Another Change… Chapter 2019

A year ago exactly at the same time when I had written this poem As Clock Strikes 12 I had so many different things in mind. Someone has truly said that “The person you were, the person you are and the person you will be are three different people.”

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It’s just few minutes left for 2018 to end! And here begins the another change! The very beginning of 2019… I know 2018 was full of experiences, challenges, happiness, grief and much more. But most importantly we all had our amazing learning experiences in this journey. We all learn!! And yes, I had many ups and downs, twists and turns too. So chill! You aren’t the only one.

Through this enroute I learnt a lot about myself, about my life and other’s as well. One year changes a lot within you, isn’t it? I remember a year ago I was writing in my diary, making 2018 Goals and Resolutions. I did achieve some of them, wasn’t much consistent in many, though I have tried giving my best. Something more important was that I made mistakes and I learnt from those. I learnt being selfless, I learnt doing things for others and helping others without expectations, I learnt that different people have different psychologies, I learnt about acceptance and being nonjudgmental. And if I sit making entire list, there are uncountable things I learnt the entire year.

My college life to my internship postings, my hostel life to my life living in a flat, my student life to my life being a doctor, everything had it’s own way of teaching me that time passes. I love this quote, “Do not give up on your dreams just because of the time it will take to accomplish. Time shall pass anyway.” I changed as my mindset changed, my thoughts changed. And I realized that the change is always for good.

Share your experiences about last year, what did you learn? Good or bad, anything. Eagerly waiting to listen to them all!


The Tiny Souls

When we hear this word “kids” we have the image of that cute, chubby, little face in our minds. And yes who doesn’t like these little fellas? But there are some of these souls who are neglected by the world sometimes. Yet these are the ones who teach us a lot. Today why suddenly am I writing about this? I had been interning in pediatric department and that’s where I found that how beautifully these small lovable kids teach us about life! That pure heart and those innocent emotions. Not only did I learn about treating kids confidently but also about how do I add value to their lives and mine as well.

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I remember an incident of around 6 years ago. There was a 13 year old champ in our residential apartment who had cerebral palsy ( a disorder affecting a child due to some birth abnormalities and other reasons). People in the colony used to state that he is mentally retarded, he has behavioural issues and things like that without even having any knowledge about the condition. All other families in my area used to keep their kids away from this champ. Why? Is being a special child a taboo? We are living in 21st century where we assume people to be more accepting and open minded. If you cannot teach your own kid to accept and socialize with these beautiful creatures, the stigma will stay in their minds forever. Sometimes we can’t blame them as the previous generations also weren’t much aware about these.

Yes, I did make mistakes here, I did go wrong while treating these little kids but most importantly I learnt. Being here made me realize that these special creatures are someone who teach us to live and love our own lives flawlessly. They aren’t apart from us but a part of us. We complain about so many things the entire day. We get irritated, frustrated just because things don’t happen the way we want them to. But we fail to realize that finally we have everything we had once prayed for. And here I learnt to be grateful for everything!

Do you know the best thing about these champs? They never need sympathy from the world. They are in their own small, unbiased lovely world! And, if you really want to feel what these kids feel, just make an attempt to enter their little world and you will realized how beautiful it is:)

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Hospital- Teaching and Preaching

Keep your eyes and ears open and you will get to learn a lot from your environment around!!!

When you are working at a place for really long, you somehow get attached to that place. And yes, for me this place was nothing but HOSPITALS. Being in medical field, hospitals have already taught me a lot. Yeah you might have never heard someone loving hospitals, ofcourse not, but for doctors these hospitals are as good as their second homes. I cannot even describe how much these patients have taught me. Medical students often learn hands-on on patients but I’ve learnt something beyond that. They have taught me how to LIVE LIFE!! Sounds strange isn’t? How can someone who himself is on deathbed teach me about living life?

We keep cribbing about small mishaps each day. We never value the people who are always there for us and that’s our own family. We hardly give time to our family. Your family is going to be with you when you are in ICU and no one else! When I see those tearful eyes of mother who’s besides her unconscious son on ventilator, that’s when I realize how grateful I’m for everything. When you listen to the painful life stories of such patients, you suddenly realize that your problems are too small, infact insignificant.

