Hostel Life- My Best Teacher

A few days ago, I was just scrolling through my camera roll and tears rolled down my eyes. You know when you have created memories at a place, you can never forget that place. Hostel, is one of the place for me where I’ve created memories. It is a place where I’ve had a lot many experiences. Experience is the best teacher and hence my hostel life proves to be my best teacher.

Every person has different turning points in their lives which turn out to be an opportunity, sometimes a lesson, or at times an experience for them. And I have had all of these in my hostel life. These turning points become an integral part of lives as they always open up a completely new world before you! For me, hostel life was one of the turning points. It changed me, my thought process, my behavior, my personality, my approach towards life. This turning point happened to me after my 12th grade (junior college) when I had to move out into a completely new city for higher education.

New connections, new place, new residence and most importantly being away from home. Coping up and adjusting with these wasn’t an easy task for me. But I knew that this is for my own betterment and so went on with the flow, though I’m not a person who goes with a flow. I always need some twists and turns in life. I hate being monotonous. Haha! Yes hostel life has always been something which bought twist and turns to my monotonous life! There are uncountable things I’ve learned here from different sources. Friends, college, colleagues, teachers and strangers too. Culture and people in a new city truly has a lot to teach you ! And hence moving into a new place actually proved to be a boon. Being an introvert it was initially difficult for me to socialize. But I soon got along really well. You know when everything just falls at it’s perfect place! Perfect roommates, friends, perfect space.
It’s been four years and I’m so much in love with the change in me! Change in behavior, change in mindset, introvert being to ambivert being, change in personality, habits, and a lot more.

This single writeup is too small to describe the ‘entire me’. Sometimes I just think if at all I would have never taken this opportunity, would have never moved to a new place, I would have never ever evolved so much. I would have never explored myself, would have been a complete monotonous minded person! Maybe I wouldn’t have thought of writing or playing guitar which are now my favorite hobbies. And this is the reason I gave my blog, the title “Explore Yourself”. This thought makes me feel so good about my decisions as hostel life is the place where I have discovered my own self. After all you’re not evolving if you don’t have a thrilling life!

Around 2 months back I had mentioned in my post Blogging Anniversary about starting a ‘lifestyle’ section. I was wondering what I’ll be writing in the same. I’m not a shopheholic person, neither am I a fashionista. But now I got something to talk about! Yes, my own ‘Hostel Lifestyle’. There are people out there who aren’t able to cope up, adjust in a new city. I hope my articles on what I learnt in my hostel life helps you in your journey of life and make your life more meaningful in a new place!


None knows the Real You

Your mind comprising thoughts enormous
Wishing to shout through silence within you
But timid soul never dared to
Because none knows the real you

World around you eager to judge
Your feels percieved only by a few
But fragile soul never expressed
Because none knows the real you

They speak, you listen each time
Though your words weren’t so new
But receptive soul never voiced
Because none knows the real you

The introvert within you so silent
And that extrovert planet makes you blue
But stonehearted soul never bothered
Because none knows the real you

In their lives, you act as an enigma
About whose essence, they had no clue
But your soul never let them fetch
Because they never knew the real you

Another Milestone Achieved! 1k Subscribers

Hello friends, I know I have turned up after more than 10 days but I was kind of waiting for this. Exactly a year back, somewhere in May 2017, I remember posting about my first 100 subscribers. And now saw this! It feels so good to have such consistent readers who believe in us.

My entire blogging journey through this one year taught me a lot. Infact my own readers taught me more. I was a complete newbie to the world of writers where I wrote for motivational and inspirational magazines, websites, pages, newsletter, social media platforms but none of them gave me the satisfaction and love which my blog gave me. But yes because I wrote there, my blog turned out to be more of polished and professional. The entire year was full of connecting with people across the globe, making blogger friends, creating new connections. But at the end it was all about learning. After all you remain a student your entire life and you should be.

Today this entire post is for you guys! Yes you my readers! I might have never achieved this milestone if you guys wouldn’t have believed in me and in my write-ups. I really appreciate your precious time on my blog reading my articles and providing me with valuable your feedbacks. I can’t even express how much these mean to me. I’ve tried to interact with you all in the best way possible through my posts and mails.

