The Veiled Face…

The depth in her dark jet black eyes
Her bright smile hiding painful lies
In this lonely world whom she could call
And her veil had to conceal it all

Owning up her own mistakes
Without letting anymore heartbreaks
Her guilts she owned them all
Though her veil had to conceal it all

Boiling blood in her red vein
Raging thoughts in her tiny brain
Holding in anger, standing so tall
Yet her veil had to conceal it all

Who knew what her heart spoke
Who knew the way her mind evoked
Her face could have expressed it all
Yet the veil had to conceal it all

There are so many around you who are walking with a smile, hiding their true emotions. At times you are also one of those. And it becomes difficult to express out. That masked face of yours is always hiding in the veil.

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Scared as hell
As I look in that crystal mirror
Showing me reflection
Of my own self in terror

Scared as hell
When I can see the upcomings there
Walking on a path
Which I know gonna lead nowhere

Scared as hell
I’ve given all of myself to an unknown
Who’s wicked side I know
But they haven’t yet shown

Scared as hell
As I’m aware of that deceptive mirage
Leading me to a disaster
Which is now a complete camouflage

For every person who faced the darker side of the one whom they trusted. For every person who faced consequences of ‘blind trust’. Choose your people wisely because human is worst species on Earth!

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Three Day Quote challenge- Day 3

And finally the third and the final day! Again I would thank my friend Anamika for this lovely opportunity. The best thing was she knew that I’m a person who loves following and writing quotes!

So here I go consecutively 3 days explaining my favourite quotes which motivate me always and relate to me.

For me this is not merely a quote but a life sentence! Stephen Hawking, one of the great scientists whom we lost few weeks back had said these wonderful words. Reading this quote you definitely understand it’s meaning but I would like to tell you why you must apply this in your life.

We quit at small failures in our lives but fail to understand that if we keep trying we are bound to succeed. I know failures are too hard to accept but trying harder and getting up with confidence is what it all needs. You know when a person fails in his work/actions a lot many times and still after getting up when he succeeds, that’s the true sense of achievement!

Think about it!

The rules of this Three day quote challege are:-

♥ Thank the person who nominated you.

Post a quote for 3 days, and explain why it appeals to you.

Nominate bloggers each day!

So, my nominees are:

1) thespiritkeeper

2) ErikaKind

3) Ricardo Sexton

I thereby conclude this Three Day Quote challenge. Hope to inspire you all with more quotes. Do share quotes you follow in your life in the comments section!

Three Day Quote challenge- Day 1

Hey there fellas! I’m so glad and excited to tell you all that I got nominated for the Three Day Quote challenge. I thank Anamika to find me worth for this challenge. The best thing I like about her is the way she interacts with her audience. She has always been a consistent reader. Her writeups are full of depth and ofcourse something we can learn from. The genuineness in her every expression while writing makes her a successful blogger.

So here I go consecutively 3 days explaining my favourite quotes which motivate me always and relate to me.

Being an introvert or maybe slightly extrovert I always cherish being alone. Infact that’s when I spend more time with myself. Socialization is great but the time spent with yourself helps you find a lot many unanswered questions in your mind and solutions for them. Very often people ask me why I like to be alone. This is the reason 🙂

I’ll be coming up with another quote tomorrow. The rules of this Three day quote challege are:-

♥ Thank the person who nominated you.

Post a quote for 3 days, and explain why it appeals to you.

Nominate bloggers each day!

So, my nominees are:

1) Susi Bocks

2) Vishal Bheeru

3) My expression of thoughts

Thank you Anamika again for this!

Guest blog 2- A poem by Susi Bocks

And yes finally I have closed my submissions for guest poems. Thank you everyone for such a great response. There were a few anonymous writers who had written amazing poems. But extremely sorry as I could not publish all of them due to some circumstances. I am glad to share this wonderful poem with you all written by Susi Bocks.

About Author: Susi Bocks was born Germany in 1962, before the Wall came down. Most of her years were spent in Wilmington, DE before moving on to the next journeys of her life – marriage, and the birth of two amazing humans. She now resides in the middle of Kansas and identifies as a writer and author, poetry primarily. Her recent accomplishment, the book – the labor of love with her best friend – “Feeling Human”, was published in December 2017. Her


Hearty congratulations Susi for your first book. Here’s her amazing poem.

Title: Connected

There’s a substantive intimacy in nature. It’s filling.
The smell of earth satisfying and rejuvenating.

The wind enveloping you in its invisible caress.
Touching without, healing within.

Hello, beautiful bird on a sunny day!
Seeing you brings me joy and a smile.

The smile of someone engaged.

I feel my best friend at that moment.
And I miss her.

It’s me looking through her eyes, but she’s not there.
For a moment I could cry.

From her, I learned the wisdom of these significant bits of the day.

She’d be in that moment with me graciously approving
and being grateful for the beauty of our surroundings.

My friend would love you too, beautiful bird.

And I love her.

Thank you Susi for lovely poetry. A gentle reminder that I’ll be closing submissions of Haikus on Sunday 22/04/2018. So buck up! Waiting to read your lovely writes!

