Her broken wall

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Long ago the world she was in
Giggling and smiling, Dancing and singing
Forests and rains, clouds and mountains
Were all her escapes
Thou shan’t know where she belongs
Thou shan’t make out to her secret walls
Those strings of bonds
With no meaning at all
Her fearless soul breaking em all
And here she is
On the realistic moronic land
Screaming and shivering, weeping and yelling
Nowhere to run, nowhere to escape
All just vanished on one gloomy day
She needs thy arms to hold
She shouts for thy soul to feel
She realized when she saw her broken wall
That she doesn’t belong to this world at all


And That’s when you glow…

Writing a poem after really long! After all that’s how I put up my feelings…

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When the soul feels it right
When your inner self shines bright
When you adore the real you
That’s where you find it all true

When things are falling into place
When you have catched up with your own pace
When you get up more stronger
That’s where fear resides no longer

When you look back and realize
When you know you can touch those skies
When trusting yourself is most vital
That’s where begins your revival

When you need no external source
To drive your inner powerful force
Where happiness resides right within you
That’s what enlightens the world around you

When there’s no scope of looking down
When you walk with that beautiful crown
Let the world do whatever it wants
That’s when there’s nothing for you to daunt
You know when you write a poem in just few minutes, when you realize that those feelings are just supposed to be right on paper and not simply in your mind, when you realize a lot many things after ups and downs of emotions and you finally rise up of all!

Three Day Quote challenge- Day 3

And finally the third and the final day! Again I would thank my friend Anamika for this lovely opportunity. The best thing was she knew that I’m a person who loves following and writing quotes!

So here I go consecutively 3 days explaining my favourite quotes which motivate me always and relate to me.

For me this is not merely a quote but a life sentence! Stephen Hawking, one of the great scientists whom we lost few weeks back had said these wonderful words. Reading this quote you definitely understand it’s meaning but I would like to tell you why you must apply this in your life.

We quit at small failures in our lives but fail to understand that if we keep trying we are bound to succeed. I know failures are too hard to accept but trying harder and getting up with confidence is what it all needs. You know when a person fails in his work/actions a lot many times and still after getting up when he succeeds, that’s the true sense of achievement!

Think about it!

The rules of this Three day quote challege are:-

♥ Thank the person who nominated you.

Post a quote for 3 days, and explain why it appeals to you.

Nominate bloggers each day!

So, my nominees are:

1) thespiritkeeper

2) ErikaKind

3) Ricardo Sexton

I thereby conclude this Three Day Quote challenge. Hope to inspire you all with more quotes. Do share quotes you follow in your life in the comments section!

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