2020- A Different Milestone

For a pretty long time, this draft was blank. I could not think of a decent topic or any remarkable incident worth writing about. But maybe there was a reason why it was blank for an entire year. It took me a complete year to get something to write about and I am so glad that I finally started writing. Not just a small incident but a number of such amazing moments that gave me reasons to be grateful for this year.

Many cribbed about how worse this year was compared to other years. Many were waiting desperately for 2020 to end. And for some people who faced financial crisis or lost their loved ones, this year was honestly a tough one. But despite of all of these, 2020 year taught us the rarest of lessons which maybe we all would have never learned. We valued the most ordinary things of our life and realized how we used to take those things for granted.

A few months ago before lockdown when everything around was pretty normal, I used to travel by public transport and crib about the huge crowd and long hours of travel to reach my destination. But it is interesting to know that how destiny has its own way to make is realize the importance of smallest things around us. The lockdown made me miss those hours of travelling and it did make me feel like I really want to go out and meet people. It made us realize the importance of spending time with family, colleagues, a cup of coffee with friend and celebrating birthdays with our inner circle. Indeed this year changed our entire perspective of looking at life.

The year of introspection, perception, self-realization, falling off and still managing to get back. The entire 2020 was a complete game changer with unexpected outcomes and it feels really exciting to know how 2021 would look like with all surprises.

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