Soulmate- it’s her

It feels so good when you realize that you finally have someone who understands you, uplifts you, knows the majority about your life more than anyne else. Yes we call this beautiful person our ‘Soulmate’. A soulmate need not be an opposite gender person always. It can be your closest friend, your sibling, your colleague or if you are lucky enough maybe your life partner or parents too! ‘Soulmate’ meaning ‘a friend of your soul’. Soul is always eternal. And this friend of your eternal soul of course has to be the example of ‘Friends Forever’. Tonnes of people pass through our beautiful life. Some stay for longer, few doesn’t. But this person whom we call Soulmate is someone who doesn’t leave us despite of any circumstances. 

The reason why I am writing this is because I found mine in her! And I not only realized the ture meaning of Soulmate but I felt what a real soulmate is. I don’t know exactly what matches me with her but everything just feels so alright and secure and perfect with her. I definitely might have done some good deed in my previous birth that God introduced me to her. And I am glad that I found my soulmate in my best and closest friend. 

She’s my best ever mentor, my all-time fire brigade

She’s my loveliest joker for my stresses of all grades

Long distances made us even more close

She’s the one who got me out of pits and hollows

She made me embrace all problems and difficulties

Making me realize that for everything there are possiblities

A day never goes without talking to her

Life seems incomplete without being with her

She helped me find the pieces of life’s jigsaws

And accepted me for who I am with all my flaws!

Image credit- Facebook page ‘Thatscoop’

I always fall short of words while describing her. She’s much more than this single page. She’s the one who got me back and helped me find myself again! I thank every good and bad situation in my life which made me closer to her than before. “A half-an-hour lecture from your best friend is enough to get you right back on track”. Though I always want to listen to her more. I need not mention her name as every person reading this would relate it to someone who is their soulmate.

I am not writing this because it’s her birthday today but I felt this day a better one to thank her for everything. I shall always be thankful ​to Almighty for my entire life that he gave me a friend, a sister and a soulmate in this one person and I pray everyone of you reading this piece find your soulmate if not.

I don’t hate humans but…

I don’t hate humans but I’ve seen the changing behavior in them

I don’t hate humans but I’ve seen them harming innocent animals

I don’t hate humans but I’ve seen them killing their own species

I don’t hate humans but I’ve seen them destroying this beautiful nature 

I don’t hate humans but I’ve seen their jealousy, greed, selfishness

I don’t hate humans but I’ve seen them being disloyal and mean

I don’t hate humans but I’ve seen the deterioration of the level of trust

I don’t hate humans but I’ve seen them abandon their dear ones 

I don’t hate humans but I’ve seen them being too materialistic

I don’t hate humans but I’ve seen the devil inside them 

I don’t hate humans but I love animals more than humans!

“Let’s pray that human race never escapes from Earth to spread it’s iniquity elsewhere”- C.S. Lewis


Yes crossed a ‘century’ followers on WordPress!

I express my gratitude to WordPress for serving budding writers like us this platform to write and publish. Thank you to all the readers on WordPress who took out few minutes from their precious time to visit my blog. Thank you to all my friends on Facebook who read my articles regularly and give their feedback about them. 

Thank you for all the likes and comments. And of course a big THANK YOU to all my followers who loved my write-ups and made sure to follow my site. For all those who believed in my thoughts and because of which I turned them into my blogs!

I hope that this 100 turns out to​ be 1k and then might be 10k by support from all of you.


-Natasha Tungare

Those Golden Days! 

It was a fine Sunday morning when I had just started cleaning my old bookshelf. A few minutes later while I was dusting I came across a lot many books, novels, story books which I had read during childhood. “Hey Mom! Remember these?” I asked her in excited tone. “Let’s give those to the needy or maybe donate them to a library. You aren’t gonna use them anyways!” mom exclaimed. After a while, all of a sudden a history textbook popped out onto my hands from one of the shelves. “Hey that’s my 8th standard textbook”. And a flashback just gushed through my brain. Those golden days!!

