Out there we started a long chit-chat 

She stood nearby us and glanced at

With confusion on her face and hopes in her eyes

She approached us with fear in her voice

Handling a paper she stood beside

To know what was mentioned inside

I casually read it with a normal sigh

But for her to handle this was pretty high

A clinical prescription with a few tests

Without which she would never again be the best

Trying to decipher the blood-red rashes on her skin

Though I could barely diagnose anything

Her prognosis was good but with medicines only

Sadly for her own treatment she had no penny

Standing there helpless with white coat

I could only see saliva swallowing down her throat

I realized over small things the way we cry

When these people have lived their life so dry

And once again to us she taught

That to grumble and depress Life is too short!

-Natasha Tungare


87 thoughts on “LIFE IS TOO SHORT!

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  1. Good Morning. Too Good. At such a young age, you have started creating emotional blogs. Hats off to you. ALL THE BEST FOR YOUR FUTURE ENDEAVORS. GOD BLESS YOU


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      1. Hey Natasha,

        I went to go and check to if I had sent you the invitation, and it showed up that I didn’t, and I really want to apologize for missing your name. I take full responsibility for that. I have went ahead and sent you the invitation and double checked this time to make sure that I had sent it. If you have any other questions or need anything else, you’re always welcome to emailing me. Have a nice day!

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      1. Yes, connection of souls is something the most beautiful thing. Such connections last longer. And while blogging and reading blogs we connect with each other’s thoughts which indirectly connects us to their souls 😊

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  4. Beautiful creation… This is so apt… A heart touching poem… It was like a story which was penned beautifully… The emotions, feelings etc can be related while reading this… Very nice creation indeed… Liked it a lot… 🙂

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  5. There’s a beautiful wisdom in your words, expressing that special light of your soul…This post touched my heart and the emotion you captured brought tears in my eyes. Thank you for sharing your talent with the world! And thank you for following my blog, I’m honored!

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  6. Always had the same feeling while visiting hospitals, looking at the less fortunate I always count my blessings and thank god for giving me whatever he could.
    very beautiful poem. 🙂

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  7. Well written. One comment on how short life is. You can theorize about that because it sounds right but you won’t understand why it is true until you get much much older. The posts you read of mine about my music and book I’m writing mean more because I’m in my mid 60’s. It comes from the wisdom you gain from the mountains you climb and the things you overcome in order to be able to live that life you say is too short.

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    1. Yes i totally agree to this as we gain wisdom and maturity of handling various situations at further walks of life.
      What I mean to express from my post is for small things or irrelevant things we argue, grumble, be sad whereas we should rather make our life and even other’s more beautiful because we are very lucky to have so many things which not everyone does. So rather than feeling sad about what’s wrong we should be thankful for what’s great in our life☺


  8. As a person with an autoimmune disease, I do remember that first moment and those first tears many years ago before I even knew what the term “Lupus” meant. Fear of the unknown is overwhelming. After you learn the reality, the fear remains, but you learn new coping skills and always put on a brave smile in front of others. The tears become your silent friend that visits you in the dark.

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    1. That’s so truly said by you! I love your deep thoughts. You know a person have sure beautiful thoughts and philosophy either because that person has done through a tough time or have seen others suffering.
      I’m so happy to connect with you! And I can completely feel you

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    1. Thank you so much!
      Yes, not a doctor yet , though a medical student!
      Yes it’s been almost 10 days didn’t post anything new due to my assignments and studies. Sorry for that.
      Shall be coming up with a new write-up soon.
      Thank you😊

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