People often ask me how can you not get angry? How can you stay so calm always? When I look back I realize I’m not the same person I was around 4 years ago. This maturity, peaceful mind, gratitude, kindness is all because of the experiences I had. As I always say “Life is all about experiences. Some are good some are bad. Either ways you learn” and hospitals and patients are a reason for me to have this change.

Do you know the story of Gautam Buddha? King Siddharth Gautam once while visiting his kingdom saw death of a person and the grief of his family heading towards funeral, he saw a beggar begging for food which is a basic need, he saw a widow carrying her little baby in arms wandering completely helpless. And that impact of all this was so much hurtful to him that he left his throne and kingdom and started helping and serving people. He became spiritual. I just gave the most minor jist of the story but point being there are people around who have faced more, suffered more, cried more. Think about them and your problems suddenly seem tiny.

One painful experience can completely change you and your perception towards the world! We all aren’t saints but we can do our part to serve the society.

Her broken wall

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Long ago the world she was in
Giggling and smiling, Dancing and singing
Forests and rains, clouds and mountains
Were all her escapes
Thou shan’t know where she belongs
Thou shan’t make out to her secret walls
Those strings of bonds
With no meaning at all
Her fearless soul breaking em all
And here she is
On the realistic moronic land
Screaming and shivering, weeping and yelling
Nowhere to run, nowhere to escape
All just vanished on one gloomy day
She needs thy arms to hold
She shouts for thy soul to feel
She realized when she saw her broken wall
That she doesn’t belong to this world at all


And That’s when you glow…

Writing a poem after really long! After all that’s how I put up my feelings…

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When the soul feels it right
When your inner self shines bright
When you adore the real you
That’s where you find it all true

When things are falling into place
When you have catched up with your own pace
When you get up more stronger
That’s where fear resides no longer

When you look back and realize
When you know you can touch those skies
When trusting yourself is most vital
That’s where begins your revival

When you need no external source
To drive your inner powerful force
Where happiness resides right within you
That’s what enlightens the world around you

When there’s no scope of looking down
When you walk with that beautiful crown
Let the world do whatever it wants
That’s when there’s nothing for you to daunt
You know when you write a poem in just few minutes, when you realize that those feelings are just supposed to be right on paper and not simply in your mind, when you realize a lot many things after ups and downs of emotions and you finally rise up of all!

Life’s Wisdom Tooth

Publishing something after such a long time! Almost more than a month! This entire month I figured out a lot many things about myself, surrounding world, people and a lot more and yes, I’m going to share many things with you all!

Reading the title you might have imagined that painful wisdom tooth you get. Eventually it gets way too much irritating and then ultimately you have to get it removed. Why remove it? It is a part of the body after all. But still it becomes necessary to throw it away due to the pain and irritation it causes which is unbearable. But learn to let that wisdom tooth go!

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Similarly, in our lives we meet a number of people. Some in the form of friends, some are our own natives, and some our colleagues. Many of these become close to us. We share good and bad times with many of them, we fight and get back together and we share a healthy relationship with them. But at times we find that not all are worth maintaining a healthy relation. And at such times you need to let go off certain ones. No no, don’t get me wrong here! What I wish to tell you all by this is, you end up doing everything for the people around but they ultimately exploit you! I had recently read a quote “If you wish to rise high up, you need to let go off all those who weigh you down”. Initially I had felt how can we push people away. It is emotionally difficult. But sometimes you have to because they pull you down.

Excess of anything leads to toxicity. Even medicine, which usually cures turns out to be harmful when consumed in excess. You don’t realize how toxic can someone be untill you breathe the fresh air! Learn to let go off those who emotionally drain you out. It is really important for you. People aren’t bad, sometimes situations and experiences make them like that. But deep inside you do come to know if that person is worth your trust.