  Those days when we had fights with our best friends. Those days when we did every mischief possible. Those days when our mom gave 5 bucks to buy vadapav from canteen for which hearing the whole explanation about ‘how unhealthy junk food is’ was mandatory. Those days when birthday celebration, chocolate distribution in whole class and bunking​ lectures so as to get blessings from all teachers was best memory. Those days when we had every festival celebration in school-  Christmas party, Garba celebration, etc. Those days of singing prayers, patriotic songs and national anthem during the start of day. Ofcourse how can I forget the annual celebration every year. It was the only day when we all batchmates were super energetic to rock the dance floor! Those golden days!!

  School gave us the best of childhood memories. It’s not just about memories but it is the  place where we had our very “First Step of Education”. Teachers who were almost next to our parents gave us knowledge, love and care. Words of every teacher was like an enlightenment of something new to learn. Friends- who uplifted us in every possible way and made us realize that how incomplete are we without them. School wasn’t only related to education but also with our behavior, manners, habits, discipline, punctuality and much more. Development of our personality, our conduct towards every person we meet, the impact of our presentation is all because of this abode of learning. School is the only institution where we have spent most of our learning years. 

Life gives you experiences

Teaches you in different ways

But school time is best of all

I badly miss Those Golden Days!

Mixed Feelings

“Mixed feelings, like mixed drinks are a confusion​ to the soul” – George Carman

Sometimes you don’t really understand what’s going on in your mind. You are unable to express your feelings as you yourself are unable to make out what you actually feel. That’s when we call ‘mixed feelings’. Good or bad, happy or sad are a part of our mood swings!

Well, let me give an example. You are have a convocation ceremony and finally getting graduated. How do you exactly feel? Yaay! I am a graduate now and shall finally start my job soon. Also, we shall miss that college fun , our dearest friends with whom we had best of our college memory. Oh I’ll miss this! 

Exactly! you are happy for some reason whereas sad for some other. To state one more, when a person you love is leaving the town , going abroad for future career and achievement, you are glad for your lover’s bright future but deep inside it kills you as you know you’re​ going to be far away and gonna miss badly.

What is to be done at such times ? What to follow? 

Keep your face to the sunshine and you aren’t able to see the shadow- Helen Keller

Answer is simple. Stay Positive! Focus on all what’s positive. Yes I shall be graduate and be in touch with all my friends, my lover will have a bright future and we shall make our long distance relationship even stronger.

There are so many situations in life where we fail to recognize the exact importance of positivity which makes us again a confused soul. But staying positive about what we face whether good or bad always helps us overcome negativity. 

Every coin has two sides. There are things beyond our narrow mind. So why not create our mind in such a way that we always tend to look at the positive side and gain positive vibes from every person and every situation!

The Musical Body

Eyes closed, headphones on

There in my playlist, plays each song

Listening to it’s every single beat

Music hitting my every heartbeat
Lovely lyrics flowing through deep

Brain analyzing them without a single leap

Every corpse’s content they serve

Music traveling through my every nerve
Strumming guitar on every note

A number of feelings they all denote

Ears on tunes, watching with my lenses

Music roaming throughout via my senses
My blood red cells with some haemoglobin

With scales of melody found deep within

Depth of octaves in my everyday hustle

Music flowing through every blood vessel
Matching my mood, catching my breath

Those lyrics pulling me up from death

Every music taste, playing different role

Music resides within my spirit and soul!
-Natasha Tungare

Days without pen

Fingers sensing numbness, empty thoughts like blank page

Those days without pen went just like being in a cage!

It happens at times that you wish to do so many things. Your hobbies for your amusement in your daily boring schedule becomes more of a friend to get you little moment of peace. These tiny moments gets you to be something different, something worth adoring. For a few  these hobbies become a strong passion and I must say these people are super lucky for that.  But unfortunately for many they just remain ‘a spare time’ thing which they are unable to pursue maybe because of certain limits and most importantly time deficits.