You know when I started my blog I always used to think what if people don’t like it, what if people judge me, what if I’m not able to reach to those levels as other successful bloggers. But your love for my work has always motivated me to do better. And I’m so grateful to you all!

Along with the people all over the world, I would also like to thank WordPress which proves to be a wonderful platform for amateur writers like me.

You can connect with me on Instagram- Natasha Tungare

Many asked me if they can share my write ups on social media and elsewhere. Yes you all definitely can share them unedited. Just do not forget to link back to my site. And thank you all again for making this happen!:))

Believe me, if you have something to show the world, just go for it! You never know whom you might be inspiring!

Three Day Quote challenge- Day 3

And finally the third and the final day! Again I would thank my friend Anamika for this lovely opportunity. The best thing was she knew that I’m a person who loves following and writing quotes!

So here I go consecutively 3 days explaining my favourite quotes which motivate me always and relate to me.

For me this is not merely a quote but a life sentence! Stephen Hawking, one of the great scientists whom we lost few weeks back had said these wonderful words. Reading this quote you definitely understand it’s meaning but I would like to tell you why you must apply this in your life.

We quit at small failures in our lives but fail to understand that if we keep trying we are bound to succeed. I know failures are too hard to accept but trying harder and getting up with confidence is what it all needs. You know when a person fails in his work/actions a lot many times and still after getting up when he succeeds, that’s the true sense of achievement!

Think about it!

The rules of this Three day quote challege are:-

♥ Thank the person who nominated you.

Post a quote for 3 days, and explain why it appeals to you.

Nominate bloggers each day!

So, my nominees are:

1) thespiritkeeper

2) ErikaKind

3) Ricardo Sexton

I thereby conclude this Three Day Quote challenge. Hope to inspire you all with more quotes. Do share quotes you follow in your life in the comments section!

Three Day Quote challenge- Day 2

And here comes Day 2 of the Three Day Quote challenge. Again I wholeheartedly thank my friend Anamika for nominating me for this challenge. I’m so damn glad to have her as my blogger friend!

So here I go consecutively 3 days explaining my favourite quotes which motivate me always and relate to me.


Whenever I feel low, sad, helpless, I always think of this quote and I get a sense of relief. In 2 of my posts, Gratitude to God and Lord’s Abode I had mentioned how grateful I’m to Almighty for everything! When I know that things aren’t in my hand, I just leave it all to him. And you know what, I always get the correct solution and the perfect decision. I definitely feel that most of you can very well relate to this. I truly wish that may Almighty bless everyone of us.

I’ll be coming up with another quote tomorrow. The rules of this Three day quote challege are:-

♥ Thank the person who nominated you.

Post a quote for 3 days, and explain why it appeals to you.

Nominate bloggers each day!

So, my nominees are:

1) In a messy world

2) Moushmi Radhanpara

3) Rekha Sahay

Three Day Quote challenge- Day 1

Hey there fellas! I’m so glad and excited to tell you all that I got nominated for the Three Day Quote challenge. I thank Anamika to find me worth for this challenge. The best thing I like about her is the way she interacts with her audience. She has always been a consistent reader. Her writeups are full of depth and ofcourse something we can learn from. The genuineness in her every expression while writing makes her a successful blogger.

So here I go consecutively 3 days explaining my favourite quotes which motivate me always and relate to me.

Being an introvert or maybe slightly extrovert I always cherish being alone. Infact that’s when I spend more time with myself. Socialization is great but the time spent with yourself helps you find a lot many unanswered questions in your mind and solutions for them. Very often people ask me why I like to be alone. This is the reason 🙂

I’ll be coming up with another quote tomorrow. The rules of this Three day quote challege are:-

♥ Thank the person who nominated you.

Post a quote for 3 days, and explain why it appeals to you.

Nominate bloggers each day!

So, my nominees are:

1) Susi Bocks

2) Vishal Bheeru

3) My expression of thoughts

Thank you Anamika again for this!

A Tinge of Haikus #2 -By my guests!

Hey there fellas! And this my final guest post of the “Poetry Month”. These are the beautiful Haikus written by my guest writers. Thank you so much for making my post more wonderful by your submissions. You guys are truly amazing writers.