Make those kinds of connections where you don’t talk to them for days but it’s still all the same. Those kinds of connections where you don’t have to think if that person will judge you. Those kinds of connections where you don’t need to put efforts just to please them or keep them in life. You know that they are anyways going to be there. Infact you have your own beautiful life to make the best of it. Then why live it pleasing others? Those connections where you don’t have to show how much you care or love. It’s already there because of the healthy trust you build! During my years of hostel life which again taught me a lot, this was something I’ll never forget that- you don’t always need to be present physically to make people feel better!

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Scared as hell
As I look in that crystal mirror
Showing me reflection
Of my own self in terror

Scared as hell
When I can see the upcomings there
Walking on a path
Which I know gonna lead nowhere

Scared as hell
I’ve given all of myself to an unknown
Who’s wicked side I know
But they haven’t yet shown

Scared as hell
As I’m aware of that deceptive mirage
Leading me to a disaster
Which is now a complete camouflage

For every person who faced the darker side of the one whom they trusted. For every person who faced consequences of ‘blind trust’. Choose your people wisely because human is worst species on Earth!

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Hostel Life- My Best Teacher

A few days ago, I was just scrolling through my camera roll and tears rolled down my eyes. You know when you have created memories at a place, you can never forget that place. Hostel, is one of the place for me where I’ve created memories. It is a place where I’ve had a lot many experiences. Experience is the best teacher and hence my hostel life proves to be my best teacher.

Every person has different turning points in their lives which turn out to be an opportunity, sometimes a lesson, or at times an experience for them. And I have had all of these in my hostel life. These turning points become an integral part of lives as they always open up a completely new world before you! For me, hostel life was one of the turning points. It changed me, my thought process, my behavior, my personality, my approach towards life. This turning point happened to me after my 12th grade (junior college) when I had to move out into a completely new city for higher education.

New connections, new place, new residence and most importantly being away from home. Coping up and adjusting with these wasn’t an easy task for me. But I knew that this is for my own betterment and so went on with the flow, though I’m not a person who goes with a flow. I always need some twists and turns in life. I hate being monotonous. Haha! Yes hostel life has always been something which bought twist and turns to my monotonous life! There are uncountable things I’ve learned here from different sources. Friends, college, colleagues, teachers and strangers too. Culture and people in a new city truly has a lot to teach you ! And hence moving into a new place actually proved to be a boon. Being an introvert it was initially difficult for me to socialize. But I soon got along really well. You know when everything just falls at it’s perfect place! Perfect roommates, friends, perfect space.
It’s been four years and I’m so much in love with the change in me! Change in behavior, change in mindset, introvert being to ambivert being, change in personality, habits, and a lot more.

This single writeup is too small to describe the ‘entire me’. Sometimes I just think if at all I would have never taken this opportunity, would have never moved to a new place, I would have never ever evolved so much. I would have never explored myself, would have been a complete monotonous minded person! Maybe I wouldn’t have thought of writing or playing guitar which are now my favorite hobbies. And this is the reason I gave my blog, the title “Explore Yourself”. This thought makes me feel so good about my decisions as hostel life is the place where I have discovered my own self. After all you’re not evolving if you don’t have a thrilling life!

Around 2 months back I had mentioned in my post Blogging Anniversary about starting a ‘lifestyle’ section. I was wondering what I’ll be writing in the same. I’m not a shopheholic person, neither am I a fashionista. But now I got something to talk about! Yes, my own ‘Hostel Lifestyle’. There are people out there who aren’t able to cope up, adjust in a new city. I hope my articles on what I learnt in my hostel life helps you in your journey of life and make your life more meaningful in a new place!

None knows the Real You

Your mind comprising thoughts enormous
Wishing to shout through silence within you
But timid soul never dared to
Because none knows the real you

World around you eager to judge
Your feels percieved only by a few
But fragile soul never expressed
Because none knows the real you

They speak, you listen each time
Though your words weren’t so new
But receptive soul never voiced
Because none knows the real you

The introvert within you so silent
And that extrovert planet makes you blue
But stonehearted soul never bothered
Because none knows the real you

In their lives, you act as an enigma
About whose essence, they had no clue
But your soul never let them fetch
Because they never knew the real you

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