The 5 Changing Abstracts: 5) Desires

After my successful four write-ups on human abstracts which are Perception, Thoughts, Emotions and Beliefs here I finally come up with the last and the fifth write-up in the series of ‘5 Changing Abstracts’ which is ‘Human Desires’.

Human desires are again something which keep on changing continuously throughout our lifetime. There is a reason behind why I chose to keep this as the last topic of the series. It’s because our perceptions, thoughts, beliefs and emotions regarding certain things which change our desires too. Let me make it a little simple giving you an example-

I decided not to spend too much on shopping. Walking by lanes in the street market, I saw a beautiful sling (perception about sling). I’ll be glad to add it to my wardrobe (emotion). So I think I should buy it (thought). Looking at the discount offer, I bought it (belief).

Sling was just a small example. Every person desires to have expensive cars, villas and much more. I wanted to buy a laptop but now I feel I should buy a new phone. Again it is because our desires change. Has it ever happened with you, that another person inculcates certain idea in your mind and you just start thinking about it? It can be anything. Your friend bought a new phone, told you about it’s features and you desired to have the one.

Our wishes and desires decides our priorities. Hence make sure you prioritize the correct thing! Your every decision depends on the other 4 changing abstracts!

Hey friends, so finally I would like to end this series. I had many people suggesting me some points, many of them had certain doubts which I hope I had cleared. But I truly appreciate your views. I know that I might have confused you, might have put up questions in your mind or even might have changed your thinking but the most important thing I want you all to know is your decisions in life are dependent on these 5 Abstracts. And these abstracts are indirectly dependent on your innate nature. All of these 5 Abstracts are interconnected!

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The 5 Changing Abstracts: 4) Beliefs

After my write-ups on ‘Perception’, ‘Thoughts’ and ‘Emotions’ here I come up with the next changing abstract that is ‘Belief’

I say that today is Friday because I believe it is. We created days, months, years, entire calendar and we believe that these exist.

Why do we celebrate our birthdays? It’s just an ordinary day for others but we believe that it is special for us. No one has seen the universe, not even galaxy but still we believe that it does exist.

Belief cannot be seen but felt. We know that something exists because we believe in it’s presence. It is a kind of mental acceptance, a conviction, a faith or a trust. Science is researching about many psychological behavioural patterns which creates the belief system in humans. Our belief in something also depends on our experiences, things we have been watching and hearing since our childhood.

Heard about this amazing book ‘The Secret’? It talks entirely about belief system itself. Again it is our own perception which makes us believe in certain things. Many a time it happens that we hear about some superstitious incidents. Some choose to believe them, some don’t.

Make sure that if you truly want to prove something or achieve something great, the first step towards the same is ‘Believe in it’. A stronger belief system conquers the world!

I hope I’m changing your belief system:))

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The 5 Changing Abstracts- 3)Emotions

Hello friends, you all might have read my previous two write-ups on Perception and Thoughts . Going ahead with the series, today I’m going to talk about Emotions.

Have you guys seen this amazing movie ‘Inside Out’? If not please please do watch it! One of the best animated movies! I really wish to dive into the author’s mind who wrote it to find out how did he think of such a wonderful idea. So coming back to the point, in the movie remember the five basic emotions which they have illustrated beautifully?

Happiness, Sadness, Disgust, Anger and Fear! Yes, these are the five basic emotions. Many a times ’emotions’ are confused with ‘feelings’. They aren’t the same.

I’m feeling cheerful, because I’m happy

I’m feeling depressed, because I’m sad

Emotions and feelings are interconnected but not synonyms of each other. Though dictionaries say that they are synonyms but they aren’t perceived the same. Human emotions are continuously changing. We can never be in a particular emotion for long time. “Mood Swings” what we call are again due to changing emotions.

You all might have heard about many kinds of psychiatric disorders like anxiety disorder, emotional incontinence (exaggeration of a particular emotion). These occur due to certain abnormalities in brain areas. Not going much into medical aspect, but what I want you all to understand is, it’s pretty easy to say ‘don’t worry’, ‘keep smiling’ but in reality one emotion cannot last longer.

I hope I made it little simple for you all to understand. To those who question the Almighty “Why God, why am I always sad?” I hope you understand that your sadness doesn’t last longer. It’s just a feeling and it shall pass anyways :))

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The 5 Changing Abstracts- 1)PERCEPTION

After my article series on Human Misconceptions Beauty of simplicity, Maturity’s Measurement, The inhuman human here I’m up with one more series of philosophical write-ups. Changing Abstracts (Human Nature)

“It’s such a beautiful morning,” said the young guy jogging in a park.

“Oh God! I’ve to get up now and get ready for work,” said the ‘just-woke up’ office employee.

“New morning, new innovations!” exclaimed the research lab scientist.

You see it was just a morning which different people percieved in different ways. This is human nature! Why do people react differently to different situations? Why do different people have different solutions to a single problem?

Perception is the prime reason people react differently as there are many ways a particular thing can be interpreted. Now everyone might not understand the literal meaning of this word but it’s simply the reason why human reactions to one thing differs. Optimism and pessimism is a result of perception. One percieved it positively other didn’t.

I’ll talk about thoughts, feelings and much more in next 4!

All the philosophy lovers out there, I would love to connect with you all!

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