Lovely yet lonely
Stood the Rose in garden
Thorn being companion

Did I just wake up
From dream so bad that numbed me
Forever to freeze in time


Haikus I read
Images painted in my head
With words said


Heart is bud
Brain being a beautiful flower
What you choose?

-Riyansh Sharma

Walking in moonlight
How many human minds see
And share these heavens


You inspiring soul,
Spreading warmth of your words,
Within and around

-Pooja Nair

“Small, short bursts of prose?”
Yes, delightfully succinct.
Nods. “Clearly brilliant”

Feeling through your eyes.
Chasing the inspiration.
Writing it through mine

-Susi Bocks

Nature is a best lover
Love is same for all world over
we are fighting over caste

-Yashashree Agashe

Summon the world
Boasting in their own might
Showing your shine


And now I dedicate this haiku to all the above writers appreciating their initiative!

Thou possess spark within self
Know thy powers and show the world
Pen can be strength symbol

Keep Writing!

Guest blog 2- A poem by Susi Bocks

And yes finally I have closed my submissions for guest poems. Thank you everyone for such a great response. There were a few anonymous writers who had written amazing poems. But extremely sorry as I could not publish all of them due to some circumstances. I am glad to share this wonderful poem with you all written by Susi Bocks.

About Author: Susi Bocks was born Germany in 1962, before the Wall came down. Most of her years were spent in Wilmington, DE before moving on to the next journeys of her life – marriage, and the birth of two amazing humans. She now resides in the middle of Kansas and identifies as a writer and author, poetry primarily. Her recent accomplishment, the book – the labor of love with her best friend – “Feeling Human”, was published in December 2017. Her


Hearty congratulations Susi for your first book. Here’s her amazing poem.

Title: Connected

There’s a substantive intimacy in nature. It’s filling.
The smell of earth satisfying and rejuvenating.

The wind enveloping you in its invisible caress.
Touching without, healing within.

Hello, beautiful bird on a sunny day!
Seeing you brings me joy and a smile.

The smile of someone engaged.

I feel my best friend at that moment.
And I miss her.

It’s me looking through her eyes, but she’s not there.
For a moment I could cry.

From her, I learned the wisdom of these significant bits of the day.

She’d be in that moment with me graciously approving
and being grateful for the beauty of our surroundings.

My friend would love you too, beautiful bird.

And I love her.

Thank you Susi for lovely poetry. A gentle reminder that I’ll be closing submissions of Haikus on Sunday 22/04/2018. So buck up! Waiting to read your lovely writes!

Guest blog- A poem by Azzurra Nox

As I had mentioned in my post My Poetic Heart , I’ve started accepting guest poems. And I got truly amazing response. One such poem is by Azzurra Nox.

About Author: Born in Catania, Sicily, Azzurra Nox has led a nomadic life since birth. She loves horror movies, cats, and a good rock show. She dislikes Mondays and chick-flicks. MY AMERICAN NIGHTMARE – Women in Horror Anthology was a YA Short Stories bestseller on Amazon. She curates the lifestyle blog: You can find her on Twitter @diva_zura

Title: Paper Monsters

A black Sicilian veil cloaks my ashen thoughts.

He tastes like half-eaten candies,

Licorice and cinnamon.

Cobblestone streets reflect minuscule paper monsters.

My heart is filled with a fiery lava, the kind that

Explodes from Etna in the sky at night.

I’ve been waiting for his return.

I’m afraid that soon the fire in my heart

Will fade and become an ice black.

Almond blossoms adorn my bed,

His last words echo in my brain and I writhe


My body aches for his touch—

I just want to break a little….

I dream of becoming a tragic heroine

A Giovanni Verga character incarnate.

This is how you draw a broken heart:

Dip your fingers in blood and don’t

Hesitate to botch the final project.

His image hovers over me like

A storm cloud in April…

Ever present but translucent

As the flesh fades to cold coal.

-Azzurra Nox

Buck up guys, 2 more days for your poetry submissions. Submissions will be closed on 15th April 2018. If you have an amazing poetry and wish to get it published, just send it to me on my email ID and I’ll publish it on my blog.

Email ID-

You may send your submissions by connecting through Instagram- Natasha Tungare

A reminder for haiku submissions- open for 1 week till 20th April 2018.

Have a Happy Poetry month!

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