for you will feel better each time even! This Paradise will always raise the threshold of your tolerance for difficulties and problems.

Images credits- Google images

I would like to quote few lines from the song ‘Paradise’ by ColdPlay. It’s one of my favourite song due to it’s beautiful meaning of the lyrics-

When she was just a girl she expected the world

But it flew away from her reach so she ran away and fell asleep

Life goes on, it gets so heavy

The wheel breaks the butterfly every tear a waterfall

In the night the stormy night she’ll close her eyes

In the night the stormy night away she’d fly

To a Para-Para-Paradise, Everytime she closed her eyes!

Time Flies Away!

 Time being the most important​ aspect of our life or rather I should say we being part of the time which goes on without waiting for anyone ofcourse deserves this poem. 

“Time teaches you everything” is a perfect saying. Good or bad, happy and sad times are all just a part of it!

Image Credit- Google images
You wanna sing, you wanna sketch

You wanna live each moment you fetch

You watch the wall clock pendulum sway

Hurry up dear, as Time flies away

You wanna read, you wanna write

You wanna study each book right?

Why waiting for calendar page flip next May

Hurry up dear, as Time anyways flies away

You wanna date, you wanna dance

You wanna do it all without leaving a chance 

You hear the tick tock of seconds on the way

Hurry up dear, as Time flies away

You plan for next, you wish for greater

You try making this day a little better

You love being productive the whole day

But always remember that Time flies away!

-Natasha Tungare

Poem: Waiting To Heal

This was originally posted on- Shumila Malik

I loved this poem and hence thought to share with all. 

The pain I feel today won’t even matter tomorrow,
Time will heal all my wounds and drown my sorrow.
Why then, like a little child my heart is stubborn?
Why does it quiver and cry and burn?

It worries about what my future will hold,
It wants to know how my life will unfold.
All I know is I want what I want to be mine,
I pray day and night but I see no sign.

I feel weak like I have no strength to bear,
But I also know that Allah is there.
He loves me very much and will do for me what’s best,
Maybe my distress is nothing but a test.

Then why this urgency in what I supplicate?
Why can’t I just patiently wait?
The worldly attachments have brought me heartache,
O’Allah! Detach me from what’s not mine for your sake!

Written By Shumila Malik

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