When your pen craves to write verses, but it can write nothing more than answers

When your thoughts are wandering in every corner of fictious world

When your realm of imagination crosses boundaries but unable to express out

When your heart wishes to pour out all the poetic feelings to the humorless world

Every second, every moment I missed writing verses. I missed inspiring those who tend to believe in me. All those who look out towards following me. I shouted out to myself to have a little more patience as I could feel that emptiness within me for not being able to pen my thoughts. All those writers, poets, authors; a grand salute to them who devote their hours and days to write goods poems, books just for us readers. I adore their thoughts, their style of putting them up. To all the bloggers who write not just to inspire people but also to teach a lot many things. To the Journalists who write articles for news, magazines. And I salute to all those who take their time out just to write or sometimes even scribble. And at such times iiss my diary scribbling!

How cool it is when you have someone who isn’t going to read or tell anyone anything and you just share your every secret with your diary and hide it in the most safest place where the world’s hands cannot reach but yours do. Diary- a best example of the unison of your pen and your deepest thoughts!  When you get a pen in your hand, you either go completely blank or are compiled with excessive thoughts. Ofcourse to be more precise, blank during exams and amazingly thoughtful during everything other than exams! Because writing my thoughts is something I love or any writer loves more than anything else.

Pen and diary- my eternity!

Craving for my pen and paper

Every verse to brook

Awaited for that lovely moment

When my manuscript shall turn into book!

-Natasha Tungare

You’re within me

In the midst of darkest night

In the shine of bright sunlight

At every beautiful scenery site

I try to find You!


In nooks and niches of my room

Highly desperate to see you soon

In my backyard lawns with a loom

I try to find You!


Philosophers say you’re omnipresent

Saints say you’re in spiritual essence

Though figuring out your presence

I still try to find You!


My efforts for You are true

But You’re nowhere, I turned blue

They asked “Who’s this You?”

And soul whispered, “I am within You”


“You’re not there” said my eyes

But feeling your presence, was my choice

Realising it I danced in rejoice

I found You before my demise


Now, In every demon and divine

In every beggar and sovereign

In every flora and feline

I thus found You!

-Natasha Tungare

Guide-for path towards Eternity

Few days back I watched the movie “Guide”. One of the old legendary movies of Bollywood from year 1965 produced by Dev Anand. Truly Amazing role played by all actors and co-actors in the film. The most important was the story of the film and an unexpected ending. A whole life of a person running behind all fake happiness but later realising his mistake that nothing holds on for permanent and hence follows a spiritual path.

To explain the story in short – Raju who was guide doing well and earning well in his profession once encountered with Marco and his wife Rosie. Marco was archaeologist and Rosie was totally unhappy with Marco and his behavior towards her. Raju and Rosie fell in love but had to go through a phase of lot of struggles. They somehow get through everything and later Rosie being an amazing classical dancer performs at many shows and both of them earn really well. Raju got arrested due to certain crime and spends 2 years in prison and after leaving from jail he goes to a small village leaving everything but surviving there following a spiritual path. The villagers consider him to be a Saint who has come for the upliftment of village and hence the spirituality gets him to deep thinking about ‘soul’.

The name of the film itself is so apt. ‘Guide’- the one who shows us right path, who helps us finding the correct way. I did relate this story to the walks of human life. It’s so similar to every aspect of our lives and the changes that we go through in this one single journey. Priorities, different worldly pleasures, man running behind temporary happiness are something which have occupied the brains of humans. These all things are temporary. We ourselves are temporary in this world. Yes! We too are gonna leave this planet. When we ourselves aren’t going to be in someone’s life forever , how can we expect our family members, friends, life partner for keeping promises of ‘Forever’?

Soul is the only eternity

Whole world is otherwise insanity!

 We come across so many people in the form of guides- our parents, teachers, friends, relatives. Sometimes people whom we meet just once in lifetime can also teach us a lot. Unknowingly they all have something to teach us.

“Either they make you or break you but most importantly they teach you”- unknown author

We learn from what we experience in life. Experiences from people, things, from decisions we take that’s by self. After experience comes the realization of what is right and what’s wrong and that is what gives you wisdom to take correct decisions. It seems difficult to do self-analysis about these things but once you take out time you realize that you yourself are the ‘best guide’ for your own improvement!

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